In the beginning – our first podcast about Epstein & Prince Andrew

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s pimp.

We’ve been on this Epstein story for months. 

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew really step down? 

Here’s a transcript from The Snarkarellas podcast where it first appeared.

Hello , Jen . Hello . How are you ? I’m good , Thanks . What’s getting your goat ? Oh , everything . Everything at the moment.

We should be talking from a bunker . We are obsessed by Jeffrey Esptein . Now , we’re not gonna go into the details , but we’re not getting a lot of sleep because we’re at one in the morning . Refreshing Twitter .

Oh , it’s just being brilliant . I’ve had no sleep for days over this . You know , the family unit is falling apart . There’s been no housework, as I sit there in the dark . Refreshing Twitter a lot .

But we can’t miss a thing. Cannot wait .

Oh , no . What ? We have to share everything immediately

Yes you do . We have a Facebook messenger group dedicated to the latest news and all the theories that are going around about Epstein? In case you don’t know, Jeffrey Epstein was a high profile American figure,world figure, who was up on sex offences against children charges , but he’s either disappeared or is dead .

He’s not dead . He’s in witness protection . The body they brought out of that job was not him . No , definitely not . He is alive and they’re gonna take down some big names . Yes .

So that’s why we may be a little bit short tempered today . Lack of sleep . It means we react a bit more to general people , provoking us .

Oh , I’m just pissed off everywhere because of lack of sleep . Well , I was up at 1:35 a.m. Because I’m a bit anxious because I’ve got so much on at the moment . And when I’m anxious , I get itchy . Have you ever had that ?

No , it’s terrible . So I keep scratching my head in the middle of the night , so I think all right , Well , I’ll just get on Twitter . In case something’s happened , but it’s always a deep dive, you gotta commit.

When you get on to Twitter , you just end up going through pages and links and then following another thread over there and , you know , three hours ago on past .

Exactly . And then my daughter , we’ve had trouble motivating her because apparently she gets sick on Monday mornings . Jin , you’re right . So this morning the alarm went off  at seven , and it woke me up but didn’t like her up .
So I’ve been up 1:35 I am reading the latest on this breaking story .

Now Jen and I are reporters . We are obsessed by this Epstein story.

Where tracking the story , waiting for that Deep Throat,  secret source to ring us back . And they’re not bringing us anything. And the deadline is coming , and we’re getting anxious . And it doesn’t matter how much coffee we have . All booze . That phone’s not ringing .

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