Epstein News

Podcast transcript:

Jen is a friend of the podcast and we’re going to be discussing a whole lot of
things . 

Firstly , we’re gonna do the shit list – you up for it?

I’m ready for the shit list.
Normally , we wouldn’t going to talk about these things , But honestly – at the moment it is the world family , the British royal family . 

Whoa , what’s going on over there ? 

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

Protecting a pedophile . Really ? Yes . 
Well , is that we’re going to be talking about Matt Lauer, who used to be the anchor off today in the U . S . He wrote a particularly offensive litter defending his sexual himself against sexual assault claims . 

Now that’s because if the amazing journalism of a Ronan Farrow.
He’s an amazing investigative journalist and he’s just put a book out about how he uncovered Weinstein and Lauer.
i’ve just started reading that, it is incredibly good Read . Yes , it is . 
Now it’s hard to get in Australia . So because there’s an Australian involved in it , and he was the editor of the yes , the National Enquirer.
Everyone I understood was aware that they were possibly blackmail , that they collected stuff . 
And if you don’t do what we want , we can release this top of thing . Alleged, alleged, allege, yes . So we’re going to be talking about those things.
I can’t take them on at the moment. But I think I’m just too obsessed by Prince Andrew and Epstein. 
I don’t know about this prince and Epstein need. So you better tell me what’s going on , okay ? 
I’ve never been a monarchist , right . But I do like , you know , they don’t want Diana , you know ? And obviously her boys , but and I had to respect the queen . 
But now I do not . Okay , because the palace is covering up Prince Andrew . He was a really great mate off Jeffrey Epstein. Now , Jen , do you want to know what that means ? Channel 4 in the UK , they forensically examine Epstein’s address book. 
What way ? Thinking that they’re all online , we could have done it . We could have broken it . I just see that is bright old fashioned journalism . 
All right , on . And they compared them against Prince Andrew’s schedule , which is online . Ooh . 
Okay , so he has 13 5 numbers for the juke . Well , okay , but Andrew often started with him for days . 
Days yet , and obviously it’s staying in the lane . Maxwell went to a few parties at Windsor Castle , but they admit , and the the documents to prove it was at least 10 times . 
And there’s a private investigator , he said , because if you’re around Epstein, you are around underage girls . 
Now , this TV program also alleges , um , on Epstein’s private island . Him and Prince Andrew had an orgy with nine underage girls . 
Well , they saying to every generation a slayer is born . But for the royal family , it’s every generation of pervert is bored . 
Well , yet because of its Lord Mountbatten with those poor boys in Belfast, Dear , he is the uncle of Andrew and Charles and the juke on its he’s uncle as well . 

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