New podcast episode. Epstein News. Puppets, egg-shaped appendages & puppets.

New podcast episode out now. It is a ride on the wild side. 

You can’t make any of this up. BBC, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein. Egg-shaped appendages. Honey-traps. Puppets.

What a huge week! The long-awaited BBC Panorama interview aired with two Epstein victims.

Prince Andrew is busted for lying again. Plus information that points to this being an extortion ring for Israeli and US intelligence. (apologies for the Ghislaine pronouciation. I know it’s Gee-Laine.)

Transcript: Epstein News: They ran a spy operation, plus BBC Panorama Interview.
Want  to know who’s who in the Jeffrey Epstein’s zoo? Journalists , Lisa and Jen bring you the ultimate deep dive . Prince Andrew’s crimes are just the start . We’ll lay it all out . 
Listeners are advised that this podcast contains strong language and adult themes,  discretion is advised . 
Hello and welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast . I’m Lisa Tait and with me is Jen Tarran., and what I week it has been!  
It’s being exciting . It’s also being a bit dangerous . Weever tried to Google egg shaped Penis . Yes , that’s come up again about the deposition way of Jeffrey.
 Epstein was asked if he had an egg shaped penis.
Panorama had a wonderful special with Virginia . I’m gonna call her Virginia . I’m not gonna use any of her surname because you always refer to Children by the first name . And she was a child when this happened . And we have to , even though we’re looking at a woman his inner thirties or forties ,  a very beautiful woman . We have to remember she was a child . So Virginia went all . 
She was very honest , very rawat times that she wasn’t over the top . But the egg shaped penis deposition be was played . I thought I’d gotten over that . But now I’m back down that rabbit hole and I had to open it up again . 
The BBC says they do . But now it’s well worth watching this because it takes you through Prince Andrew‘s.
Statements from way before Ah , seriously , why the f? Let Andrew go on , do that interview . I had no idea . He bumbled it . He stuffed it . They talked about Virginia , who said that he was dancing with her and sweating profusely and that it was .
You know , the image really came forth in my brain when she was talking about it was like , Yeah , and he’s sitting there saying , Oh , couldn’t have been may I have because of the Falklands and endorphins. I don’t sweat anymore . It couldn’t have been me. 
 But of course they found photos of him sweaty . So sorry , who ever advised you on your know, defence , Stupid . 
Now Jen and I are both journalists on and I was a former crisis communications manager , So we’re gonna take you through the news off this week , So we will talk about more than the egg shaped Penis . 
But we’re going to go on to Panorama because that’s huge . And then , secondly , take you through a path that leads back to Epstein and back to now , when we can prove that this was an intelligence hit, this whole thing , it’s spies . It’s spooks . It’s a bizarre. I feel this like Snow White and the seven dwarves are living in my house . 
There you get up and you wake up in the morning . There’s a cheery little dwarfs or in some , you know , upset . Sleepy dwarves walking past, exactly . It’s so bizarre . So I will be able to tell you how Jeffrey amassed billions . 
That’s the missing link from a school teacher to having a private plan , which, apparently , he used to have sex in front of everybody while they’re traveling in his plane . 
And people would act like it’s normal . Normal . That’s it’s just a bizarre world he was in . 
Yes , so Jen , take us of what I’m down the path . Okay , so , Virginia , as I sit . But using her name as a teen . She was only She was very calm . There were times where she got a little bit overwhelmed and she was asked if she wanted to stop and she just go . I just need a tissue . So not even talking about any of what she was bringing out . Just her countenance , the way she looked , the language he used at the body language . She wasn’t over the top . She wasn’t pulling out No O . J . Simpson theatricals . 
There was none of that was none of the I’m so guilty are concussed . You try and get myself out of it . She was being genuine . And , of course , Panorama would then go back to parts of Andrew’s interview . 

There was sliced in between and he was looking off to the side , and he was over elaborating . And as soon as as a general , you know , they start bringing up extra data , more data than what you asked for . It just sets off . This party senses there’s something not brought that they have conveniently got a messy of back story . 

Now , Before I was involved in this , I was involved in a podcast about Kelly lying and actually spoke to an ex secret service . It’s FBI agent who analyzes statements , and I sent him a couple of videos in our new shape of Kelly’s interviews with Pilates . And he did say that over elaboration . If you don’t use contractions , you’re telling the truth . So instead of saying cannot if you say , can’t that’s more indicative of it . Looking up to the sky maize , It’s not coming from memory , you’re making it up . So enter was showing a lot of those factors , but also the Sai who came up with his excuses . I don’t know who was involved in . He was Fergie . Was it the pink herself ? Who knows ? He’s lying next ? Well , I think so , because one of the things that he’s no sweat defense that was just mental , you wouldn’t give that to It crosses help with comes Would you have told behind to sail to say You don’t sweat unless you have gone through and checked every available photograph in that time period to make sure that no sweat could be found , You know , on a shirt that he was wearing , Well , I wouldn’t cancel that , but I don’t think he’s one to listen to my staff . He wouldn’t listen . Today , I hope not their results . There was quite a few things that just didn’t make sense . And also , he says he’s never met Virginia yet , he said , In a mile at five , I am too jeez laying asking about her . This was in 2015 . So the life he has , why would he be up at 5 a.m. In the morning ? Well , I find that I’m up at 5 a.m. In the morning on a little bit , stressed , stressed , and she’s trying to work out in the alibi for the latest murder . He could be . The airport could be traveling . Yeah , the only other time I’m up at 5 a.m. So she’s lying , replied that she had some stuff . Give her a call . Um , she’s got some specific questions that she can answer . So But she also says , Can’t believe Baby was left in the cold . Who is that ? Who was baby , whose baby ? Don’t lie . Those initials don’t . So if anyone knows , please let us know we’re on Twitter , Facebook , just school priests and the perfect podcast . So we need to find this baby bastard unless it’s like a knife . It stain . Ah , well , it’s not lace . What’s now the baby ? Hey , could Bay Bay Bay ? Could be a baby . Where is baby affair ? Is it a company ? Is it a yeah corporation ? Is it a member of the intelligence community ? That’s so , um yes . There were a few strange things to come out of Panorama . MME . Okay , Another thing that was brought up with the Panorama was the photograph yet how it was given to the FBI in 2011 . And that’s when Virginia sold it and got a bit of money . Not much , really . 160,000 k from memory . But the photos in the F B I locked this several photos missing . Now the photos that were handed to them with the original photos . So that’s back in L days . We had Bill actual filming , took a photo wound it off , sent filming to be developed . Eso you have printing on the back of those photographs and why all codes from that particular printers ? Yeah , G . So that would point with being a legit conducted photo that that evidence is dispute from the FBI files . But Andrew is not saying that it’s not him . in the fighter . He’s saying the fighters being adopted . He hasn’t come out and said , It’s definitely affect . Hey , hasn’t come out categorically . It’s just a lot of waffling round words say I don’t remember it . Possibly I don’t understand why it would be , but I don’t remember this . You know , If it was a fake , why didn’t I come out back in 2011 and so fake ? It’s only now that the firm , Buckingham Palace , is starting to make use the two fake and trying to discredit this photo where before they just be quiet and shut up . But now it seems like the fact he hasn’t come out said it is a fake meds . 

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