Epstein News: Ghislaine’s TV Interview, Meghan Markle Used as a Smokescreen for Prince Andrew.

Welcome to the Prince and the Pervert – we like to see this podcast as the Jeffrey Epstein wiki.
So what we’re doing is we’re looking at what we can find and then passing it on to you to see what you think.
Now my name is Lisa Tait and with me I have Jen Tarran.
Hello –  how are you?
It has been a busy week again. I just hope no one ever looks at my search history.
Yes, same almost when I take photos of things on the net, screen grabs.
They’d think I was very strange, like I go from shots of Prince Andrew through to recipes, back through the holiday ideas and then there’s Ghislaine Maxwell and then Jeffrey Epstein.
I wonder what Google AdSense or whatever algorithm thinks what age you are, what your hobbies are.
Well I don’t know I will get through on ads. I’ll have to tell you I think well yours will be horrific and more about that later.
But what we thought we would do today is we’re going to give you just a rundown of the main characters in this disgusting schmozzle.
And after that I’m going to talk a little bit about how Meghan,  the Duchess of Sussex, has been a foil for Prince Andrew in this whole anti-PR against her.
It’s been atrocious & it’s very obvious and I don’t know if any of you know Prince William also had an affair with a woman called Mrs rock savage, Rose Chumley.
They all live in Norfolk and she was supposedly the best friend of Prince William’s wife Catherine, so there was another theory earlier in the year that Megan was being thrown to the lions to try and cover that up.
No one talks about it but if you want info on it just Google “turnip toffs.”
Yeah that’s what they call that group, so this is shattered it now and it came through the Sun newspaper there were some responses to it.
But also yeah a journalist liked it online and it just grew grew.
Now, obviously, we’re not comparing Prince William to his uncle in anyway shape or form, so I’m gonna take you through Meghan attack.
It’s ridiculous, it’s turned her into a target but why did they turn into a target?
And you know I’ve got an article that was in the Telegraph from Andrew Morton, who assisted Diana with Diana – her true story,  that correlates Megan’s treatment to that of Diana and Sarah Ferguson when they first entered the royal family.
And it’s always the women always the women. princess anne’s husbands seem to.
Mark Phillips yes – tell the story many, many years ago when I was a teenager he drove me around in a range Rover.
He was a member of the royal family then yes that’s interesting he never got any criticism about what he wore to Wimbledon.
Well that’s the thing he didn’t get any criticism, no one cares.
We don’t know exactly some more about that later now I just would like to talk about Ghislaine.
I’ve got it right today Maxwell is she trolling us who is that she supposed to be doing a TV interview.
I’ll see it when I believe it and if it’s happening I’m going to set up a cinema under the stars for Jen and I – champagne yeah yes but not too much we need to take a notes and be able to read them back again.
She’s apparently in negotiations with a USTV network to talk about Andy and herself and she’s going to defend them.

What has been spoken about the photos, just the way she stands the way she acts towards the child victims their contact with her in the panorama.

she’s abusive she’s a monster interview that she supposedly doing.

and who’s gonna be doing the interview yeah well exactly the American press doesn’t have the best reputation on this particular issue I would like Barbara Walters like a shark or Megan McCain she’s pretty good John McCain’s daughter she is impressive and the rooms are also with the pimp that the FBI has her see what sort of makes sense because she is so pivotal to this whole thing holder in earlier They have not been sending out fake photos of her terribly pathetic you and I could do a better version of a photo and Eulane then whoever sent that photo of her in an out burger why would you send out a photograph of her eating a burger while reading a spy book it’s ridiculous but I just thought of a theory what if she thinks the interview secures her safety that she’s cleared of ever been charged because she’s ditched no she’s cleared of being murdered because she so public people know now and it will bits because of what’s happened with Jeffrey Epstein it would be far too obvious well that’s never really stopped anyone before no that’s the only thing I can think what is she got left as an alliance unless of course We know she was intelligence has she been dumping intelligence now to kill her yes would you be ER a liability now to if she was would you be in our liability okay she was alive people saw her recently I think it was at some yacht show which is ironic because her father died by suicide of his yacht named Lady G lane so maybe I don’t know she was saying not that long ago I think it was in Monaco but then again it could be a body double floating around just as your room is it was a body double that was taken out on the trolley Now before you think that we are crazy old ladies who believe in conspiracies we don’t we were a journalist who mostly dealt in fact and this it’s just this case it just is Birko as we say in Australia berserk trying to build through what is news what is speculation looking at the source of the information that we gather it’s just bizarre no one seems to have the truth on anything know and we are looking at the decent master it’s not just the click bait it’s just where is the news where are the truth is the truth and that’s what we’re trying to find that God love the sun newspaper they’ve got a £10,000 bounty on her head but I think people would want more than that I do it for 10 bucks and a bottle of champagne yes which brings it to what we want to do So Princess Andrew is apparently going to church on that famous walk on Christmas day with the family for a start I’m no religious Scola if he goes in there but it’s the Anglican church head of the Anglican church does that mean she can absolve him of all crimes that I think in the Anglican church we will have to find out I have a friend who is an archdeacon I will be giving her a call yes please do that anyway we want to crash at the walk to the church and we’ve been sitting here like coming up with theories and you know how it goes the public and get pretty close of his walking down to church girl oh that’s a point to we can’t use our normal language because Children there and I really don’t want to hear some of our special so they have to be highbrow insults if we do decide to go and visit this walk arm so if anyone’s got any ideas because we would love to go funded or something get over there how we get close enough to not get turned away from by the police record and because we look like old lady feminist so what we decided we do is try and dress up like posh people so we going to get fabulous car it’s probably already got some and riding boots and we gonna have UK flags and little At Megan and Harry are not going to Christmas Day having Christmas with Megan’s mum because you and I just said could you imagine her having to eat Christmas lunch Megan who is a women’s advocate I miss you across the table from Andrew all have to sit quietly in church and listen to a sermon and probably have to steer the back of his head no I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be able to stay in the house but why are they persisting with him doing this walk mummy and daddy you said well you stuffed up now you have to face the setting boundaries no one wants to see you Andrew just don’t go out in public mate yeah embarrass yourself humiliate yourself even further but let’s face it he doesn’t belong in a church he belongs okay It belongs being interviewed by the police I won’t say belongs in jail yet because he hasn’t been to court but he doesn’t belong in church on Christmas day that’s wrong not being surrounded by some wonderful people and when I was talking about that I’m talking about Megan yes now this is late my Siri is Megan is a foil for Prince Andrew and has been for a long time and I just want to take you through her suppose it since Wimbledon you’re not allowed to wear jeans on court one did you know that the dress code like they have at the SCG the Sydney cricket ground it’s considered bad manners if you want to sit in the area reserved for members of the oil England club so one time member said It’s not allowed to wear jeans now do you know at this is bizarre you know he got involved in it no Ryan O’Neill’s daughter years was married to John McEnroe right now is her name Tegan O’Neill yeah I will check that now she said that she doesn’t get what it’s like to be Royal that’s Meghan and if you think of Princess Diana and absolutely how inclusive she was she would never turn anyone away this was one of the security guard said to someone can you stop taking photos so it’s not like Megan said I had so much hope for Megan I wanted her to be the next Diana I’ll come on please there’s imagery of you doing in New York and you’re criticising her wearing jeans and not wanting to be Left Tatum O’Neill that’s her name on the list I’ll definitely on the list and then remember the day that she hell baby Archie the wrong way she’s a first-time mother trust me they bounce mine rolled off the bed once oh and speaking of which she’s trying to call me avocado toast and she’s bringing down the world environment due to liking avocado that’s just ridiculous but I must say one thing when I was in America recently I did say avocado toast and we I think we invented in Australia and they’ve added quite a few strange aspects to it yeah but they only have it with one piece of bread and it’s very thin Lee exactly and apparently she broke the Royal shoe protocol for wearing wedges at Bondi Beach you’re joking there’s a royal shoe protocol and also that everyone got sick of her holding her bump and yet you know Andrew’s been involved in has been photographed walking in Central Park with someone who has been convicted but a wage versus a stiletto is bigger news it’s an absolute joke and you’re being accused of sleeping with young girl sees a second allegation out now there’s not a lot of detail about it but Megan was the wrong shoes and she wears jeans like come on this is totally out of control but the reason why a lot of his criticism is getting late It’s from the old school courtiers at the palace what Diana call them the meaning great yes and then like he gets Megan a lot because they don’t think she is worthy of being a royal and some of these people think that even above the Queen because I think they’ve got even better pedigree because the queen is part German but the trouble is she is a new woman she has worked for a living she’s done a good deed she is a person in her own What has he done with his life what contribution has he made no one would tell her she couldn’t have her birthday party no she’s getting her fairy bread this year unlike Andrew’s mum cancelled his birthday party so Megans for the last few two years are silently insured lies and untruths and that’s the thing she’s like Diana before she’s been blamed for the departure of all staff arm and also people have been saying she’s not one of the people what does that mean I think this is a little bit of alluding to her the fact that she’s like American her mother appalling yeah it’s racism it smoke and mirrors it sexism So apparently Princess Diana was transformed from fairytale princess to a fiend and monster within a few years same with Fergie come on but all the stories keep being late and it’s destruction yeah they’re furious with Prince Andrew over Epstein and he’s being ostracise well that’s kind of rubbish because they run with paedophiles for years anyway Jimmy Savall Lord Mountbatten etc etc so I think that the more rumblings about Megan for the most pathetic things the safer he is because things hit it up when I first heard about this was 2015 this is been bubbling on about Andrew for years so I think that people saying that she’s a Showman and a narcissist It’s just terrible like they analyse her handwriting and they said she was emotionally insecure and self pitying is appalling news article yeah it was it was that she held grudges and she was insecure and immature written letter to her father and the content was about forgiving him for something because it sounds like she estranged obviously he took off when she was young not much contact but of course he’s coming back now claiming that she yes exactly so that’s a solid belief hear that your prompt assisting he said you’re probably hear more about Megan to be a distraction I think they’re thinking out what’s the end of the year people will forget by the New Year but we are here for those girls We are going to do whatever we can do to make sure they get justice because they were girls yes children they were children and he’s been implicated in to Will several Eledge rates with two girls now the other thing the last thing I just want to mention briefly is that photo that came out from pink princess Beatrice’s 18th birthday party I’m gonna put this up on the website you have Harvey Weinstein in a very poorly fitting taps and tiles and all my God okay if seen what he is dressed as though he’s a Navy seal with metals Navy seal medals they kick his arse over that if they knew irrelevant and then with of cool scotch it’s lame she loves it Ask so arm how’s the Victorian like she’s wearing a denim skirt and a see-through blouse with like a two dollar mask how was that that was the same as Victorian look I’m sorry that’s appalling she obviously needed to redo her Botox and your eyes at that time so that’s why she’s wearing a mask she is creepy and I think she’s trolling us by saying she’s coming out I don’t think she will wait-and-see now Jen has some exciting news that happened to us this week ending of God if you hear some gossip review is on iTunes and we got a review hit and miss on behalf of all people Diverse bodies please do not describe someone as a freak based on their non-standard p***s shape the standard p***s isn’t me you have been sold by porn real people are diverse and diversity is normal hundred percent confident you can hate Epstein for the things he did that were his responsibility thought I would get back to later and not the body parts he was born with through no fault of his own by Louise Alana I think that is better to star of you darling well for starters we laughed we laughed thank you this is been a blessing in disguise because now my search history is full of p****** because it’s never been full of porn because darling I’m fine and that part of my life with porn nothing wrong with it it’s just that I don’t have a lot of energy And the energy I do have is our used to critique her outfits I don’t have much energy because I self identify as a freak or a gimp I medically legally classed as an amputee my posture is different very different so I had to Apple to all my clothing so I don’t stand out so we weren’t ripping him off about having an egg shaped p***s because his p***s is intricate to this we are talking rape of children rate we’re talking court so done a lot of digging and having grown two p****** myself I have two young songs I thought I better look into this whole thing would it be a birthday fact oh well it’s relevant because it was mentioned in the two depositions in the court case and Jeffrey Epstein him self When he was asked if he had an egg shaped p***s had a little slight grin a smack and then he got up and left the second time refused to answer questions when he was asked out right about shape and then there’s all the sealed documents we don’t know how many other girls have said children have said or mentioned his p***s now it’s a right attack it is a six cry when they talk to alleged victims they will get as much detail as possible what do you look like did you know his name did he have tattoos any other bodily parts looked unusual unique p***s is one of them and one girl said it was teardrop which is close to egg I think in my opinion egg teardrop it means that there was some type of deformity now my extensive research Well it can happen it can be a birthday but usually a broken p***s or fracture p***s is the reason now we all know there is no actual bone in the p***s but p***s has an area of spongelike tissue called the corpus cavernosa when a man has a direction the blood in the p***s concentrates in this area now when it’s a wrecked one on both sides of the corpus cavernosa can snap a p***s fracture will usually occur when the man’s p***s is a wrecked p***s does not typically fracture and when this happens you need to seek immediate medical help because you can have huge problems it can lead to a rectal dysfunction I think July in brokers will see usually it happens during the course of Six heading of pelvic bone accidentally been flying off and hitting something on a hard surface because a lot of people don’t know that she was his pink but they were girlfriend and boyfriend whether there was a relationship between a sexual one and Jen said to me earlier she lying because she is so in love with Jeff Rippstein she went around procuring girls because he couldn’t get women because of his deformity maybe he was hopeless with women so did he fracture his p***s because often it will cause a p***s to take on what the doctors call and egg Plantes deformity what does an eggplant look like a teardrop teardrop p***s you know where the good pull the hood down if you’re my boys sorry can I clean could be sort of part of the teardrop or an inch Depending on hey yeah well eggplant egg shaped so the symptoms of opinion fracture include being the champagne forever and rupture of veins and arteries around the p***s and this a lot of damage that can be done but yes it can physically change the look of a p***s so next question how did he break it in the first place it’s usually cause by violence I reckon July she was crazy or it was possibly another maybe maybe not conceptual at mini mini years ago and he didn’t seek medical help immediately because it was not a consensual at maybe it was the sexual assault gone wrong she managed to wake him or push him off he broke his p***s It became to form because he was worried about seeking treatment in case she went to the police and could say he was doubled up in pain I manage to get away possibly within the realms will see how this goes anybody’s got any info send it through I think you’re onto something there thank you for explaining that because I’ve been thinking all week what is it a deformity or was it an accident now to the person that left that review Jen and I at the moment we are on our best behaviour because we are on the Internet airwaves but if you were around us in real life we are not your people babe I’m sorry no we’re just not your people and the fact you said things like he did that were his responsibility are you trying to state that some of the stuff that he’s been alleged to have done was not his responsibility that he didn’t go after children 

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