The Epstein Woman at the Helm of the Scandal

One of the most shocking aspects of the Jeffrey Epstein criminal conspiracy is how many women were involved.

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The Epstein Woman: Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert Podcast. I’m Lisa Tait & I’m Jen Tarran and today we are going to take a slightly different route, we are going to be looking at the women in the life of Jeffrey Epstein.

We will look at the other women who ran the sex trafficking business like it was a McDonalds.


But the thing is – are these women associates or were they victims? Or is there Stockholm syndrome?


Yes that is what I would like some feedback from the audience about because I really do think that there is a grey area.


Some of the victims went on to be schedulers, it’s like he’s wrapped them up in a nice neat bow, some of his victims, they can’t go forward now to the police because they’re implicated later on.

The Epstein Woman

Supplying him with other girls, all of them very traumatised, you’re a teenagers, possibly have issues, as in a lot of the girls are in foster care, broken families, runaways, possibly sex abuse.
Then you were thrown into a different form of sex abuse as though it was a McDonald’s business. Blackmail or photos, they film you, or you are suddenly trained up as a pilot or secretary role and you’re flying around the world.
Even though you may have been exposed to the most vicious abuse, it is not us to determine whether these people are guilty or not.

They were all claims but they were mentioned in the 2008 charges and it’s weird but now that immunity deal is being questioned.

Will it stand out under the jurisdiction of the New York or is it un constitutional because it look away the victims’ rights.

The Epstein Woman


It is about the victims, that’s why were here with this. I’m sick of reading about Prince Andrew just running around living his normal life?

I think that was a bit of a furphy but she’s not going to come forward look, excuse the French, here but I’m sick of her f***ing with us, so either come out or hopefully you’ll be arrested one day.

Today is about these other women but I wanted to start with Lesley Taylor Groff, she was an alleged sex recruiter and she worked for Epstein as an executive assistant for nearly 20 years.

Straight off the bat at the moment, she’s about 52 or 53, so she would’ve been too old to take Epstein’s attention, so this is someone whom we probably wouldn’t class as a victim.
Stockholm syndrome and becomes associate she skipped those first two steps.

 I think she came as an associate but she said in a 2005 interview she would answer Epstein’s phone and manage his schedule, which led to a bond between the two.

Seriously but isn’t that the role she supposed to do? Answering the phone, you don’t suddenly become mine melded with your your boss because you answer his phone.
Unless of course your mind is like his.

Lesley: the Epstein Woman in Administration 

Exactly and she is now living the life of a mum, she’s has one kid. 
She said she could almost read Epstein’s mind – that’s traumatising. 
I’d be traumatised over that, unless of course she was that type of person.

She said via her lawyer she was shocked by the allegations against Epstein.

But she was given access to a fancy hair salon, that’s the one at the tab at the hair salon, so she can go any time to get a hair treatment.

Epstein Woman: Plus she got a Mercedes after maternity leave and Epstein allowed her to have a nanny he paid for it.

They ran it like it was a McDonald’s business, she’s a huge player then, she’s not just a secretary answering the phone, scheduling.
She was a keeper of secrets, yes I think so.
They were allowed to get takeaway Fancy restaurant on the Upper East side.

But Epstein made sure that Lesley didn’t eat a lot because he likes his women on the thin side.

That’s right he likes then lean and thin and not too curvy, so we’re safe.
So we are definitely. A fancy car, nanny and she said she could actually about how they worked in synch. 
The executive assistant she was wow yeah so I think knows quite a lot especially with the schedule.
So she said she had no names or at least nicknames of all the girls.
Maybe they numbered the girls? She would know the extent of the number of children who were brought into massage.

Epstein Woman: That is interesting you mention that because according to the 2008 deposition,  they also managed to travel and accommodation for many of the underage girls. 

Oh come on Lesley, come on! Spill it.
You know more than what you’re saying and I hope that there is no one plea deal standing up for New York.
I hope you get hauled in, you certainly need to answer some questions.
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Allegations about Sarah Kellen made in the Leon Black civil case


The Epstein Woman at the Bottom of the Staircase

Sarah Kellen is accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s. She oils and the lotions in the rooms where the sex abuse occurred.

Yeah she could’ve been of the age being one of the children he molested, well she was born into the Jehovah’s Witness community and married at 17.

She was extremely vulnerable, struggling financially and emotionally straight away. 

The early marriage, religious cult problem very low education levels because she’s just a female, therefore, breeder. Therefore, you get married early. Why waste resources?

She’s a classic victim, so very soon after that she was brought into it. Well he began to sexually abuse her. This went on for years, so apparently, these days she is extremely traumatised by what she went through.

Epstein woman: But how far is too far if you’re a victim?  Or when you become a participant to the abuse? Was there a situation where she was given no choice?  That she had to start learning the business side of it?

Not just being the victim where there was blackmail involved? Was it a case of she no longer had any roots in the world, except for the small circle? 

She may not have had any where else to turn to, family may have rejected her.

If they’d had an idea of what she’s been doing and would’ve blamed her, so maybe she was completely ostracised. The only people who could’ve saved her massive Stockholm syndrome.

I’ve seen some photos of the organisation. She and Ghislaine went to the launch of Madonna’s childrens book. Really? Yeah I’ll put it up on the website and on the Facebook page, photos at the launch of Madonna children’s book.

There are reports that she tried to physically remove her looks from the blonde, as we know that he liked the blondes. She was in the hairdressers tab for the Leslie, it is quite obvious that it’s been one of them to keep the blonde look and she probably had a hairdressers tab as well.

So the question is – is this Epstein woman like a shift manager at McDonald’s, grooming the next lot?

The New York Times said she was seen as a boss. Sarah was really running the organisation bringing girls and getting them in an out of the Palm Beach home.
She came from a  closed community, so she maybe doesn’t know what we know education, possibly she probably Jehovah so Jehovah’s Witness. I’m not quite sure what type of education. 
Public school but it wouldn’t have been an emphasis on her not having a career.  I doubt they thought of her having a career.

She has now reinvented herself as an interior designer but she knows a lot obviously.

These people are very much lawyered up. Yes and I think it would be a hell of a lot of blackmail material on her as well. Yes 

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