Epstein News: Ghislaine Maxwell’s Bizarre TED Talk

Epstein’s pimp somehow spoke at the United Nations nine times and did an actual TED Talk in 2014.

This was no doubt her attempt to brand herself as a conservationist, when she was actually a child sex abuser. Around 2013, she started a not-for-profit called Terra-Mar.

It was something to do with the ocean, an emailed passport & some social media channels. She shut the charity two weeks before Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July.

The TED talk is far from spectacular. I don’t like TED talks as a rule but this one is essentially astro-turfing to rehabilitate a sex-offender’s reputation in high society. She was also as boring as batshit, as we say in Australia.

Your posh accent and powerpoint presentation doesn’t fool us.

As these podcasters said #CancelTEDTalks. Who checks the creds of the people giving these talks? Or is it a case of who you know? Ghislaine after all was an Israeli spy, just like her Dad, the swindler, Robert Maxwell.

The speech is dull and uninspiring and a con job by a sex offender, who even got Bette Midler on board to host a fundraising event at her home. Again the rich are lecturing us to change our behaviour.

I wonder who has all the fundraising money now? Epstein is very much a follow-the-money case.

 So I don’t recommend watching the TED video but this thread about Bette Midler is interesting.

This podcast is important to us. Why is that? because we’re not only journalists, we are mums, I have nieces,  my friends have daughters.

We are women and the thing is we’ve been seeing all these articles this all this about it and they keep using the term underage women and that wrong it was raping children 14-year-olds with braces on sinking and then that same 14-year-old has admitted that she went on to procure between 1780 other girls.

This is just so massive on a global scale so what we thought we do it is the ultimate deep dive we need to get into the beginning of all this family but will also be telling you what it saying was doing in the 70s and 80s as well.

It is about the victims, that’s why were here with this. I’m sick of reading about Prince Andrew just running around living his normal life & where the hell is that TV interview with Ghislaine?

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment and feel you would like to speak to someone for support or information, 1800RESPECT (Phone: 1800 737 732) can provide counselling 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.If you are feeling unsafe right now, call 000.

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