Epstein’s Glowing Testimony From Ex-Girlfriend Eva Andersson-Dubin

Now back to the 30-year relationship between Dr Eva Andersson-Dubin and Jeffrey Epstein:

We’ve heard a lot about Epstein’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell but there was also another significant ex-girlfriend in the pedophile’s life.

Eva Andersson-Dubin was Miss Sweden 1980 and is now a doctor and philanthropist. She also had a romantic relationship with Epstein for 11 years 😲 & remained a close friend. Here they are:

She’s now married to a Mr Mega-bucks, Glenn Dubin, who was also very close to Epstein and named as an offender by Virginia Guiffre. The Dubins have a cancer facility in New York and Epstein donated to it, under the ruse of a trust in the name of one of  the Dubin’s daughters.

Yes, it was named after the Dubin daughter Epstein wanted to marry. I’m not naming her because she was a child. Even more disturbingly, Epstein staff reported he had a naked photo of this child on his wall.

Dr Andersson-Dubin also provided Epstein with a personal reference around the time of that outrageous plea deal. Here it is below and it’s a lot! I personally find it very disturbing.

The Dubins have also been mentioned in papers from the 2015 defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell.
Dr Andersson-Dubin has also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at Bette Midler’s 60th birthday. Ghislaine, of course, is the one in the mask.

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