“Uncle Jeff” Epstein’s Glowing Testimony From Ex-Girlfriend

Thought the Epstein case couldn’t get weirder? Here is the story of the 30-year relationship between a cancer philanthropist and Jeffrey Epstein.

Dr Eva Andersson Dubin: We’ve heard a lot about Epstein’s relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell but there was also another significant ex-girlfriend in the pedophile’s life.

Eva Andersson Dubin, Miss Sweden 1980, is now a doctor and philanthropist.

In fact, she has a breast cancer centre named in her honour. 

The mother-of-three also had a romantic relationship with Epstein for 11 years. They remained close friends until his death, much to the annoyance of her husband Glenn Dubin.

Here they are during the time they were together:

Eva Andersson Dubin

Eva Andersson Dubin

Glenn Dubin was also close to Epstein and named as an offender by Virginia Guiffre.

The then-Eva Andersson (now Dubin) and Epstein met sometime  in the 1980s. She met her now-husband and married in 1994.

Epstein was reported to have said a girlfriend who became his friend was upgraded in status.

After she married Dubin in Sweden, she had three children with the former hedge fund owner.

Eva Andersson Dubin

They were also the subject of serious allegations made by their former butler concerning a bereft 15-year-old girl. 

The Dubins deny all allegations of impropriety and say they were not aware of Epstein’s crimes.

The Dubins have a cancer facility in New York in their names and Epstein donated to it, under the ruse of a trust in the name of one of  the Dubin’s daughters.

This is where it gets weird. Yes, it was named after the Dubin daughter Epstein wanted to marry. I’m not naming her because she was a child.

Even more disturbingly, Epstein staff reported he had a naked photo of this child on his wall.

Eva Andersson Dubin

Dr Andersson Dubin also provided Epstein with a personal reference around the time of that outrageous plea deal.

Her kids called Epstein “Uncle Jeff” and he tutored the eldest child in mathematics. 

Here it is below: 

Eva Andersson Dubin
Eva Andersson Dubin

Eva Andersson Dubin

She was also been photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell at Bette Midler’s 60th birthday. Ghislaine, of course, is the one in the mask. She is supposedly close to Epstein’s mentor and benefactor, Les Wexner.
Wexner apparently allowed Eva and her family to use his super yacht Limitless while she was recovering from breast cancer. This is something he rarely does. 

According to Vanity Fair, “Wexner’s wife, Abigail, “graciously invited the Dubins to use their boat for four days while Eva Dubin was recovering from breast cancer surgery,” Dubin’s spokesperson explained.) But according to one source, it was quite unusual for Wexner to let anyone use Limitless when he was not on board.”
The source recalled talking to Debra Rizzo, the Dubins’ onetime chef, about the trip. “She was telling me how magnificent this thing was,” this person said, “and she said that the captain came over to her and she said he goes, ‘I’ve got to ask you, what does your boss do? Who is he?’ And she’s like, ‘Well, it’s Glenn Dubin. He runs a hedge fund.’
He’s like, ‘Oh. I’m just baffled because nobody is allowed on this boat. Nobody. We’ve never had anybody on this boat other than the owner.’ So she said it was like a really, really big deal to them and they were shocked that Dubin was on this thing.”
(A spokesperson for Wexner declined to comment.)
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