Digging for the Epstein and Ghislaine Truth

Thief, spy, wife abuser and father of pimp Ghislaine, Robert Maxwell Source: sleuthing by Kirby Summers.

The Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell case is so overwhelming and my respect goes to those journalists who are diligently digging for the truth.

Kirby Sommers has done some amazing work on this case and follows it from every possible angle..

There’s also a journalist in Chile writing for Mint Press, Whitney Webb, who consistently breaks news about the Epstein case. In particular, the intelligence links. She has demonstrated how this is an “honey-trap” job. 

Here is some of her recent work.

These reports are important because someone is taking media about Epstein and Ghislaine off the internet. I wrote about this last week when I found a video of an ex-Aussie PM’s daughter, Katherine Keating, and Ghislaine had disappeared.

Whitney Webb tracked down records of deleted articles, in particular: “While several articles in the early 2000s describe Epstein as both “property developer” and “financier,” even earlier articles about Epstein refer to him exclusively as a “property developer.” For instance, the 1992 article in the Mail on Sunday cited above referred to Epstein as “a shadowy, almost maverick New York property developer” and noted that, even then, Epstein appeared “to have an inexhaustible supply of money and yet no one seems able to answer the question of precisely what the source.” 

This article is a must-read because it goes way back in time to when a Prince Andrew met Ghislaine and Epstein. 

Source: Whitney Webb Mint Press

So the press knew Epstein was intelligence as way back as 1992. What the actual? Plus, is someone censoring Google and Twitter? 

Mint Press has also faced outside interference and attempts to shut them down. So much for freedom of the press. I certainly will donate to keep their journalism alive next month because I’m focussing donating to the Australia bushfire crisis. 

Anyway Jen and I are recording tomorrow. We might do two episodes on Epstein because there’s a lot going on at the moment. I have some things to say about Ghislaine and today’s 60 Minutes report.

(The magazine cover above came to me via Twitter. Mad Max is right! Ghislaine’s father sounds quite unpleasant.)

So why do we do this? It is about the victims, that’s why were here with this.

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