New Episode: Jeffrey Epstein: Spies, Lies and Hate Mail

Epstein’s body taken to hospital after his death. Note the handcuffs  and the  resuscitation device.

Spies & Lies:  Epstein’s Suspicious Death & Where’s Agent Ghislaine Maxwell?

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year . Under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes out in the open . Many people knew off his illegal behaviour . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated as Children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing . 

Hello. Welcome to the Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert podcast . Here we are today , broadcasting from my partner Jen’s bunker , which is actually a laundry . Hello, Jen . Hello , Lisa . How are you ? I’m very well , I’m Lisa Tait . And I just wanted to say thank you to all our new listeners . We’ve had a lot from America and also the UK , And we want to thank you because you’ve been so supportive about the terrible fires we’ve had. People have lost their lives and we just feel great that you’re on our side . So thank you . Thank you.

But we have to get back to Epstein because there’s a lot going on . Well , if you haven’t seen it already and it’s hard to get hold of and possibly those in the UK, 60 minutes in America have created a bit of a fire store, so to speak , with a bit of an investigation on the autopsy and the situation of how he was found in the lock up in New York . 

Nothing makes sense . This is the first time I’ve seen photographs from inside the cell but is causing more questions than it has answered . The one thing that stood out to May wass the state of his neck . It looked like he’d been bleeding, but there was no blood on the sheets inside the cell.

Now what 60 minutes America showed was a prison cell in disarray . There was sheets everywhere . There were sheets cut up and turned into ligatures a noose . Several nooses actually, but they were fabric . And yet the wound on his neck looked more like it was , Ah , while , say , a plug , a lead , an electrical lead because there was blood on his skin . You could see blood from the wound , blood smeared slightly up on the skin above the wound , but none of the ligatures in the officially released photos . The 60 minutes got hold or had any blood on them.

But there was one of those CPAP machines to help people breathe when they sleep in the room . So I wonder , Did they look at that and see if that was a possibility ? Probably not . And yet it had the electrical lead , which would have caused these wounds . And this is one of the things that 60 Minutes picked up on . 

And they had one of America’s foremost autopsy doctors on the show and he was equivocal a point what he’s seen , he thinks it’s a homicide . The trouble is, they don’t have any photographs off his body as they found it . If they do have those photos, they haven’t released them . 

But there’s a firewall that will hear about later on why they haven’t released everything but the fact that there was no photos off his body where he was found . And those photos , if they do exist , weren’t given to the the autopsy guy . So the medical examiner who did the initial autopsy didn’t have those , and he’s first opinion on the matter was that it was inconclusive because of those missing photos. They didn’t know what position the body was in when he was . 

Now it’s important to note that the expert who was consulted on the show he has been paid by Epstein’s brother to give his opinion . But he’s been involved in autopsies all the way back to JFK , so it’s certainly quite experienced , and that is his opinion . And he sat in on that autopsy , the the 1st one that was done by New York City officials. He sat in on it . 

Yes , it’s quite incredible, isn’t it that all these things aren’t there or they didn’t function and we were asleep or we’re on the Internet and you know , the second camera , which shows the cells that he was in . 

The video camera there that was supposed to be recording for some reason was broken . And there was two hours that his body was left there dead . And when the guards went in people heard them say “Wake up , Epstein , wake up .” Supposedly , according to the initial autopsy , they think he died around for 30 . And sorry that was “breathe Epstein breathe .” So no one seems to know . 

And the information that 60 minutes have got hold off has just filled more speculation that he did not kill himself . Speaking of which did anyone watch the Golden Globes this week ? And not just the fashion . Did you hear what some people were saying ? Yes . So Ricky Gervais was there on his fifth  Golden Globes hosting job . And he actually said Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself and he got booed . And then he was like , Look , he’s your friend . You’re just upset because you have to come on your own plane . I thought that was hilarious . Same with the Twitterverse . They thought it was hilarious, but it seems that the movie stars didn’t.

Yes, so there was some uncomfortable faces there, Jen .Interesting, isn’t it ? Maybe they thought that bring up Epstein was denying them their night in the light , so to speak . Well , yes , that’s another thing that Ricky Jervais actually said. He said that you cannot lecture the rest of us . You know , there’s no way you can from your position of privilege . So a lot of things have changed ever since . Me , too , haven’t they ? And it’s been good . Yes . 

Yes . Now have you got more to talk about here on the 60 Minutes show. Well the biggest stumbling block that 60 minutes have found , and also where I’ve been deep diving into the various blogs, and people have been investigating around the world is the fact that the two prison guards who were on duty that night they’re under investigation . At the moment , that means an active investigation means that they won’t release any more official documents to do with Epstein’s suicide homicide . So no one can get to the real truth . Not the family, not the family . They won’t release anything to Mark Epstein’s lawyer, who was the guy who setting on the autopsy . It’s a stumbling block . It is . It’s just wrong . Yeah , absolutely . So what’s happened is the two guards have pled not guilty , so it’ll be interesting when they get toothy . Document Discovery phase . I think probably their scapegoats . And what will happen is they won’t go to court well day , because there’s all this behind there that if they go to court , will have to come out and even their union rep or obviously , as a former union read the Union rep saying they’ve been used as a scapegoat . 

But there’s been so many mistakes where protocol wasn’t followed, not just from these two guards all the way through from the psych the psychologist in the gaol , taking him off suicide watch in the first place . That’s been noted as a massive breach of protocol , the fact he was put back into a cell without a cell partner , which is also part of protocol . They should have followed the fact that there was no grounds for eight hours on his tier or level of SHU special housing unit that breaches protocol . Definitely , and I’ve been wondering myself whether anyone will ever get to the truth of this of how he died . It is like JFK isn’t it ? It’s true , But the whole idea of leaving it a mystery and murky just means that people are concentrating on . Did he kill himself ? Did some of murderer instead of possibly following the yellow brick road. 

Now we have a theory . We are journalists were not investigators or criminologists , so just keep that in mind . Ohshout out to the person that said we are an embarrassment to Australian journalism . Yeah , we got a fair idea who you are , by the way , right ? 

Did Ghislaine Maxwell order the hit? I think she did. Who’s got the most to lose here ? Mossad? Possibly. But you know, the pimp, she’s going to have all these angry people gunning for her . Why can’t you control your puppet ? Because Epstein was a puppet , I believe . Why can’t you control him ? Why is he going to talk ? He’s going to leak my name . All these big , powerful people were going to cope come tumbling down when Epstein try to get himself off the hook . And so they’re firing anger at her . She was his keeper . She was the one who went and found the girls for him . Went and did this well to him . She was his keeper . She brought him into the family’s fine business . So she actually has the most to lose and the most again . And she did actually say this , which she was happy he was dead. Like Come on this is your ex boyfriend whom you live with for 20 years and you’re happy that he’s dead . This’s what we are dealing with people . Scum . 

There’s also been a lot of speculation that she reached out Prince Andrew asking him for help to protect her and clear her name . But oh , I think that’s just manipulation . She’s been sitting wherever she is in the world . Where’s Wally? Sending up tidbits of information to muddy the waters . Yes , and she’s also been following journalists on Twitter, and one of them actually proved that it was her . So she’s looking around . She’s putting out a lot of misinformation, so death pollutes the public debate, right? 

That’s the other thing , and people focus on his suicide . Not that we believe it is not her disappearance and the fact that she hasn’t been taken to account now. At the moment , she’s being protected in a series of safe houses because the information she has on the world’s most powerful people. Look, we know this is deep state . Don’t wait. 
So We know Ghislaine procured young Children and groom them tow , have sex with Epstein and herself and their wealthy Powell’s . So she’s always denied wrongdoing . But, you know, come on . So who is protecting her ? Who do you think ? Is it Mossad ? Is that the FBI ? 

Okay , I think it’s possible that the FBI , I’m just taking that from a few things I’ve read on Twitter . Yeah , I think it’s the FBI , but she’s saying now she’s hired former Navy Seals amid her death threats report . Okay, so here’s a report she hasn’t been seen in public for three years . Wrong , there’s pictures of her eating a hamburger reading a spy novel . Allegedly. There’s also pictures have heard an event recently with Paris Hilton at some yacht thing . Oh , OK , so wrong . This is from news dot com. So we all know she’s been acting as his madam now , day and night . Former US Navy Seals are guarding Ghislaine Maxwell . I think that is brilliant because you’ll always be looking over your shoulder, Ghislaine , for the rest of your life . That’s another life , is it ? She doesn’t deserve a life. No But what ? The one She’s going to have his unpleasant . She’s been moved from house to house . Says she needs to be ready at a moment’s notice so she can’t sort of have all her favourite possessions with her anymore . No .

 So she’s been in refuges , apparently across Europe , the UK . But then the U S. Well , there was a tip off that she was in Australia at one stage , Yes , but only sky news had that no one else collaborated . There wasn’t a second or third source for that one . So yes , so she would trade off information in as part of her old job . And they’ve got the got the camera footage that printed out photos , everything . So there’s a lot of people nervous . Look, someone , he’s saying The source is not in the U . S . She moves around . Israel didn’t mention Israel earlier.

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