Team Sussex Leaves the Epstein Pedo Prince & Royal Hypocrites

Meghan Markle Attracts More Negative Press than the Prince of Pedophilia

Bam! Harry & Meghan just executed the ultimate power move on the British royal family. So why should we care on an Epstein blog?

Meghan was a foil for Prince Andrew’s crimes. Quick, look over here, she’s violated royal shoe protocol! Andrew didn’t know Epstein well. Look, wedges!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ,aka Buckingham Palace, we have the ongoing fallout from Prince Andrew’s relationship with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The royal courtiers fed Meghan to the media wolves because they’ve known for years the Epstein tornado was coming. These were the same people who victimised Harry’s mother.

Meghan was also handy for hiding talk of Prince William’s affair.

So we can totally understand why the Sussex couple is moving from the UK. It’s like a hornet’s nest inside those palaces. The whole system’s number one concern is to protect the monarchy.

Who would want to live like a public punching bag?

Meghan and Harry 1, Royals 0.

Prince Andrew with pimp Ghislaine Maxwell at Ascot.

Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and the pimp Ghislaine Maxwell

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