Jeffrey Epstein – Not the Only Unsavory Royal Pal

Awkward. It tends to be the male royals who get themselves into trouble because of their friends.

We’ve never had the whiff of a scandal with Princess Anne. Kate Middleton has an estranged weird uncle but don’t we all? The Queen has lived an almost flawless life.

Listen here: Prince Andrew is the problem, not Harry and Meghan wishing to live a more normal life.

But as we know anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew is insane. The answers behind anything in the Epstein conspiracy are weirder and darker than true life.

As for this headline. Come the hell on! What an absolute joke.

There have been many scandals which have not managed to destroy the monarchy. Case in point – Nazi sympathisers:

Hitler with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937

Prince Andrew and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell
Prince Charles with prolific child abuser Jimmy Saville,

I’m making this point because the royal PR machine is out in force. They’d rather hide Andrew and sacrifice the Sussex couple. That’s what they’ve always done because it’s an active coverup.

So we know Prince Philip is an old man and is quite ill but if this account below is correct, it’s downright horrifying and reads like a script out of my favourite show, Succession.

 It seems he always goes for the women – Diana, Fergie and Meghan. There is also no mention of Prince Andrew’s suspected crimes.

This is the kind of garbage women have faced in the royal family ever since Elizabeth Woodville was accused of using a spell in the 1400s to marry King Edward IV.

I have always suspected Prince Philip was an old sexist and behind a lot of the payback. He is still giving declarations from his sick bed. Could this be true?

It’s not him, I suggest, it is the people behind the duke. The men in grey, as Diana described them. The palace insiders who make everyone feel like outsiders.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ferguson is off cavorting with the Saudi Crown Prince allegedly behind the 2018 murder of a journalist, Jamal Kashoghi. Here she is in Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago giving business advice. Yes, you read that correctly, she is apparently an entrepreneur.

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