The Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Defamation Files May Still Come Out

Woman with no soul Ghislaine Maxwell 

In an unexpected development, the Judge in charge of the Virginia Roberts Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell file releases will take a new look at the documents.

This was unexpected considering it was just last week when the same judicial officer ruled the paperwork would remain sealed. The ruling, however, was “narrow”, so it could be reconsidered with more evidence.

 Here is what The Daily Mail said (I know not normally the best source but they’ve done well on the Epstein story): “Judge Preska today urged the lawyers to streamline the review of documents and suggested that the motions be grouped into ‘batches of five’, meaning they would be released on a ‘rolling basis’.

 The judge also asked for a plan on how ‘non-parties’, whose names are in the documents, would be notified and given the chance to respond. The non-parties are to be notified in two weeks, Judge Preska said. Once the non-parties respond, Maxwell and Giuffre’s legal teams will be able to file their oppositions.“

So last week’s decision was not the end of this saga.

As well, Ghislaine’s lawyers said they didn’t know where she was but someone must be paying their bills.

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