Epstein News: Dershowitz, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Virginia Roberts

Read this book. Essential reading. 

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes in then open . Many people knew off his illegal behavior . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated his Children get justice ? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing .

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast . My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran , and as always , it’s been a big week in Epstein land . So much has gone on , certainly has . 

So this week on the Prince in the Pervert , we’ll be talking about the new life that has been breathed into a case involving thousands of documents relating to a civil trial between Ghislaine Maxwell , a k a . Epstein’s pimp , and Virginia Roberts . So Some of them have been released , and there was an actual court case . It’s been going on for a long , long time because they’re full of names and associates . And so what was rejected? They’ve managed to slip through well 2000 pages so far with a release back in August And then last week , the judge said No , but I may reconsider if you give me some more evidence . So maybe one or two days later , the judge came back and said , OK , I’ve got that evidence . I just need to contact all the parties involved and I’ll do that within two weeks . Um , some of them are of considerable means , some of the papal . So does that mean rich and powerful men ? Never . And a lot of them live in say, so Israel? Or Mossad?  Here we go – never, no, nothing to see here.

He , um so that is a really quite exciting development . And we’re going to stay tuned because that’s not the end of this saga . And there are a lot of nervous people out there . And I think there are two John Dos associated with this . So two men who are totally against the file’s coming out . I don’t know who they are . Well , one there would have been but unfortunately he didn’t kill himself . So who were those two John Does ? Who’s which ? Males surrounding these have got the most to lose . Well , I’m thinking I crown . Yeah , yeah . They’re not old grand Duke of York . And I noticed that he’s back out in the public with Mom . Yes , they let him out so soon as they got Megan out of the country . Who was there ? Foil . And that was part of the reason why she got all that negative media coverage . 

He was out . He was a church . Now , Maybe the Queen was taking him to cleanse his soul or something . Ask for redemption . He said it was Anglican thing . Well , look , I’m technically an Anglican , but I don’t know , um , you thought your Deacon friend might know. The thing is , who was advising the queen ? This is not a good look . Something bringing back out the prince . Or has she been advised that the whole Megan and Harry thing is so overwhelming ? Everyone suddenly forgot about Randy Andy. Well , she’s got a lot on a plate for a 93 year old husband’s dying easy . Yeah , Harry and Megan left.  And what isn’t Harry , her favorite grandson ? Yes , I think so . And I imagine it would have been quite emotional , but yet they still were leaking against Harry , so I don’t know what is going on there , but it wasa sustained project to get them out out and make a big deal about it yet to cover up everything else . Maybe the queen just doesn’t have the Internet access . Does the rest of us have and has no idea of the tone out ? Well , I think also I’m Andrew has definitely listened down . You saw him in the interview . He will be communicating that to his mom and saying nothing to see here . And plus we you know , we don’t have favorite Children , But some people do have favourite Children , anyone to believe a kid . So I know that would be so difficult . But you’re also the queen , and we know royal family . We see you . We have not forgotten Prince Andrew’s interview for a start , and we have not forgotten the fact that these girls were underage Children.

They were saying ages 15 16 though there are rumors coming out that there’s 11 year olds . Yes , they said the victims that were 11 now , that’s not in relation to Andrew . But what I saw this week waas that there’s a legal effort by the U . S . Virgin Islands . Now that was the country Where’d Epstein’s Island Was? And they’re going to take action to get some of these assets . And at first I thought , Oh , is that a money grubbing thing on behalf of the government ? And I said , No , it’s all gonna be distributed to the victims some who were as young as 11 . So this is the 11 year old part has come from a country government . Yes . Whoa . So it says they told NPR in America it six to conference Kate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy , including these two private islands . I didn’t know they were too well thought there was just one . He’s going to be great , Um , and he’s up , and they’re asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the estate . The victims would be the beneficiaries of what the authorities are saying.

 Well , let’s just say the U . S Virgin Islands has got a better government . Then America has , Yeah , but I want to know that the money actually gets there , gets to the right place . Yes , to the victim’s gets to those girls . So that’s where we’re at at the moment With that I’m gonna keep a really good eye on it . But the thing is , in 1996 Maria Farmer was the 1st 1 to blow the whistle on what’s kept it had been going on , and if they had have listened to her way back when and taken her complaint seriously , none of this would have happened . And girls as young as 11 may not have been victimized . The other thing . Waas . He was still doing it in 2000 and 18 . I’ve heard reports I couldn’t find extra sources , but they had been whispers that he was allegedly still trying to , or his helpers were also trying to shop for girls . Yes , just before his death . Yet in the months leading up to it and 1996 that’s when the first complaint was made . So that’s 23 years ago . Yeah , women are not taken seriously . No , And it’s not only girls . There’s probably boys involved . Well , it depends on what his friends Thais for allegedly lot exactly be catering for everybody at the parties that be vegan food , vegetarian gluten free boys and girls allegedly . 

So , speaking of friends , Trump’s impeachment lawyers . Oh yes , what’s the man thinking he’s got Detroit bodies . Nine . Dershowitz , the man who, in a the filming when he was talking about Prince Andrew and in recent , um , news coverage , I took a screenshot of that . Has anyone managed to work out water these Because it’s not a real person . We could tell that it’s from blowing up the image , but it looks like a Dole O . R . So don’t remember those ones that used to use to make of little kids with their head in the corner . Yeah , that’s what it looks like to me . It’s being creepy , but anyway , so Trump’s got human involved and she has come out . He was interviewed on American television the other day , and he pointed out that it’s his role as a loyal solicitor , a legal person to represent people who are accused of horrific crimes . And that’s how you know the system works . Those who have been accused of bad stuff , they need representation . It’s part of being a humane society and being fair to walk . And that’s his rather NBC stick . He has represented a lot of what people would consider baddies , alleged bad news and some kind . He was involved with the O . J . Simpson . Yeah , and human Kenneth Starr . Ken Starr was the person behind the impeachment of Clinton back in the day , they’ve worked together quite a lot , so it seems that’s the nation’s fallen into the Bad Boy Club . And he pointedly said in the interview that he represents these people saying this people need representation But he doesn’t necessarily like these people , and he’s often worked for people he does not like . It was that he didn’t mention it state by name in that little engine . So was he trying to infer that you never liked Epstein ? But if you read some of the articles , he’s been quoted as saying , it seems a great guy and a mate and things like that . So it’s a little it’s trying to distance himself . It’s too late . You’ve been a record now . 

He was the guy who also said he kept his underwear on when he got a massage and abstains because they have been allegation . He has been involved with some of the Children , and he has really strongly denied them strongly denied . But as I’ve always said , there’s gonna be a lot of decent people caught up in these because they worked with him . They traveled with him where he had the same social circles , and if they weren’t involved in that top of thing , it state may not have introduced them to that sort of his personality . Some people will be shocked . 

But Dershowitz which was so close to that in a circle he won’t have know well , he got that dodgy deal down in Florida . He was heavily involved in that . And I’m in the process of reading Patterson’s book Filthy Rich , which is a crime that everyone should read that book for the background on its state and just got to that part now with a also Mrs play Dale . And anything to do with sexual offenses against Children is gone . It’s appalling . It’s shocking . The American system is screwed . So this was a deal which involved Epstein . And here they ended up getting him on child prostitution charges . Wasn’t child prostitution was just prostitution , and hey , ended up getting , um , immunity . Full four of these accomplices . So one was Ghislaine , I think Andrea Ross . And then there’s Sarah Killen , maybe Leslie Growth . So they all got immunity from prosecution . As a result , of that deal that Dershowitz actually negotiated . And that was the work release steal that Epstein got as well . 

So he I got to go leaving the county jail , which is basically like a Formula One hotel , a cheap hotel sort of situation that he was released to go to work and 12 hour days , 16 hour days , something like that . I think you might be right on the 16 hour days , he also had his own cell . Also , basically , it was obeyed . He didn’t kill himself . Then did he now?

Strangely enough , I wonder if these video of Epstein would have been lost . I’ve lost deleted . I’m waiting till someone fall goes into the deep Web and finds that because stuff doesn’t just disappear , you know it doesn’t count . And the only thing I can say that’s good about these Thio , it’s Oh , I can’t get it right . You guys know what I’m saying ? I’m just a netball mom from Australia . Basically , this is giving it more publicity’s the abstain case because people are outraged that Trump has hired abstains former lawyer and the architect of that play deal . What is Trump thinking ? What is he ? His advice is thinking to associate himself with such a man with Yes , sure . As we’ve said before , lawyers have to represent everybody , and that’s justice. It just is a bad taste . It’s , I don’t know . 

But Trump very quickly cut out Epstein from his place in Florida. Once he heard that they were complaints from Children to their parents , allegedly about approaches , I should say Trump got rid of Epstein very quickly . Seven . Ties with abstain before the Florida incidents . So , yeah , that’s interesting . We’ll have to see what happens there in relation to Trump because apparently Ronan Farrow is writing a book about the National Enquirer and Trump or another one . Yes , through it . So that’s exciting because I’ve just read , catch and kill , and it’s a podcast. Well , I recommend you listen to it , but I do think filthy rich is definitely must watch if you are into the whole Epstein , conspiracies, the truth .

You want to know what’s going on . You need to read this book . He’s by James Patterson and his co authors . They know what they’re talking about . We’ve got the victim’s statement . See there are cases where names are redacted , but you can fill in the holes . They have done such a brilliant job , the back story in the history of this man that tried to track where he came from , how he evolved into what he is . Psychopath . They’ve even got a definition , and they’ve interviewed a psychiatrist . Well , right . It’s huge . It is a wonderful book . You must read it yet , definitely . Now it’s hard to get . I think it’s out of print because I had to get mine shipped into the country , and then I You saw me on the plane . You saw me getting my hair cut . You sold me on the streets . You watched me be abused . You saw May hashtag awareness hash tag . Justice hashtag Ghislaine Maxwell Hashtag Jeffrey Epstein Hashtag Naomi Campbell . Hashtag Prince Andrew , Virginia.

 And it’s true , this photos of her being seen with these people , she’s mentioned . Sure , you know , cables , birthday party , her 30th and it’s obvious from the photos . Virginia is a girl . She’s so much younger . She’s so fresh faced, she’s so innocent . But now we know the not maze . She was living at that times as a mother , a teenage daughter . It’s just so what’s an American girl doing ? Um , on a yacht in San Trope.  At a 30 year old’s birthday party , a model someone who flies in the highest circles . What’s this little girl from Florida ? doing there ? Yes , the reason . Well , they’re result , the whole culture of yacht girls . But this is totally different . What a yacht girl is . It’s basically pay for play or crew . Good looking crew short shorts and but generally is with adults . They’d be adults to do that type of work where she now Amy Campbell said she had no idea that Virginia was so young . At her birthday party , she put an interview on her YouTube channel , Um , saying that she felt victimized because she was , ah , high profile person of color . And she believed that there were many people there . And Virginia didn’t stand out to her off seeing photos of that gathering genius tweeted wth . Um , there are news articles everywhere . I’ll put them on our social media . She stands out and die on me in the industry would have seen girls going through the modeling industry , the young ones coming through . She’d understand and be a judge . Girls age . Well , also , Virginia is wearing the same clothes that not and she did with Prince Andrew in July , Ian’s house in London and that little pink crop top she’s wearing . That’s not socialize . I’ve got lots of money on a big model on rich and expensive type . Clothing that stands out is a go go from the street . You know , your average child . Yeah , because of Virginia’s not wearing Don’t chain Gabbana . Lighten Naomi ? Definitely not . She stands out that she’s an average person . You’re not the 1% you can see . It’s staying there , standing near Virginia . And then there’s Virginia behind him . And there’s another shot where you could say July Maxwell and I mean it as well . Isn’t that she stands out . She stands out like a girl who’s cruising the mall with her mates . That’s what she looks like with a born here down . She hasn’t got the makeup , the designer labels . I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t have realized her age . So what she said was , that’s Naomi . She said the party was organized by her boyfriend at the time . She had nothing to do with the organization . Virginia remembers stunningly beautiful Naomi Andi . She dance the night away , and , um , the youngster had been flying there with its Sting and Maxwell in the private jet . The Lolita Express .

 I just can’t believe some of the stuff that’s coming out and also the tiles , All the excuses that coming forward . So this birthday party was on board a luxury yacht named Lady in Blue . I wonder if we could find to owns the lady in blue . Any ship types out there ? Any boffins who know their yachts in there are , you know , wasn’t Ghislaine’s  boyfriend from Boston , wasn’t he into tracking cargo and ships ? And , well , that’s very much going down the train spotters route there . Yeah , interesting . This site . 

Look , I said to Jen this morning , Um , the more we know about these , the list we know were so passionate about these girls getting justice . But it’s one wormhole after another wormhole . You know , we wouldn’t see dialogue unless the Children dragged us outside . one thing leads to another leads to another tweet to a tumble opposed to a Facebook post to YouTube up moon . Yet it’s insane . And the news articles that are coming out now and I think part of it is to do in Trump’s label , 10 people are outright . It’s shown a lot on the whole situation . Get It’s good . I actually think so . Not so good for democracy Nor but , um But yes , Virginia said that Eddie Jordan , a Formula One style , was there , and so was Campbell’s thing . Boyfriend Flavio . All that man . Yes , Rhea Torrey . I think he wants co owned the Queen’s Park Rangers football club , and I think he had something to do . Formula One , too . But I could be wrong . I’m not an expert . I only know netball . 

Sorry, guys , but this definitely Epstein in that photo . So Naomi , strongly denied it . I recommend you look at the interview on YouTube . It is quite bizarre . That’s the interview she did , denying this . I’m not saying it’s bizarre that she’s denying it . What I’m saying is the whole structure and the so called journalist who says So Naomi isn’t this fake news?. So basically , it was a pass . Don’t she set it up ? Well , I think , um , real journalists don’t ask questions  likeIs that fake news ? You don’t ask questions that would give a yes or no answer . If you’re a journalist , well , maybe these days would they say fight news ? I don’t know . It’s a big difference toe . When we were practicing way , you had a skeptical mind about any tried to be balanced . Try to be balanced and you’re waiting there and kept your own opinion out of it . Yes , although they still awesome people who height may from stories that are right in the nineties . That’s sure , but you try to be fair . But if they do the wrong thing if you want , How about the truth ? Yeah , truth . That’s a sticky thing , isn’t it ? Thoughts . You’re the bomb . Exactly . So that’s that . Get onto YouTube . Check it out . It was in August Naomi Campbell’s response to Virginia’s climbs before , after they didn’t kill himself . Episode . Oh , because that could . That timing could be important , too , because he’s did , and she realized that people will start looking at those who was still alive . I’m thinking all this 19 . Why would I be thinking that ? Okay , so it’s coming out recently in this imitated Jen . 

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