Where is Epstein’s Palm Beach Recruiter Sarah Kellen?? We’ve Found Her

She’s on her husband’s Brian Vickers’ Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Sarah Kellen and Brian Vickers

It wasn’t hard to find Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged Palm Beach fixer. She is living her best life free in America.

Brian Vickers, a one- time Nascar champion, is financing breast implants these days after blood clots made him quit the sport. He also does some racing commentary and loads of overseas trips.

He sounds like a colourful character.

They live in Miami, Florida. Epstein last year wired her $250,000.

But the Vickers family seem to have embraced her, as the images below show.
Vickers, Kellen, Ramona Vickers and Clyde Vickers
Behind this happy family shot is Sarah’s dark story.

Do they know about her Epstein past?

Sarah Kellen/Kensington/Bonk/Vickers is accused of recruiting and scheduling up to six sessions a day in the Palm Beach mansion in the early 2000s.

She allegedly  prepared the oils and the lotions in the rooms where the sex abuse occurred.

Kellen saw hundreds of girls go up those stairs at Epstein’s Palm Beach home.

Is she a classic victim, as she claims?

She’s pleaded the fifth amendment on the Epstein allegations and was one of the beneficiaries of the much-criticised Acousta plea deal. So we may never know her story.

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