New Episode: Epstein Comes Back to Haunt Prince Andrew

• 0:00 – 1:00 Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender, he died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. His crimes out in the open many people knew of his illegal behaviour. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get Justice? Just a reminder about this podcast the contents can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the prince and the pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jenny Tarran. And we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been listening and reviewing us, as we’ve had quite a few good reviews. We are so happy about that that you are supporting us because really we’re just two mums on the Internet being cranky, who have had enough of this case and we want to try and see what we can do. • 0:59 – 1:59 So what we can find out where is the pimp? That is, Ghislaine Maxwell. Well. That’s the thing, we felt like authorities will be compelled to do something, they didn’t wait for the victim. I’m  infuriated about the power web that surrounds this case and the silence, but a little bit was broken today and more about that soon. But how are you Jen, a bit hot? Yes we’re here at Rock The Nation studios in Newcastle Australia, as always City is on fire. Well not literally but temperature wise and we’ve got a room to record in. We’ve had to turn the aircon off because of the background noise, but it’s wonderful we’ve gone to a Punk studio. The first time the netball mums have been here with everything Punk. It’s a legendary place this place. It’s yes, a very popular studio and we are the first podcast. I think so. That’s exciting. So thank you for helping. • 1:59 – 2:59 I also want to give a shout-out to a another podcaster. Her name is Rachel O’Brien and she did an episode on her Be Here for a While podcast about the perverse world of Jeffrey Epstein. It’s very, very good. They talk about the conspiracy, but not only that they’ve got a lady there who has lived in England and she was talking about the royals and the environment that surrounds them. So I found it fascinating, so I’m going to search for Rachel O’Brien and you should too. What are you going to talk about? Well, I’m going to talk about Cindy McCain, who is wife of Senator John McCain. She spoke the Florida international University on human trafficking and she admitted that she knew that everybody knew about Epstein. • 2:59 – 3:59 But that later, but if you get the chance, look up on the tube of you because her body language. When she’s talking about points and hands are going towards herself. But there was a girl at her daughter’s high school who fell into the web. Is that too close to home? I won’t go and watch it until later. It’s brilliant now. I am also I’m going to talk about Prince Andrew, but you’ve got an update on Ghislaine, the pimp, and some confusing information. It’s been deliberately vague. Apparently, you know she’s been hacked because you know the Southern Court district of New York made a big boo boo and redacted her email in some parts, but not in others. Her lawyers are stating that she’s been hacked her host computer her server, whatever. • 3:59 – 4:59 So we have some “emails.” So her lawyers have been leading people that they’ve gotten hold of them. The trouble is none of the emails have surfaced or may they well. I may or may not have gotten some emails in the prince and the pervert virtual mailbox, which lives in my laundry, by the way l, a messenger conversation. It it says Ghislaine – professor dershowitz (who will be on the floor of the senate today trying to save Donald Trump from impeachment). He has fallen into the flamingo lagoon on St James Island and now has a bad rash. What should I do?” And it’s a real thing. I looked it up. They had like a flamingo lagoon, like ok? So here’s what Ghislaine says back to Sarah Kellen, who was her Lieutenant: “tell him to wrap himself in olive oil and sit in direct sunlight for two hours. • 4:59 – 5:59 She asks: “Are The Flamingos ok? Is Lilybet Windsor coping? she’s getting old. So make make sure Eva Dubin has her feathers fluffed for when Jeffrey arrives on the island. Eva is Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and best friend. You think? I understand there’s more. Yes. There’s another one here saying a “Madame tussaud called and she would like to purchase Jeffrey epstein’s penis.” Egg-shaped, so we wonder if we’re getting mis-information. This is an example of this mis- information. I wrote these because I was bored. And I’m a bit of a snarck but really you’ve got a have kinda sceptical view of what is coming from Ghislaine team. • 5:59 – 6:59 Now there was this letter that was filed to the court saying, this is why you can’t release the latest 10000 documents . You know – the sealed documents. It’s just all mis-information proof. There’s been a leak for starters. You know if there was a leak if her computer was hacked. Let me see – dribs and drabs of people’s names everywhere. Ok, Jen here’s another email, this time from GMaxwell at Not Dead. It’s about a lost item – one pair of y-fronts size. Extra small. Prof Dershowitz thinks he left them by the pool. Regards, Sarah Kellen. What Dershowitz is is infamous for saying that he did have a massage in epstein’s, but it was from an old Russian woman, and he kept his underwear on y-fronts. How do I know? • 6:59 – 7:58 Internet internet now. Also a Mr Clinton rang about his portrait. Does the outfit have to be blue? Why does he have to sit for the portrait on the Lolita Express information there? We got another again & it’s also last one. “Dear GMax the Prince Andrew puppet needs replacing, the rod is sticky and the likeness to the duke has faded over the past 20 years. I told the Prince to get a chemical peel on his face, but his allowance has been cut off regards, Sarah Kellen. So maybe that is disinformation. It’s hard, people throwing their own theories forward and often. It’s due to their own political agendas. Yes. • 7:59 – 8:59 Yes, we had an Australian guy on Twitter who also supports Trump and the Beautiful hashtag, make Australia great again. He was pointing out that in a section of the Australian 60 minutes that aired on Sunday night. There are images of Sarah being shown and he was going nuts screaming at everybody that it was another woman, a Katherine Keating. Now about Katherine, she’s a little bit younger than us. Yes, very glamorous, plus the former prime minister of Australia and Paul Keating, a labour politician. This information was send to hurt linking Labour politician. One of our great prime ministers to the scandal. Sorry dude, and then he also. • 8:59 – 9:59 tried to say it was her handbag that proved. “It was Katherine Keating obviously”, it was long and hard social possibly they look close. I think Sarah Kellen was in love with Epstein for a while. I don’t think he had that kind of relationship with Katherine Keating because it showed it as physical, walking down street, walking out the door. Also this poor bloke from Twitter just doesn’t understand women at all. He would if he did he realise it that handbag everybody who was a bit of money had that exact handbag, so he was saying I will be the same handbag, but to me. It just looked like a black handbag, and it’s really grainy footage. • 9:59 – 10:59 The footage was 2012 and to be honest, I sent through some sources to him. It’s not heard. She wasn’t involved. She doesn’t know anything about the conspiracy. He went for Jen and I that we were being like there for the Keating family, and we were trying to confuse the world about what we’re actually doing and protect her and we’re being paid by the Keating family. I’d like to be paid for something, but we’re not being paid. Jen started up this new Twitter account. What’s it called? Jen – I really truly ok? And I saw it and it’s got like our logo the little crown, and I’ll say I thought it was. • 10:59 – 11:59 that same guy trolling me. Anyway getting back to watch the information. We think Ghislaine’s lawyers are full of it. Absolutely they’re the ones running the misinformation campaign at the moment, and by saying that all these emails have been leaks the trying to scare the hell out of everybody else to support for anyway. Speaking of Prince Andrew I am absolutely furious today, and it’s not because my husband made me late. It’s the latest news on Prince Andrew, he’s been called out by a senior Justice Department figure in America who did a press conference outside epstein’s New York mansion. Oh the optic isnt it? That would have been fantastic. That’s beautiful, just the right place to do it because everybody’s Familiar of pics of outside that door. Yes, that’s famous. • 11:59 – 12:59 so basically Prince Andrew put a press release out in December after his terrible BBC interview saying he would help law enforcement. Well he has not. so he’s a liar liar Royal pants on fire. I think it’s terrible and I’m glad the fbi’s trying to call to account, but nothing happened to him. He’s probably not going to tell me about it. Also give you guys 24 hours until there’s another Meghan markle story out. They will use this information to take the focus off Andrew yet again, but these survivors and they are survivors. They matter to me. Then the offspring of a German monarchy that no longer exists not so much. • 12:59 – 13:59 These women have been through hell, and he’s just picked up and got along with his life. I say enough. Do you think if he was in the USA, he’d get arrested? Yes, you get called in I don’t know. I’m just a cranky woman on the internet and jurisdiction as well to friend is all different came up with an idea. I said to Jen ok? He needs to be on US soil. I used to work for a consumer organisation where we tested washing machines. You can actually buy Australian standard dirt from Holland, so if we buy some American standard dirt, Jen and I find Prince Andrew on the golf course, throw it at him with all goalkeeper Precision and you’ll be perfect, and then smashing the dirt, he is covered in American dirt & to to the embassy. • 13:59 – 14:59 Maybe American soil covered in American soil, so I can’t stop it. No and speaking of mummies. Apparently. He’s been a tower of strength to his mother during the debacle. That is Megan specifically Megan here, because remember we blame women in this case. Don’t we especially, women who are divorced Americans and oh my gosh at the elephant in the room, mixed race. She is. She is the sacrificial lamb whatever and then Harry’s dragged along as well. So Prince Andrew visits the queen everyday. I think that’s just to make sure she hasn’t turned on the net found out what else he’s been up to over the past 3040 years, and also his manipulating her so he was out and about at church with her he has.

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

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