Epstein News: Dershowitz, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew, Naomi Campbell, Virginia Roberts

Read this book. Essential reading. 

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes in then open . Many people knew off his illegal behavior . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated his Children get justice ? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing .

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast . My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran , and as always , it’s been a big week in Epstein land . So much has gone on , certainly has . 

So this week on the Prince in the Pervert , we’ll be talking about the new life that has been breathed into a case involving thousands of documents relating to a civil trial between Ghislaine Maxwell , a k a . Epstein’s pimp , and Virginia Roberts . So Some of them have been released , and there was an actual court case . It’s been going on for a long , long time because they’re full of names and associates . And so what was rejected? They’ve managed to slip through well 2000 pages so far with a release back in August And then last week , the judge said No , but I may reconsider if you give me some more evidence . So maybe one or two days later , the judge came back and said , OK , I’ve got that evidence . I just need to contact all the parties involved and I’ll do that within two weeks . Um , some of them are of considerable means , some of the papal . So does that mean rich and powerful men ? Never . And a lot of them live in say, so Israel? Or Mossad?  Here we go – never, no, nothing to see here.

He , um so that is a really quite exciting development . And we’re going to stay tuned because that’s not the end of this saga . And there are a lot of nervous people out there . And I think there are two John Dos associated with this . So two men who are totally against the file’s coming out . I don’t know who they are . Well , one there would have been but unfortunately he didn’t kill himself . So who were those two John Does ? Who’s which ? Males surrounding these have got the most to lose . Well , I’m thinking I crown . Yeah , yeah . They’re not old grand Duke of York . And I noticed that he’s back out in the public with Mom . Yes , they let him out so soon as they got Megan out of the country . Who was there ? Foil . And that was part of the reason why she got all that negative media coverage . 

He was out . He was a church . Now , Maybe the Queen was taking him to cleanse his soul or something . Ask for redemption . He said it was Anglican thing . Well , look , I’m technically an Anglican , but I don’t know , um , you thought your Deacon friend might know. The thing is , who was advising the queen ? This is not a good look . Something bringing back out the prince . Or has she been advised that the whole Megan and Harry thing is so overwhelming ? Everyone suddenly forgot about Randy Andy. Well , she’s got a lot on a plate for a 93 year old husband’s dying easy . Yeah , Harry and Megan left.  And what isn’t Harry , her favorite grandson ? Yes , I think so . And I imagine it would have been quite emotional , but yet they still were leaking against Harry , so I don’t know what is going on there , but it wasa sustained project to get them out out and make a big deal about it yet to cover up everything else . Maybe the queen just doesn’t have the Internet access . Does the rest of us have and has no idea of the tone out ? Well , I think also I’m Andrew has definitely listened down . You saw him in the interview . He will be communicating that to his mom and saying nothing to see here . And plus we you know , we don’t have favorite Children , But some people do have favourite Children , anyone to believe a kid . So I know that would be so difficult . But you’re also the queen , and we know royal family . We see you . We have not forgotten Prince Andrew’s interview for a start , and we have not forgotten the fact that these girls were underage Children.

They were saying ages 15 16 though there are rumors coming out that there’s 11 year olds . Yes , they said the victims that were 11 now , that’s not in relation to Andrew . But what I saw this week waas that there’s a legal effort by the U . S . Virgin Islands . Now that was the country Where’d Epstein’s Island Was? And they’re going to take action to get some of these assets . And at first I thought , Oh , is that a money grubbing thing on behalf of the government ? And I said , No , it’s all gonna be distributed to the victims some who were as young as 11 . So this is the 11 year old part has come from a country government . Yes . Whoa . So it says they told NPR in America it six to conference Kate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy , including these two private islands . I didn’t know they were too well thought there was just one . He’s going to be great , Um , and he’s up , and they’re asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the estate . The victims would be the beneficiaries of what the authorities are saying.

 Well , let’s just say the U . S Virgin Islands has got a better government . Then America has , Yeah , but I want to know that the money actually gets there , gets to the right place . Yes , to the victim’s gets to those girls . So that’s where we’re at at the moment With that I’m gonna keep a really good eye on it . But the thing is , in 1996 Maria Farmer was the 1st 1 to blow the whistle on what’s kept it had been going on , and if they had have listened to her way back when and taken her complaint seriously , none of this would have happened . And girls as young as 11 may not have been victimized . The other thing . Waas . He was still doing it in 2000 and 18 . I’ve heard reports I couldn’t find extra sources , but they had been whispers that he was allegedly still trying to , or his helpers were also trying to shop for girls . Yes , just before his death . Yet in the months leading up to it and 1996 that’s when the first complaint was made . So that’s 23 years ago . Yeah , women are not taken seriously . No , And it’s not only girls . There’s probably boys involved . Well , it depends on what his friends Thais for allegedly lot exactly be catering for everybody at the parties that be vegan food , vegetarian gluten free boys and girls allegedly . 

So , speaking of friends , Trump’s impeachment lawyers . Oh yes , what’s the man thinking he’s got Detroit bodies . Nine . Dershowitz , the man who, in a the filming when he was talking about Prince Andrew and in recent , um , news coverage , I took a screenshot of that . Has anyone managed to work out water these Because it’s not a real person . We could tell that it’s from blowing up the image , but it looks like a Dole O . R . So don’t remember those ones that used to use to make of little kids with their head in the corner . Yeah , that’s what it looks like to me . It’s being creepy , but anyway , so Trump’s got human involved and she has come out . He was interviewed on American television the other day , and he pointed out that it’s his role as a loyal solicitor , a legal person to represent people who are accused of horrific crimes . And that’s how you know the system works . Those who have been accused of bad stuff , they need representation . It’s part of being a humane society and being fair to walk . And that’s his rather NBC stick . He has represented a lot of what people would consider baddies , alleged bad news and some kind . He was involved with the O . J . Simpson . Yeah , and human Kenneth Starr . Ken Starr was the person behind the impeachment of Clinton back in the day , they’ve worked together quite a lot , so it seems that’s the nation’s fallen into the Bad Boy Club . And he pointedly said in the interview that he represents these people saying this people need representation But he doesn’t necessarily like these people , and he’s often worked for people he does not like . It was that he didn’t mention it state by name in that little engine . So was he trying to infer that you never liked Epstein ? But if you read some of the articles , he’s been quoted as saying , it seems a great guy and a mate and things like that . So it’s a little it’s trying to distance himself . It’s too late . You’ve been a record now . 

He was the guy who also said he kept his underwear on when he got a massage and abstains because they have been allegation . He has been involved with some of the Children , and he has really strongly denied them strongly denied . But as I’ve always said , there’s gonna be a lot of decent people caught up in these because they worked with him . They traveled with him where he had the same social circles , and if they weren’t involved in that top of thing , it state may not have introduced them to that sort of his personality . Some people will be shocked . 

But Dershowitz which was so close to that in a circle he won’t have know well , he got that dodgy deal down in Florida . He was heavily involved in that . And I’m in the process of reading Patterson’s book Filthy Rich , which is a crime that everyone should read that book for the background on its state and just got to that part now with a also Mrs play Dale . And anything to do with sexual offenses against Children is gone . It’s appalling . It’s shocking . The American system is screwed . So this was a deal which involved Epstein . And here they ended up getting him on child prostitution charges . Wasn’t child prostitution was just prostitution , and hey , ended up getting , um , immunity . Full four of these accomplices . So one was Ghislaine , I think Andrea Ross . And then there’s Sarah Killen , maybe Leslie Growth . So they all got immunity from prosecution . As a result , of that deal that Dershowitz actually negotiated . And that was the work release steal that Epstein got as well . 

So he I got to go leaving the county jail , which is basically like a Formula One hotel , a cheap hotel sort of situation that he was released to go to work and 12 hour days , 16 hour days , something like that . I think you might be right on the 16 hour days , he also had his own cell . Also , basically , it was obeyed . He didn’t kill himself . Then did he now?

Strangely enough , I wonder if these video of Epstein would have been lost . I’ve lost deleted . I’m waiting till someone fall goes into the deep Web and finds that because stuff doesn’t just disappear , you know it doesn’t count . And the only thing I can say that’s good about these Thio , it’s Oh , I can’t get it right . You guys know what I’m saying ? I’m just a netball mom from Australia . Basically , this is giving it more publicity’s the abstain case because people are outraged that Trump has hired abstains former lawyer and the architect of that play deal . What is Trump thinking ? What is he ? His advice is thinking to associate himself with such a man with Yes , sure . As we’ve said before , lawyers have to represent everybody , and that’s justice. It just is a bad taste . It’s , I don’t know . 

But Trump very quickly cut out Epstein from his place in Florida. Once he heard that they were complaints from Children to their parents , allegedly about approaches , I should say Trump got rid of Epstein very quickly . Seven . Ties with abstain before the Florida incidents . So , yeah , that’s interesting . We’ll have to see what happens there in relation to Trump because apparently Ronan Farrow is writing a book about the National Enquirer and Trump or another one . Yes , through it . So that’s exciting because I’ve just read , catch and kill , and it’s a podcast. Well , I recommend you listen to it , but I do think filthy rich is definitely must watch if you are into the whole Epstein , conspiracies, the truth .

You want to know what’s going on . You need to read this book . He’s by James Patterson and his co authors . They know what they’re talking about . We’ve got the victim’s statement . See there are cases where names are redacted , but you can fill in the holes . They have done such a brilliant job , the back story in the history of this man that tried to track where he came from , how he evolved into what he is . Psychopath . They’ve even got a definition , and they’ve interviewed a psychiatrist . Well , right . It’s huge . It is a wonderful book . You must read it yet , definitely . Now it’s hard to get . I think it’s out of print because I had to get mine shipped into the country , and then I You saw me on the plane . You saw me getting my hair cut . You sold me on the streets . You watched me be abused . You saw May hashtag awareness hash tag . Justice hashtag Ghislaine Maxwell Hashtag Jeffrey Epstein Hashtag Naomi Campbell . Hashtag Prince Andrew , Virginia.

 And it’s true , this photos of her being seen with these people , she’s mentioned . Sure , you know , cables , birthday party , her 30th and it’s obvious from the photos . Virginia is a girl . She’s so much younger . She’s so fresh faced, she’s so innocent . But now we know the not maze . She was living at that times as a mother , a teenage daughter . It’s just so what’s an American girl doing ? Um , on a yacht in San Trope.  At a 30 year old’s birthday party , a model someone who flies in the highest circles . What’s this little girl from Florida ? doing there ? Yes , the reason . Well , they’re result , the whole culture of yacht girls . But this is totally different . What a yacht girl is . It’s basically pay for play or crew . Good looking crew short shorts and but generally is with adults . They’d be adults to do that type of work where she now Amy Campbell said she had no idea that Virginia was so young . At her birthday party , she put an interview on her YouTube channel , Um , saying that she felt victimized because she was , ah , high profile person of color . And she believed that there were many people there . And Virginia didn’t stand out to her off seeing photos of that gathering genius tweeted wth . Um , there are news articles everywhere . I’ll put them on our social media . She stands out and die on me in the industry would have seen girls going through the modeling industry , the young ones coming through . She’d understand and be a judge . Girls age . Well , also , Virginia is wearing the same clothes that not and she did with Prince Andrew in July , Ian’s house in London and that little pink crop top she’s wearing . That’s not socialize . I’ve got lots of money on a big model on rich and expensive type . Clothing that stands out is a go go from the street . You know , your average child . Yeah , because of Virginia’s not wearing Don’t chain Gabbana . Lighten Naomi ? Definitely not . She stands out that she’s an average person . You’re not the 1% you can see . It’s staying there , standing near Virginia . And then there’s Virginia behind him . And there’s another shot where you could say July Maxwell and I mean it as well . Isn’t that she stands out . She stands out like a girl who’s cruising the mall with her mates . That’s what she looks like with a born here down . She hasn’t got the makeup , the designer labels . I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t have realized her age . So what she said was , that’s Naomi . She said the party was organized by her boyfriend at the time . She had nothing to do with the organization . Virginia remembers stunningly beautiful Naomi Andi . She dance the night away , and , um , the youngster had been flying there with its Sting and Maxwell in the private jet . The Lolita Express .

 I just can’t believe some of the stuff that’s coming out and also the tiles , All the excuses that coming forward . So this birthday party was on board a luxury yacht named Lady in Blue . I wonder if we could find to owns the lady in blue . Any ship types out there ? Any boffins who know their yachts in there are , you know , wasn’t Ghislaine’s  boyfriend from Boston , wasn’t he into tracking cargo and ships ? And , well , that’s very much going down the train spotters route there . Yeah , interesting . This site . 

Look , I said to Jen this morning , Um , the more we know about these , the list we know were so passionate about these girls getting justice . But it’s one wormhole after another wormhole . You know , we wouldn’t see dialogue unless the Children dragged us outside . one thing leads to another leads to another tweet to a tumble opposed to a Facebook post to YouTube up moon . Yet it’s insane . And the news articles that are coming out now and I think part of it is to do in Trump’s label , 10 people are outright . It’s shown a lot on the whole situation . Get It’s good . I actually think so . Not so good for democracy Nor but , um But yes , Virginia said that Eddie Jordan , a Formula One style , was there , and so was Campbell’s thing . Boyfriend Flavio . All that man . Yes , Rhea Torrey . I think he wants co owned the Queen’s Park Rangers football club , and I think he had something to do . Formula One , too . But I could be wrong . I’m not an expert . I only know netball . 

Sorry, guys , but this definitely Epstein in that photo . So Naomi , strongly denied it . I recommend you look at the interview on YouTube . It is quite bizarre . That’s the interview she did , denying this . I’m not saying it’s bizarre that she’s denying it . What I’m saying is the whole structure and the so called journalist who says So Naomi isn’t this fake news?. So basically , it was a pass . Don’t she set it up ? Well , I think , um , real journalists don’t ask questions  likeIs that fake news ? You don’t ask questions that would give a yes or no answer . If you’re a journalist , well , maybe these days would they say fight news ? I don’t know . It’s a big difference toe . When we were practicing way , you had a skeptical mind about any tried to be balanced . Try to be balanced and you’re waiting there and kept your own opinion out of it . Yes , although they still awesome people who height may from stories that are right in the nineties . That’s sure , but you try to be fair . But if they do the wrong thing if you want , How about the truth ? Yeah , truth . That’s a sticky thing , isn’t it ? Thoughts . You’re the bomb . Exactly . So that’s that . Get onto YouTube . Check it out . It was in August Naomi Campbell’s response to Virginia’s climbs before , after they didn’t kill himself . Episode . Oh , because that could . That timing could be important , too , because he’s did , and she realized that people will start looking at those who was still alive . I’m thinking all this 19 . Why would I be thinking that ? Okay , so it’s coming out recently in this imitated Jen . 

The Disturbing Interior Design of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

As Countess LuAnn from the Real Housewives of NYC would say, money can’t buy you class.

I think Ghislaine Maxwell may have decorated all of these in what seems to be her signature blood and gore look.

Nothing to see here, right?!

Source: Dylan Howard Devil in the Darkness
Source Dylan Howard Devil in the Darkness
Source Dylan Howard  Devil in the Darkness

Epstein’s office and living room (source: Dylan Howard The Devil in the Darkness, 

Ghislaine’s wall art at her NYC home. Source: Getty

A champagne reception at Ghislaine’s NY abode. Source: Devil in the Darkness Dylan Howard.
Source: Devil in the Darkness, Dylan Howard

Buy Dylan Howard’s Epstein book here.

Naomi Campbell Claims She’s Been Victimised by Epstein Media Reports

I was going to address this in this week’s podcast but there’s so much going on now, I thought I would just post about this interesting Naomi Campbell video. 
 Nice one, Naomi. Make this all about you.
BTW I am still waiting to hear back from my criminologist friend.

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

Epstein Pimp Ghislaine Maxwell Throws Puppies

What not to wear. Ghislaine Maxwell replaces her soul with polyester.

Why am I not surprised? She abused her dog, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. The dog was named, Max, of course.

What happened to Ghislaine Maxwell as kid? She has zero empathy and an unpredictable, cruel streak.

As Virginia Roberts Guiffre said in the past despite the fact Ghislaine could be charming, she was dangerous.

The dog story came from a Patreon series by a prominent European socialite, Christina Oxenberg. She is the sister of the 80s soap star Catherine Oxenberg and is distantly related to Prince Andrew.

And Ms Oxenberg brings the tea, as they say in America. 
According to The Daily Mail, Oxenberg recalls Jeffrey Epstein’s helmet-haired friend greeted guests wearing nothing more than her underwear:

Ghislaine Maxwell believed to have said she threw the dog on her Dad, Robert Maxwell’s, orders. 

‘She was wearing very pretty, white frilly things,’ Christina tells me. 
‘She was also wearing a lot of jewellery, gold things and probably diamonds. 
‘It was hot and she kept fanning herself with a copy of Vogue. There were three other woman there who were very well dressed.’

I was thinking about subscribing to Ms Oxenberg’s Patreon. It sounds like she has some good yarns. This one 100 percent tracks.

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? 

The Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell Defamation Files May Still Come Out

Woman with no soul Ghislaine Maxwell 

In an unexpected development, the Judge in charge of the Virginia Roberts Giuffre v Ghislaine Maxwell file releases will take a new look at the documents.

This was unexpected considering it was just last week when the same judicial officer ruled the paperwork would remain sealed. The ruling, however, was “narrow”, so it could be reconsidered with more evidence.

 Here is what The Daily Mail said (I know not normally the best source but they’ve done well on the Epstein story): “Judge Preska today urged the lawyers to streamline the review of documents and suggested that the motions be grouped into ‘batches of five’, meaning they would be released on a ‘rolling basis’.

 The judge also asked for a plan on how ‘non-parties’, whose names are in the documents, would be notified and given the chance to respond. The non-parties are to be notified in two weeks, Judge Preska said. Once the non-parties respond, Maxwell and Giuffre’s legal teams will be able to file their oppositions.“

So last week’s decision was not the end of this saga.

As well, Ghislaine’s lawyers said they didn’t know where she was but someone must be paying their bills.

Epstein Still Abusing Children in 2018


A legal effort being undertaken by the US Virgin islands claims serial sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein was targeting young girls as recently as 2018.

The action, which is attempting to get restitution from the dead pedophile’s estate,  also claims some of the girls he raped were as young as 11.

As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11. As young as 11.  

People in the US Virgin islands would have known this because Epstein wasn’t discrete and it makes me wonder what is behind this action. Will government coffers be filled at the expense of victims?
But this is not the case according to officials. One told NPR:

It seeks to confiscate all property used in the alleged criminal conspiracy, including his two private islands, and is asking for the recovery of millions of dollars from the Epstein estate. Epstein’s victims would be the beneficiaries of what authorities are hoping to seize.”

But alas the damage has already been done and if authorities had listen to Maria Farmer in 1996, this may never have happened.

We say Time’s Up for a reason. Time is up, elite child sex rings. We see you.

New Episode: The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast

Royal Crisis – it’s not about Prince Andrew or Epstein.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes out in the open . Many people knew off his illegal behaviour . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated as Children get justice ? Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be disturbing . 
Hello and welcome to the Prince and the pervert podcast . My name is Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran, and we’ve had another disappointing week of media coverage off this Epstein scandal, hasn’t it? It’s been shocking . Yes , there have been things like photos of Bill Clinton on Epstein’s jet . They’re out and about , but they’re not getting much coverage . No , it seems that everything at the moment is about Prince Harry and Meghan . And why’s that ? I wonder . 

Oh , are they being the fall guy for Randy Andy? Quite possibly . Because the royal family has a history of leaking things . And we heard this week how Prince Harry had actually sent through his plan on request and then it was leaked straight away . So the men in black, the firm , the suits , the courtiers who actually think they’re the royal family but aren’t a leaking stuff ? 

Yes , exactly . So that’s what’s happening . Ah , a lot off the commentary makes me absolutely sick . But the bottom line is if they lose the Her Royal Highness title, His Royal Highness . Why should Andrew keep his? 

Andrew lost his birthday party in his fairy bread . That’s a pathetic response to the allegations . He should be cut from the family taken off the public purse . Oh , he is off the public pose . Definitely off the public . The queen has to pay for him good and realistically charged and in full investigation and possibly charges if warranted . So he must be sitting back now, pleased. I can imagine him sitting there like Mr Burns from The Simpsons, rubbing his hands together. Thinking: “I’ve got that one over them.” 
But we are not going to forget . And that’s what we want to talk to you about . We’ve had an absolute influx of listeners . Thank you so much . We think it’s really important that good people are listening to this story and we’re hearing from the victims and we’re justifying what they’re saying because otherwise the mainstream media would just let it go straight through . They’re ignoring it . There are absolutely ignoring . At least they’ve stopped a lot of thie underage women crap they were pulling earlier and more likely to say you have Children or under 18 . But not enough attention is being focused on the true victims of this crime . 

The true victims aren’t Meghan & Harry, and it’s definitely not Prince Andrew , despite carrying on about him being victimised . Yes , I think he does actually think that there is no doubt about it at all . But he’s not the main story . 

So our friend Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein show is going to New Mexico soon , and he’s going to check out Epstein’s so-called baby ranch now . I told my husband about this this morning , and I had to say three times, I’m not crazy . I’m not making it up . This is true . Epstein wanted to start his version off the human race in that ranch . Impregnate young girls . It sounds completely insane , but it’s true . So he was either going to service these women already or had sperm banks set and was hoping to disseminate his sperm across the globe . Yes , apparently that was the plan . Why ? Because If you look at all the scientists that he was friends with, it’s about eugenics . And he thought himself he was the perfect human being . So if he impregnated these young, attractive young girls, there could be a perfect Epstein race which links back to his egg shaped Penis . It means it wasn’t a birth defect if he believes or believed that he was the perfect human . Now , sis , sis do though true teacher . 

So you know , there’s at the moment we don’t know whether the FBI , the local police or anyone whether they’ve been through the ranch , there could have been so much evidence there that’s just been passed over or moved off . So once again , the law enforcement in America has let the people down . Has anyone got a proper list of all the homes or islands or ranches that he owns ? Have they all been hit at the same time ? Police shoulder to shoulder should go straight through all these properties at the same time around the globe . Why do two Australian women standing in a laundry have to say that ? Why has it not gotten done before ? Now ? It’s ridiculous the things that haven’t been dug up when it’s quite obvious to us sitting here different times, different country, different hemisphere without the money behind us to go .
Why don’t you check this?  Because I’m hearing allegations that his house in New York he actually owned the place next door as well . Or that there were tunnels , whether or not this is just deluded crap that’s been thrown around to try and muddy the waters . But what is that ? He bought it for a very small amount , and there was links between the two places that were sealed . Well , probably nothing would surprise me. 
Now we did have an update this week on Ghislaine, who is apparently Mossad and FBI . They’re going to let her take the rap good , though , if Mossad was behind all this and she didn’t go rogue and she was following their programme well , awkward . So she’s going to be a sacrifice , but that’s not all we’re going to talk about today . 

Jen is also going to talk a bit more about Epstein’s autopsy , and I will talk a little bit more about something called dead-catting, which is what the Royal palace is doing with Megan and Harry . Dead catting is when you get a dead cat and you throw it on the table and all people talk about is the dead cat . Well , so at the moment , all we’re talking about at the moment is did he kill himself or was Epstein murdered.

Okay, well, at least the 60 minutes American 60 minutes has cleared up. Quite a bit of the talk of that . He’s still alive . He’s dead now . Michael Batten , who is the lawyer for Epstein’s brother, who was there for the initial autopsy . And he’s got a history spreading back decades with this type stuff . The man knows his stuff . He would see the lawyer or the pathologist . Lawyer lawyer . Okay , sorry . But he has setting on many autopsies over the ESA’s . Well , he has stated that the fingerprints matched Epstein . It was definitely his body . But after he went on 60 minutes , he also did a bit of a show on Fox with news extra . So little bits , extra bits and pieces have come out . But while it’s cleaned up the fact that it was definitely his body, everyone’s now going while that he didn’t kill himself . All the evidence that was put forward . The breaches in protocol . 
It’s all pointing to other person group’s involvement now . A bit of a trigger warning here because I managed to find Autopsy photos leaked from a nice Russian site . I think they were Really ? Now, when someone dies blood pools.

Hi this is Lisa from the Prince and the Pervert with an update. The files with thousands of pages relating to a defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell will not be made public. 
U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska determined in an 11-page ruling Monday that the documents do not fall under the legal definition of “judicial documents” and therefore are not subject to the presumption of access by the public.
Preska previously ordered the released a trove of documents relating to Epstein the day before he died.
What a coincidence! We are bummed out but we will be back! Thanks for listening. 


Jeffrey Epstein News: Ghislaine Files Remain Sealed

The files with thousands of pages relating to a defamation case between Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell will not be made public. 
According to Fox News, U.S. District Judge Loretta A. Preska determined in an 11-page ruling Monday that the documents do not fall under the legal definition of “judicial documents” and therefore are not subject to the presumption of access by the public.

The action was taken by The Miami Herald.
Preska previously ordered the release of a trove of documents relating to Epstein the day before he died. What a coincidence! If Epstein was murdered were the court documents part of the motivation? A payback? Insurance? 

We are bummed out but we will be back! Ghislaine has had a slight win. No wonder  she’s arrogant but it’s not the end of the road, as this journalist states in the tweet above.

There may well be a chapter three in Roberts v Maxwell. We can live in hope. There are more details here.

The Royal Family Crisis in Succession Memes

Prince William.  He thought he was there for summer, not a summit.

Ms Meghan Markle .

Prince Philip to Charles.

Prince Charles.

Camilla gets her kicks when she can.

Prince Philip. Again.

Meghan at London Heathrow

Meghan to Prince Charles

Harry, not Peter Phillips.

Who else? Charles.

Meghan to William

Oh shit. Philip has awakened.

Philip to Harry.

He last said this in 1997!
In walks the Queen.

Jeffrey Epstein – Not the Only Unsavory Royal Pal

Awkward. It tends to be the male royals who get themselves into trouble because of their friends.

We’ve never had the whiff of a scandal with Princess Anne. Kate Middleton has an estranged weird uncle but don’t we all? The Queen has lived an almost flawless life.

Listen here: Prince Andrew is the problem, not Harry and Meghan wishing to live a more normal life.

But as we know anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton & Prince Andrew is insane. The answers behind anything in the Epstein conspiracy are weirder and darker than true life.

As for this headline. Come the hell on! What an absolute joke.

There have been many scandals which have not managed to destroy the monarchy. Case in point – Nazi sympathisers:

Hitler with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in 1937

Prince Andrew and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell
Prince Charles with prolific child abuser Jimmy Saville,

I’m making this point because the royal PR machine is out in force. They’d rather hide Andrew and sacrifice the Sussex couple. That’s what they’ve always done because it’s an active coverup.

So we know Prince Philip is an old man and is quite ill but if this account below is correct, it’s downright horrifying and reads like a script out of my favourite show, Succession.

 It seems he always goes for the women – Diana, Fergie and Meghan. There is also no mention of Prince Andrew’s suspected crimes.

This is the kind of garbage women have faced in the royal family ever since Elizabeth Woodville was accused of using a spell in the 1400s to marry King Edward IV.

I have always suspected Prince Philip was an old sexist and behind a lot of the payback. He is still giving declarations from his sick bed. Could this be true?

It’s not him, I suggest, it is the people behind the duke. The men in grey, as Diana described them. The palace insiders who make everyone feel like outsiders.

Meanwhile, Sarah Ferguson is off cavorting with the Saudi Crown Prince allegedly behind the 2018 murder of a journalist, Jamal Kashoghi. Here she is in Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago giving business advice. Yes, you read that correctly, she is apparently an entrepreneur.