Jeffrey Epstein News: Ghislaine’s Ponzi Scheme 1.0

The internet NEVER forgets and a huge shout out to the person who found details of Ghislaine Maxwell’s “gifting” scheme. 

When Ghislaine moved to New York City, in the early 1990s, after her father Robert’s death, she was into “corporate gifting.” But not the type where you send a congratulatory fruit hamper. It was more like a Ponzi scheme.

Check it out here:

As we say in Australia, Ghislaine has more front than the iconic Myer department store. This has more to do with Bernie Madoff than corporate gifts.

The only requirements for acceptance into this scheme were “you must be potty trained, can read, write and count to 100.” Disturbingly she makes a reference to young children: “this eliminates most anyone under the age of 5.”

She’s also invented a daughter and goes on to tell how you can turn $20 into $990,000. Yeah, sure. I wonder if a Ghislaine conned anyone with that pitch.Did anyone call “Elaine” for more information? I wouldn’t suggest it unless you have global roaming for when it diverts to Israel.

If anyone is interested, here is the internet archive record belonging to the website:

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