Epstein’s “Heidi Fleiss”

There are no black and whites in the stories of the young women who helped Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.
Hayley Robson was just 17 when she started recruiting girls for Epstein.
Court documents detail how the high school student brought teenage girls from her high school to Epstein’s lair to give him massages in exchange for payment. 
But here’s where I question her motives – in a 2005 conversation with police, Robson compared herself to “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss.
Oh please. It’s nothing to brag about because the Charlie Sheen associate ended up in jail for tax evasion.
Robson, in 2005, certainly had no regrets about her role in the conspiracy. 

At the time, Robson denied that she did anything wrong. She insisted that the girls who were willing to come to Epstein’s house didn’t need any convincing.

That’s blood-curdling indifference.
Epstein first met Robson when she came to his house to massage him but she said was uncomfortable with his request and didn’t do anything sexual other than massaging him naked.
She told police she was then asked by the pedophile if she’d recruit girls, “the younger the better.”
Epstein gave her $200 for every girl he sent to his Palm Beach mansion.
But police were ready to charge her in 2005.
No action was taken against Robson by the police. She still lives in Florida and works as a waitress.
She’s apparently sick of people gossiping about her life, according to this site: 
“She may have been alluding to the Jeffrey Epstein case in a post from May 8, 2019: “I think you have to be a VERY weak individual to gossip about someone’s past esop where you weren’t even around, but definitely a twat to spread rumors when you don’t even have the correct information or facts to go off. Wise individuals go to the horses mouth, twats speak without knowledge##soontheworldwillbeinformedmystoryone.”
Okay then. Good luck with the next few months, they could be stressful. 

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