Now Epstein’s Dead – Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell?

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Hello and welcome to the Prince & the Pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran, welcome, welcome. How is everyone’s day going at the moment? How are you? Well, it’s not a hundred whatever degrees Fahrenheit & we’ve had a bit of rain for the first time in months. So doing well, so that’s a bit more conspiracy and it is a conspiracy. It’s getting worse. I think some people getting nervous as well, Glenn Dubin, who was really great mates with Epstein, sat back from his hedge fund and there’s a few other things going on. Victoria Secret as well. Yes, they’re selling. Apparently. But that’s also quite controversial because people are saying it’s not really a sale, that the people who are trying to buy it are linked with Les Wexner.
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Anyway, so they’re going to be the front people and he’ll keep running it. Look, nothing would surprise me. Nothing would surprise. Here’s what we have for you today, thank goodness the survivors are finally getting some political recognition, and we’re going to call them survivors now because these women, they’re all a giant force of nature, they  are strong. People may think they’re pushovers. They may assume because of what happened to them as children, they are pushovers. But what they don’t know is they are strong. Intelligent women, and remember only a fraction of his the survivors have come forward. Yeah, only a fraction & is more coming. Yes, that’ll be a tsunami, won’t it. 
Also I’m sorry to tell you that Prince Andrew’s grounding only lasted 6 weeks, and where he crawl out of of? 
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Mummy, let him out, so more on that in its second now. I love the Internet because it never forgets, Jen. Have you found the wayback machine? I love it! Actually when we talk about Ghislaine Maxwell’s  ponzi scheme today it’s because that’s on the wayback machine. I got that from a reddit thread, so god bless the person that passed that on. So what I have is Ghislaine’s ponzi scheme. She’s like a low rent Burnie Madoff. Did you hear he’s dying? Yeah, I heard rumours. He wants to get out of jail early & that request didn’t go down well. He’s part of the 1%. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Orange is the New Black, you’re still yeah the biggest ever financial scam in American history.
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And also some smart person put a link up to Epstein’s old blog and there’s a list of things that he said he would cover in his 2011 Grants. Oh so giving to charitable foundations was he? Yes you wouldn’t believe it, and what type of foundations was he targeting? Well, you’ll have to wait and see like everyone else Jen. So Jen is going to also tell us how we think we can find Ghislaine because it just seems, despite the fact that Prince Andrew said he’d talk to talk to you authorities, he hasn’t. Why won’t you get Ghislaine, that woman knows everything. Get her to be charged and to you might know whether Epstein might have had a ninja in his bushes. Now, I’ve heard this and I think it’s hysterically funny. 
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Way back in 2008, when Epstein was under house arrest time for a while. It was 2008. He claimed in a letter to the state of attorney’s office in Florida that Mafia, ok get this, Mafia ninja were stalking him & he supposedly needed a security team. They’d found the mafia ninja’s licence plate. It was Sopranos 07. Would send someone who is stupid enough to drive a car with the licence plate that links back to someone in a particular Mafia family?
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Plus also they’re looking in the bushes. That’s a bit of a cliche, isn’t it? True. Maybe he was doing something else in the bushes who knows exactly but you can’t miss that bit. Jen has paper all over the floor where she’s been plotting about finding Ghislaine and debunking the Epstein ninja story. I’m all over this one. This is my type of thing. This is my time to shine, but I’m going to quickly talk about Courtney Wild and she’s spoken publicly of being assaulted by Epstein when she was 14, but she attended the state of the union address last Tuesday. I. was so happy. I got like those little Goosebumps when I heard that. So she was a guest at the state of the union of Representative Jackie Spearos apologies. She’s a Democrat from California.
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She’s put forward a bill named after Courtney. It’s a fantastic Bill and you have to remember Courtney spent more time in jail, then it’s been ever did because her Life Spiral because of the trauma inflicted on her it’s well known in the mental health and addiction circles. The drug addiction is caused a lot of the time by trauma and she had a hell of a lot of whatever caused her to end up in jail. Yeah, that’s once on you. It’s been
So this act will hopefully be called the Courtney Wild Crime Victims Rights Reform of 2019 and it seeks to strength convictions rights and prevent prosecutors from reaching sweetheart deals like the 2008 one which saw Epstein avoid the Federal charges.
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She was there to quote “send a clear message that women are done with being treated as second-class citizens in our Country.” Go Courtney Wild, so fingers crossed. Hopefully it gets through. I’m not sure to sort of sure how the situation is. There is the numbers for that bill, but good luck, and I hope it’s both parties. Get on board now. I feel like I’m sick of talking about him my apologies, but I’m minding my own business and suddenly on Twitter comes along a tweet from lu. JOW he is the British ambassador ambassador to the UK.
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And he had someone over for dinner who was that quote. I will quote him now the good ambassador at the critical time of fighting the Corona virus. I express my sincere Sympathy for Chinese people and pray for the speedy control and victory over a virus the queen said that gets who conveyed it or no. Really. I thought you was grounded Prince Andrew so we can go and you know to the Chinese embassy official business despite the fact. He’s a naughty naughty boy. Ok? I was listening on the way over here to Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein show. He just doesn’t care. I don’t think the queen does I really don’t think she does she thinks she’s so removed from any backlash or criminal charges.
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Send to I think so. There’s Andy out and about but what was more offensive was that 30 tagged along and Beatrice their old is Jordan a saving mean about Beatrice because I feel sorry for her having those to his parents, but look at Fergie with a big grin. She has a big grin. She standing close to Andrew as well to sort of bolster Andrew just a nice guy image. I think she’s like one of those truffle dogs that wherever there’s no doubt that it’d be right. Now someone on our Facebook page the prince in the pervert Facebook page. They said they think Fergie’s are sociopath.
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Yes yes yes you think so. It’s kind of has no Moral Compass and I saw recently a video. She did about World kindness day from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia be kinder to journalists Washington Post journalist. Don’t kill them don’t enslave your own people and Victor 30, but should go anywhere. You should go anywhere for a dime so.
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It looks as though the Chinese don’t care either they don’t they don’t have.
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The people’s representation that we do supposably in western democracies. They really don’t give a shit about a sex scandal in another country. No look this with completely tone deaf from the ambassador, and the other thing is the Chinese population who would have seen this release you know the ambassador. I’ve been with Prince Andrew the Chinese aren’t getting news at all about the Epstein scandals. Put it on Twitter and the response that was totally tone-deaf, as I said now Marie Hill he’s one of our followers on Twitter and she said it’s Fergie who introduced Andrew to Jelena just how friendly are they with the women accused woman accused of molesting underage utes. They also have children’s charities, which is something you’ve mentioned.
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Strange that all epstein’s friends run charities and foundations for vulnerable people give him a tub of decency that he supporting his his hanging around friends. Who would support children and sex trafficking. Is it about optics for him, or is it allegedly, about optics for them? Did you see yesterday? I came across that People magazine article from 2000 about Andrew’s 40th birthday, and it had that he was the head of a child protection society. I will put that up. I haven’t had a chance to put it in the blog the other thing that came up was he didn’t even with these kids most of the time. He said him and Sarah had to be he wasn’t Buckingham Palace the kids are in the nanny elsewhere, and Fergie was in America that made it big.
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Sarah was away he was there if he was away. She was there that that was their style of parenting and also one of his excuses for being a Pizza Express so therefore couldn’t he’s always.
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Right this is going off. I’m sorry Jen oh my goodness. We just had to stop then Siri like a go through a girl just came. It was weird. I think it would have been working on this so long that series trying to get involved as well, but we can’t pay you Siri and I found series never help. Have you had luckily Siri volume all the way down, but she’s still turned up, so I don’t know is it Spooks is it spies? Is it more sad? Who knows that’s what it is now. I’ll get back to it. All have foundations eccetera and Andrew yet. He got caught in. I think it a bit of a lie, because he is at Buckingham Palace and the kids are Elsa.
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Cos you’re he was pushing that I’m a good family man. I’m good with children die Co parent, and it’s obviously he didn’t know so speaking and charities the wayback machine found for me this week’s information on the Epstein foundation. Is that a nightmare anyone can have a foundation for what? I don’t know. We’ll have to think of something something. That is worth.

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