Prince Andrew’s Epstein Words Come Back to Haunt

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Isn’t the Internet grand? I managed to get a copy of a People magazine article  from 2000, which included details of Prince Andrew’s 40th birthday. He also presents himself quite differently in this interview, compared to what he said in the ridiculous BBC interrogation of 2019  (see below – transcript from 2019 BBC)

BBC interview where he says one parent is with his daughters all the time 
This is what he told People back in 2000:

He also plugs his work in child protection, like all these Epstein freaks do.

Prince Andrew is not known for telling the truth but I think an account from the early-00s period is more reliable than the 2019 story.

Some of his Epstein contemporaries feature in Andrew’s 2000 birthday celebration. Below you’ll see mentions of a child sex coconspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell. There’s a US President in the clips below. Bet you can’t guess who it is ! Awkward!

As we say in Australia, he couldn’t lie straight in bed. Ewww. Terrible visuals!

I imagine turning 60 in no way matches the excitement of his 40th birthday. Since he’s been banned from having a big party.

In other news, Epstein’s buddy is no longer grounded and is delivering messages from the Queen.

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