Prince Andrew Visits Island With Another (alleged) Pedophile

Become a Patron! Photos are emerging of scandal-plagued Prince Andrew on a tropical island with another (this time,  alleged) child sex offender.

Here’s the allegation: “Peter Nygard, 78, allegedly told girls as young as 14 he could make them models before raping them and forcing them into performing ‘deviant acts’.”

How does this keep happening to the disgraced Duke of York? (Rhetorical)
An even stranger aspect of this mystery is the fact that his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson was on Nygard’s islands WITH THEIR KIDS.

According to flight logs belonging to Epstein’s plane, Ferguson and the two princesses met the Epstein on a stop on the tarmac near  the home of the fashion mogul’s Bahamas retreat.

Taking their daughters to meet with Epstein is reprehensible.

Fergie has also had her name on phone messages seized from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion. She’s in the flight logs for the dead sex offender’s private plane.


We see you Sarah Ferguson 

One sex scandal could be a mere accident but two? That’s stretching the bounds of reality, Duke.

What does the Duke’s ex-wife know? The FBI should speak to Sarah because she had a lot of contact with Jeffrey Epstein – loans, friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, flight logs and tropical holidays. 

It is time for Sarah to do the right thing because she knew Epstein well enough to take money from him. Plus the Duchess is fair game now she publicly attacked an Epstein survivor.

Could being dragged into the Epstein saga be Sarah Ferguson’s next blunder?

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