Epstein News: Prince Andrew’s Troubles

New Prince and the Pervert Podcast episode.
The Epstein story is still revealing itself. We have news of another alleged predator, who also had Prince Andrew stay at his resort in the Caribbean islands, with his royal daughters.

Allegations against Prince Andrew via the Attorney-General of the Virgin Islands

Plus: more on the status of Epstein’s will.

The Duchess of York aka Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex, launches a new children’s book. We kid you not. Should she speak to the FBI?

Prince Andrew’s birthday without Pizza Express and no re-runs of It’s a Royal Knockout.. Oh to be a fly on the wall at his 60th birthday dinner.

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Jeffrey Epstein News: A new predator, plus Prince Andrew’s Birthday.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender . He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances . He committed his crimes out of n the open . Many people knew of his illegal behavior . So who were these enablers ? And will the women who were violated as children get justice? 

Just a reminder about this podcast . The content can be a disturbing Hello and welcome .

 Welcome . Welcome to the prince and the pervert podcast . I’m Lisa Tait , and I’m Jen Tarran. Now we have an announcement . Ladies and gentlemen , it’s Prince Andrew’s birthday today . He’s 60 years old . I would like to say he’s not looking good for his age . And I’d like to say maybe this is his last happy birthday and that next year, hopefully fingers crossed, not that it would ever happen, but one day you’re behind bars or at least telling the truth. Huh ? So this is a bit of an Andrew fame . Yes . So I said I’d get that video and I’ll get the town crier up to, maybe, read out a court summons . You are hereby ordered . Well , I want to send him a can of deodorant because , you know , he says he doesn’t sweat . But enough decent people have come forward and said , Oh , yes , he does , Actually . That’s a great auntie . I’m going to get him whole setup . 

Yes, exactly . Because he’s a great dad . Jen , don’t you forget it . He’s a great dad, a fantastic dead . So the news has been a lot about him this week . So we’re going to talk about Andrew’s new Island and a Visit to a second tycoon facing child six clients . What ? There’s another rich man out there who’s been diddling kids and their friends. Oh , who did thought? Hang on a minute . Got any links to Epstein? I think so . IHe’s in the Caribbean . He has his . I don’t think he has an island , but I think he has a big place . So it’s got a casino , a disco hot . You ready for this ? It’s a bit offensive . Cameras beneath the dead’s floor , reportedly to shoot images of, from the to the room above. Upskirting . What an animal Who allegedly ? So the ceiling weighs 45 tons and this guy also has the world’s largest sauna . But we’ll get into that in a moment . It was upskirting . Yep . Daddy . Oh , man off now.

Jen , what is your mission today ? Well , I decided to go on back in time. Truman, do a bit of searching for as many Royals in one place at the same time , making fools of themselves . So later on , I’m gonna be talking about the 1987 . It’s a knockout royal tournament . It was bad . That’s spiral it . It was bad . It was classic , actually . 

Now I’m also going to talk about Fergie . She’s on my list and you don’t want to be on that list . I’ve done some research about her , and I think she knows more about Epstein and this other pervert than she’s letting on . So she’s being seen with the other . Prove it ? Yes . She stated that she brought it girls along to the Pervert island . Now I’m not a perfect mother in any way , shape or form . But I’ve never done that . And I’ve also never met Jeffrey . It’s abstain on atomic with my daughters . I don’t deserve any one but you . Oh , that’s cool . It’s filthy , isn’t it ? 

And after that , we’re going to talk about an application I’ve made for my cat . Thio become a member at Andrew’s favorite not spot trends , because I have to do something because last week I applied to get a bank in the Virgin Islands . Right then going back to May . Well , really . So I’m moving on now . I’m going to move on to get my cat to be a member of these potion on club . But you often the millions of dollars . Don’t they believe us ? I don’t know what’s going on there . I’m appalled . All that government bad , bad , bad . 

So here we are . So we’ll get in to unless you want to add anything . Um , thank you all for listening , by the way , but absolutely delighted We are . I’ve got some big plans coming up soon , so stay shoot now . 

Okay , So Andrew hadn’t island visit in 2000 . So this is what brought in the middle . This wasn’t instance connected ? Oh , because it was ran the time you spend the looks of time . Sorry with , um , Jill ain I do have a new thing for Ji Lane . The lane . I was calling sorry apart . A vision . Now I was calling her . Geez , Ma , stop Perv it at a mate of mine . Call out Fi from Cairnns . When Every time I hear Lisa pronounce the name , all I hear is jizz stain . So that’s it . I mean , we can’t go House said that is the perfect thing for are so nosy . 

Ghislane Maxwell , Janel nine is Jeez , Jay , I visited Zed Stain . Yeah , that’s good . I think I’ll stick with July . And just because my brain your brain . But I need to go . Jeez , Stain . Yes , Because on the one with the bad mouth . No , really , All of it . Swear ? E I’m from Leaf Guard . Intruder . 
Okay , so this tycoon , he actually owns a company of fashion company . And his name is Peter Nygard , his 78 . And he took girls as young as 14 . He told them he could make them into models and then put them on his island where he write them and force him into performing Davey and X . I’m going to say what they are , but it got the Twitter spee . Oh , just totally grossed out . You can find out what it is if you need to . Um Okay , So Andrew around that Thomas I said to thousands . Randy’s 40th birthday . You created the mold stuff . Sorry . Okay , so things guys . A Canadian fashion designer and he’s already reached out of court settlements with three employees who accused him of sexual harassment . But where they guys are , that’s just low level filth . Sorry . Hey , Stayed on the island . Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson with their daughters . What have these girls been exposed to ? What did they think is normal with this bay ? They know . I just wonder if it’s the first thing I thought . You want to protect your Children , And yet she was . She would have known , you know , from Andrews Association with that state , she would have seen what goes on there , but she took her Children there . Can I remind you ? She also 30 went to the New York house , Met them on the atomic , As I said before end borrowed money from its stay . Now , that money , it was only a small figure , like 15,000 . Not sure was pounds or us dollars , but that’s small change , you know ? Why was she after money and why such a small amount ? Well , I read that it was for her assistant . Oh , she had to keep paying , to keep the image that she was surrounded by assistance . Therefore , she was still important . Well , that’s what I’ve heard . She’s had financial troubles because she’s paid so many people to be around her over this years . And she was hawking for diet , loss companies and everything . Yeah , and which would China Oh , do you know that one ? She will say about a pilot’s license . And she wrote bad Children’s books . Who else has a pilot’s license ? Oh , by the helicopter licences . Really ? Jill , Jill ain giusto . And you still have a I heard on Twitter from really good souls that Sarah introduced , um , s stain to Andrew Voyage . Elaine , they’re all inbred . Yes . So it’s a small circle that they kind of living . So my point is , Okay , Sarah , I think the FBI needs to speak to you as well because I think you’re around . These people are not to sign that you’re involved in the conspiracy or that you molested Children . But I think you’ve been around them . You might be able to give them some helpful . You’ve got daughters you would probably like . We wouldn’t do anything to protect our daughter’s else . Sounds so you need to talk up . You need to speak . Mmm . Well , maybe someone could dangle 50 bucks in front of her , and she got the FBI 50 bucks . 20 bucks . I think she quite liked living in witness protection because everything is painful . But then , you know you wouldn’t be out of writing a motorized luggage through China Airport if anyone gets a chance . Just Google . Sarah Ferguson go to videos . And YouTube has a picture of her on a motorized suitcase in China , going through an ample , classic stuff . See , that’s the thing . I think she’s just really annoying at obnoxious . She’s not classy . No . So this island , it had a casino , a disco hot , this glass ceiling weighing 45 tons and a friend lodge made from two feet two foot thick Canadian pine logs . Now handle this in the sun newspaper . Um , in the grounds , there was a hilly pet fight font of all kinds that builds . Try us . What’s her name is that I flock of Pecos . The more bastards peacocks , a room I know , my friend . Okay . There was a peacock that used to run around their neighborhood and attack her chickens . This is the phone by one . Yes , Schultz , everybody . It’s famous . Round our place . It’s it attacks people . It’s like murderess . See , my great aunt lived in engage house . And you know what a gait houses , You know , big estate . All these states in England . She owned one part of the gatehouse , so they used to have these big brick structures where the gate’s open and close . But it be a house on solving the guy . Okay ? And she had she lived there . She had peacocks , and that would be able fuckers . They used to chase myself in my little brother around whenever we went to visit . You know , I’ve heard these peacock it firm Bay is so bad it’s been involved in the murder off several of my friends . Chickens of also it’s wanted . Yeah , but you know what I think is hilarious . So he’s so cool runs around the neighborhood with these feathers doing this and that , but he loses them also . Then he looks ridiculous in Went no in sweat . When he loses , you don’t take it Adam forever . No , uh , anyway , going back to it . But it’s staying . Also had I a flock of flamingos ? Is that the right way to describe it on his island as well . But this guy had stone covers . Which his Stamos Sunset . Yeah . Um , 64 towers festooned with hundreds of flaming torches lit nightly by a stuff quite like that . Not have that . But is this sound familiar ? Giant statues of nude women purportedly modeled on the owner’s former girlfriends ? Or would that should that the former victims disgusting . So I just think that he’s , um the why he went bad . He’s conspiracies , criminal conspiracy . And that’s pay . Didn’t know My God , hey was very similar to abstain , so I think they’ve checked it to each other . Well , they’re in the movie because that weekend was when Fergie went onto the tarmac and her Children meant abstain . Of all the people in the world went with that stain . So during this period was Andrew had just become divorced in 96 97 turned 40 says , having a mid life crisis . Insects Jelena and this pain and I got So look , there’s a photo , and I’ll put this up on Instagram of Fergie to staff her daughters and the alleged pedophile . Ah , so that’s the Canadian fashion designer . Hey , didn’t I got and he’s Oh , he’s standing behind the girls . So he’s had a lot of people on his island . Michael Jackson , The , uh , Lenny Kravitz . Robert De Niro . Not sorry . So business . Stallone . Jessica Alba . That’s random . Sean Connery and also President George H . W . Bush . Oh , So the flight logs say that Princess Sarah Ferguson and kids were on the ground in the Bahamas . Admit abstains plane . So , Sarah , when she took that money , it was £15,000 to help pay off her deads . Um , she took the money off Epstein 18 months after he got out of jail afterwards , Yep . Yep . So she lied . It kind to judgment has been clouded by her desperation to get out of here $5 million dit and vowed to repay the money . But the thing is more heavily £15,000 . It was a five million in debt . He had five million floating around . Why didn’t she him up for the phone down ? Yeah , all that’s just weak . That was when he was in the night . Oh , no , He wasn’t in the 90 then And that’s when he was doing oh , Can’t say was doing business . But he was doing diplomacy with cash , org or two . And some people Middle East dictators , sons . He was friends with them . A Gadhafi . Okay , so hey , has a lot of money , but I think it’s stashed away . And for a while he had to leave on he’s naval salary , and when she broke up with him , she didn’t get a huge amount of money like Diana . And I think she Army got 15,000 years for her up . Kate . That’s not much , considering the lost all she really lost it . That was obvious . Yeah , has had to give up . I imagine it would pay . And that’s why she ended up shrill ing dog close stuff . And well , at the moment , she’s got another one of her books out . It’s called Little Raid Cause Use a garment of being sent promotional copies of her first charms book . All Siris bungee , a white rescue helicopter . And my oldest was only a little one of the tall I’m sorry to tell Miss that wasn’t funny tortured , and I brought that home and he just went , uh , no train . He didn’t like it . Well , he’s got descending taste , and , um , Sarah really had a hard time trying to create money and business opportunities for herself . She’s lost a lot of money and lawyers as well thought she would have . But now she’s into the Middle East . As I said last week when she did her speech from dough , Huh ? Back kindness . So what is Andrew now in these homes ? Show Maazel . Hey , step down ! Well , from his official Judy’s . But he did make the Chinese ambassador a couple of weeks ago . There are five estate accusers who want him to give evidence in U . S . Courts and asking him to talk to the FBI and the FBI . I have asked him to talk as well . I think they need to talk to Sarah as well . So much weight them and say no to you . Yeah . Contact Fergie . Yes . So the weird thing Waas after she got that money and she put she’s so over the top , the way she speaks and communicates is so over the top . This is what made it stand . Want to sue her ? I personally , on behalf of myself , deeply regret that Jeffrey Epstein became involved in my life in any way . This is 2011 . I have whole pedophilia and any sexual abuse of Children and know that this was a gigantic error of judgment on my behalf . I’m just so contract . I cannot say whatever I can . I will repay the money and we’ll have nothing ever to do Midget free up stain ever again . So that’s basically only because he got busted or re emerged about his diddling Children that she’s come out of cities . Otherwise , she wouldn’t have said what ? Well , he was gonna go after her for defamation . I wonder she didn’t pay the money back . I think she just wanted , went stuff you . That’s what I would have done it . But in those circumstances , And was it Jennifer who really was going after a whole head Maxwell just tight or didn’t they ? Defamation ? I just don’t understand it because he’s trying to say he was defined because he was accused off , Um , child six and pedophilia in her comments here , right ? But he wants that he waas , but he would say , Oh , I’ve only played guilty to one count of procuring six prostitution with minor . That’s what he’d say that he’s a pimp . So he got upset about that . It could have been good if it went to court . Imagine the documentation . Oh , cause to be sailed . We’d be yelling and screaming for even more documents to be on sale . But I found something really good . I was looking at the n Y Daily News and they referenced a job Diane Sawyer joined Fergie with in 1996 . 30 said that the marriage clown did as she watched videos while Andrew had 27 concubines . What ? Really ? So it’s got a different spin in 2020 . Doesn’t . Oh , So it was like we’ve back then when they divorced , we remain best friends and blah blah blah on the outside . He had things on the side . Aw , think he keeps her around because she knows something ? Definitely . Why else ? It’s what they’ve got this week co dependent relationship . And she has been trotted out more and more your family events in the past year . Old to a CZ . The palace knows that the heat’s being turned on to Andrew . Yeah , well , she doesn’t have any money . So there was a comment in that article that she got by on her title blagging her wife through law now looked up , letting you knew what it meant Yeah . You pretend to be a something , you know ? Yeah , to get him does you wouldn’t normally get it . So she’s had a harm , but the risk she’s had to find hisself like house . Yeah , like normal people . Andrew will know that if he cuts her off now , which by rights he should do , she could annihilate him . Come on , Fergie . Drop so long and you can find us on tweet out , spill the beans . Go because you don’t want to be associated with that . We know I did down here . Actually , I reckon we’d have fun every few shampoos together . So this friend said , Does he want her inside the tent or outside ? Obviously inside . It’s an impossible call for him . And for once , he won’t get any help from the queen . He’s gotta work this one out for himself . Stand on his own two feet . Yes . Well , as I said , 30 . This is disturbing . Really bad timing for her little red book . So she’s hoping for mega box out of the sea . She ? Yep . Uh , no . No . Again . So , um , Virginia was a bit upset about it . That’s Virginia Roberts do fry . She was actually saying that it’s just so , So much poor timing and so offensive she does . Couldn’t even start . Someone here said you people are discover the earth and Virginia every 20 him Well , they are scum you’re trying to but retained that they’ve done nothing wrong and get show Shea might not have been involved in the alleged assault , but she would have seen these girls . These Children , you’ve got it . You got to speak up . You need to . It’s about time . And , um , there’s also references here to Andrew being pictured yachting with some It’s same sex slaves . Now , this was in France and near the island . I had only seen the Thailand photos before . So so this is a minute terrain ? Yes , couple of locations . So , um , I think he’s in big trouble now in the second Ta kun are Think the coin will have to cut him loose , Do you think ? No . Very bread field for the party . Happy birthday to you . It’s a locating . And then people were like , Oh , harrying Megan , they’re not flying mean Well , of course she’d be appalled . Megan , And have you noticed over the past couple days has been a huge increasing make through you know cups of Taylor people in stray when she was touring that she’s made and nasty . There’s been a huge , huge upswing bullshit about that couple . And , of course , Hello , everybody . It’s a smoke screen . Let’s start looking at Andrew and let’s will point the finger at that . Divorcing , huh ? But woman who stole the way Harry , you know , can’t you see it’s happening again ? Yes and Andrew today ? What is having cake and dinner with the fam bam ? I would like to be a fly on the wall . I want to help . Charles views it’ll He was friends with Jimmy . Several ? Yeah , sure . So Andrew is now linked to put a lot of pedophiles . There was the going Canada who rend the boarding school that he went , too . That’s right . So has lived with him . Epstein violent . So n Jimmy . Several Jimmy Several is always around . Jimmy Stable managed to go undetected for so many years , and if you’re wondering who Jimmy several is , he’s one off . The U case was most prolific child abuses , and he worked , I think , for the big day , See , and everyone you just like Andrew . Everyone you just like instant everyone you hate going to hospitals and going visit sick Children , and it’s come out that some of the alleged assaults happened while he was doing hospital tools . This is why , and I thank you all for listening to our podcasts . And there are several others you can listen to . The Geoffrey of Staind Show and Rachel O’Brien . She is coming out soon with another abstain episode . We have to talk about these , and that’s why we can’t let it go . We don’t want to let it go . We can’t let it go . It’s for the the Children who were abused and those that are coming forward , but would say Now the bar Clay’s say , Oh , he’s been dragged into this as well . So many powerful one percenters are being fingered sore about the use of that language back by the police and the FBI . So it’s like drip church dream , and we only know probably 1/8 of the story , and there’s so many survivors who are yet to come . For one thing , I’ve noticed he’s with the whole political thing , the many Democrats . So the American Twitter , Artie A . Having a failed day that are well , you know , it’s all these nasties on this side and it’s like , Well , no , this isn’t a political issue . This is a male issue . So I’m just waiting for the Republicans to stopping night . And is this why the appeal ? I’ve been dragging the shine . Well , this is not about black or what not . It is not about right versus left . No Christian versus Muslim know that are shades of gray everywhere . It’s a male issue and hasn’t women . Then we’ve seen just stayed this female co conspirators and they need to be outed as well . So the trouble is , when people are tweeting Oh , you know , Trump whole . You know , they’re listing all these people . They’ve never done anything . All you’re doing is shaming survivors from coming forward because all they will think these guys , they’re innocent . They’re never going to believe me . I’m going to be attacked . Don’t link it to politics . Don’t blink into race . Don’t link it to religion because all you’re doing is keeping those survivors quiet . Keep it classy . This is coming from the woman who swears our own podcast . But I just think we need to when members of the same planet , its humanity , so keep politics out keep religion out . Kate Kloss , Kick rice out . And don’t shame survivors from coming forward because of your links or associations with any of those particular groupings . Not it out . Exactly . Okay , so while the good people off since James Island in the U . S . Sorry , I’ll start again . Okay , So another huge thing that’s happened this week , it’s from the U S . Virgin Islands , where Jeffrey Epstein had his island , obviously . And , um , there was a court hearing the other day in the Attorney General for the U S . Virgin Islands was talking about the frustration they’re having with dealing with it stains estate . And they also can’t get truthful information . And I need that to be out of positive money , all to the victims . So this is an exclusive interview in Vanity Fair . Was this the Denise woman ? Yes . Oh , I had so many differing ideas about her . What ? She’s going on to the money and why she if she understands that we’re victims wobbles and she stopping the victims , they would have seen them land on the top . Exactly . Everyone knew . It’s like this case . Everyone . You , um Okay , so one of the employees told the attorney general . He saw Prince Andrew on a balcony , groping girls right and front of the open . And apparently , she says , he remembered walking up to him and saying , Good morning , Your Highness . Oh , of course . Buckingham Palace declined to comment , and Prince Andrew has denied any knowledge of abstinence behi via . But there are a lot of accusations , and he’s been around a lot of dodgy people . But unless you state agrees to release former employees from India eyes , this is what I’m having a hard time understanding . Why at the India is so crucial ? Why they can’t pay , I suppose gives Aunt Oh , I the more important paces . And that’s the Children who refused . Was an enterprise so powerful when he’s dead ? I’ve been looking into it and it seems , in different places , different jurisdictions , and it’s different and you can overturn some . One that was done elsewhere is a different state . Anything judge can rule that the India I was signed under Juris or they didn’t have proper legal representation and think about it a lot of these victims as so young from the wrong side of the tracks because that’s the way that I locked it because I couldn’t complain , though wouldn’t be taken seriously . They probably didn’t have legal representation . And so what happened to other girls who stick forward ? Especially those girls in Florida who trailed by Hey , Eyes and the family were arrest on threats . Threats were made . So of course , they signed India’s and probably were given money that doesn’t make them guilty and just chasing money by turning these accusations around . Now , according to Denise George , the attorney general , attorneys from the estate of presented an incomplete accounting of abstains essence . So that’s the thing . Shame on small money . So apparently he’s essays , so it’s No . One billionaire , but they’re between 5 78 million and 6 35 million . God , could you imagine winning a $1,000,000 ? Yeah , this is just so unbelievable . These amounts , these figures we’re talking about , it’s just beyond their skull . And then there was that , um , nearly 13 million that disappeared from his bank that got transferred to the bank after he’s dead . Um , so I don’t think this is going to be a fast process . It’ll because the US version islands is not into taking its time . Well , they haven’t got back to you on our bank account . Exactly . And I think that hey , Charlie , she’s well , didn’t he ? Two days before I think this was deliberate . And I just like to know , um , how can simple days lawyers are in the U . S . Who are they ? Will ? No , the bed of fisheries . But they’re the administers off the will I wanted . I have accountable day off . And how much they profiting from it . Yeah , because you can’t take money at Venice ST when you’re in charge of the count you . So it’ll be interesting to see , but they’ve appointed now one of the lawyers who is involved in getting the money back from the fore that Bernie Madoff victims . So at least he’s experienced . Good . That is a positive step forward . But Prince Andrew today , on your day of day studio , I would like to say that you need to come forward to the FBI . You need to talk to the cops now , but I’m thinking that he is too far into his line . Now he come back track . I think he’s such a stubborn and I believe him to be really uneducated . Sure , he went to fancy schools , but I don’t think he’s smart . He doesn’t have any insight . I think he believes that he hasn’t done anything role . True . And if it was two or 300 years ago , I’d probably be demanding people be executed . So on your birthday , I just want to remind you that you have been associated with several convicted and choose pitfalls . Epstein Kate Glade , who is the president from the school up in Canada about Jimmy several and paid a Naga . So this is not gonna go away fast . You have to do once brought Come forward . Well , he already said he would . So hurry up . Anyway , I have another announcement to make . Jin has prepared a special present for the prince . Well , it’s your birthday . So I thought , I need you to single out Lovely Listens off to YouTube to check out you and your finest you protesting the judge’s ruling in the 1987 royal embarrassment , also known as It’s a knockout royal tournament . So Lisa’s it . Go watch these . Give me a critique . I’m nasty on a ah gold . The things she makes me don’t . But I had already seen it true , so I turned it on , and it’s like black hat I don’t know . Like I said , I’m gonna cost some people dressed up in bed , call streams very panting on and out walks . Alan Jones . Now , Ella Jones was a big name in the UK in the eighties . Hey was a child singer . He was Welsh , had the most insane voice and I know all about him because my grandma used to send me He’s records for my birthday because being half Welsh , it was nothing . So there was Alan Jones marching out is ah , Harold announcing something And and next comes I think it was Lord Block who was black Adam . There were boys are lost in . That was the first time I’m pissed myself laughing . And it wasn’t gonna be The lab is the best big . So what was the best of my life ? The highlight of the whole story . But he was accompanied by a beautiful Barbara . Now any of you familiar with the carry on Maybe so I think there was about 27 of see Giants . Baba winds up . She was a cute little blondie with the big but some cases Uncle’s Knox , whatever else they call them , um she waas the lady knock and It was like My God ! So what followed was Ah , who’s who of UK pantomime or who’s been on the bill for sports stars of that . You’re a Olympians . There was an American footballer as well wasn’t too familiar with him . But then the other stars John Travolta . He was their cruelty of a rave . Tom Jones , but hes half well , she’s named it . He’s all well , sure , there was Shane of Easter . Mom , Baby , we’re not gonna sing , always going to sing it , but everyone will turn off . And , of course , those who colliding Aslak House You don’t disdain to leverage agencies finds cricket up . Probably one of the world’s best ever have made him . Of course , you know I have . I used to be a sports reporter . I met Viv , Lovely bloke . Bought me a big didn’t try and arrest me at all . Nor school . Nice guy . And speaking of Yeah , Chris Cliff Richard , I join Place was involved in some . What happened was you had Edward was trying to print it with the youngest was trying to break into TV production , And it’s not Kevin being on your UK TV , and he thought , Well , let’s do a royal version and raise money for different charity . So he convinced Andrew to lead one team . Edward was leading another . Fergie , of course , had to be in on it . And this was a year out of She’d married Andrew anyway . So she by talking thing that Fergie and of course , they needed 1/4 . Because he’s always full teams . Apparently , dough . I really wanted to do it . But Charles Me . No , no , no , no . So Princess , a step forward to support her youngest brother , Obviously he was trying to use this is to get into TV production work , and she looked kind of half mortified the whole time she did . But she said she was her teens motto was cool , calm and collected , and she was fantastic . She didn’t jump around like 30 did . She didn’t carry on . And it was so funny seeing the Royals the suite with ending so calm and collected and hurting Day one that I absolutely bleats the open ocean . We went to Part two d J . Mom into part two , and then I went and watched as much as I could for the aftermath , which is hysterical , too . S okay , was very dignified , Sarah calls had make life the singer on a good time . I think that says enough . Um , Edward . He’s a bit awkward , but he managed to have quite a few Olympians on his time cause it’s very physically so instep . Did they stacked it ? But the funniest thing Waas There was a headless ghost who had to chase maidens down the field so in the mains weren’t running . They have to haul and grow flowers . And so the first headless goes that just absolutely lost . It , fell over , couldn’t catch the maid , and they took the messy puppet or thing that he was wearing off it was Cliff Richard . Oh , how funny that Sir Cliff Richard couldn’t catch a mermaid and goodness . Oh , that’s hilarious , Petal off of them . But Andrew demanded at one stage a rerun of one of the competitions because policy date because he was on the great team and the two green place knocked each other out of contention . And he’s like , No , no , I demand a re run end of dissing . You know , Fergie runs over , goes Oh , I also demand a re run , and the judges are going no . So Andrew turns to the crowd starts . You know his arm’s going around and he’s going . Come on . The crowd supports me . You want ? Really ? Did they support him ? It was a bit half asked , very half ass , and the judges stood firm . And the look on Andrew’s face it was It was a sock . It was definitely so . But in the end , the judges ruled no rerun and , of course , princess saying one . But the very end beat after it’ll finish was young Edward , who looks scare Li like Andrew . But he also looks like , I think , a little bit like Prince William as well . Yeah , they’re rather inbred that look what faced the journals who were all there . But hey was insistent that the journal’s couldn’t be out mingling with the crowd or with the participants themselves because , you know , they just journey lies that stuck them in a taint so they could see that I think on a TV screen but couldn’t say it closely . It was hot . There was enough food . There were quite a few journals , their TV cameras . So there was hot lights of everything . No water or drinks , nothing . And you’ve gotta feed the media . Anyone who has an event that’s important . You don’t fade as we revolt . And they certainly did because he was asking them old . Did you enjoy it ? Ah , yeah , And he hey , lost it . He stormed out . Hey , stormed out . And that became the story of this event , not the £1,000,000 of his race for the various charities . It was Edward’s little speech . And up to that , though . Hey went quiet and so he didn’t make it in TV production . But I understand he’s a full time working royal . He’s taken over Prince Philip’s role and probably a bit Evander . Jesus , well bullied , have thio this quite a few things going at the moment , So I think that was he’s shining lot . The queen was horrified afterwards . End before from the sounds . It wasn’t a good look , but Andrew trying to fight with the four judges about rerun rerun and for you just racing straight up to back up her man . It was bad . That’s everything we know about . Those two isn’t for that particular event . That show has been featured on so many , you know , combined clip shows like Embarrassing Eighties . It always makes the grade . Yeah , the Utah offer . Sure , it’s 24 karat gold . Jen , it’s bad . Well , because I don’t have my bank . I just need to talk to everyone about my cats application to join the exclusive Tramp nightclub , which was where Prince Andrew allegedly was with Virginia Roberts . Hey , says he was , It paints her express . Everyone else says he was there , so I thought I’d come in for a bit of like , Oh , civil disruption . I can’t the moment . So I had to tell my cat to be on her very best behavior . So they asked any application , what other societies will come to you ? Remember off . I’m always in Jeffrey Abstinence Blackpool are like Pacer Express . She is so smart . What are your hobbies or interests jumping up to get others food ? What do you think of that one chin ? That’s good . Your care . Your pussy is good . Well , also , she wants to broaden her circle of Tom Petty’s because you know what happened ? Has stars very tragic . The father of her kittens ran away and she was like running the straights and her kisses died . Oh , so that’s how she ended up with us . So I want her toe have a good life and Maybe this will help . She said that she’ll be I shall want to use the cocktail bar . The restaurant in the nightclub , but not the smoking terrorists . Okay . And the name of this sponsor is Prince Andrew , and the second is just I Maxwell , um , now , additional information you may feel enhances your application . Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself . Yeah , so if I don’t let her in after all of that pretty comprehensive . Yeah , occupation , duck , chess , Um , sleeping , mating , lying in the sun . So anyway , that is my latest . Ah , suppose civil disobedience for this wake after I got no way with the bank here , I think this is great . I’m trying to work at worlds . We can go and have a bit of fun poking people and this type of thing . I think we should apply for Amy Club . I’ll tell them that the royal wave sign . Oh , Brody , just take Twitter really light . Last year we’re insomniacs and were always away . He and someone got hold broke into the royal family’s charitable website , where they linked to every all the members charities . But apparently someone had Terry’s , and instead of going to one of his charities , goes to a Chinese porn saw it . So I want a boy , a B for whoever winning there and have that because that is hysterical . I don’t approve of the hacking of Harry Noble . I just approved of the hacking of General General , especially when it leads to a Paul saw it , and it involves the royal family and possibly was appointed . You know , you’re using Harry again . It’s just smoke screen for the person who is involved in allegedly involved in porn and , you know , pedophilia . So I thought that was great . I do like a little bit of civil disobedience . Yeah , I do . Um , so we’ve had a bit of a royal fame this week . We promise it won’t go on about him . I prefer not to have to talk about him , to be honest , but it is his birthday today . Yes , he’s 60 . That’s a milestone , and this is your birthday present , but we’ll get back to the real stuff . Not that this isn’t real , but we’ll concentrate more on the serious side of it next week . Yes , we certainly will wait on Twitter . Always , always , family said , it will take to you really , truly . You say it’s replying to each other’s threads were also the prince and the perv on Instagram . You find some Facebook ? It’s the abstain . Wicked Pardon ? Don’t Prince in the perp . I’m sorry about that . I will tighten it down eventually . And where on YouTube , Huh ? So if you got any links , you got any tips ? You got any idea what new civil disobedience we can get involved in ? Just hit us up . Which have a social media platform . Your own ? Yeah . Exactly . Love hearing from you guys . It’s so good . Um , because we feel it . We don’t need be speaking to 10 people in the beginning . Didn’t want rule that sound family . Yeah , combined . And they’ve had enough of us anyway . Yeah , My husband doesn’t listen thing going and off with also blogged as well . So that’s exciting with love Hearing from everyone . Thank you for being so supportive . Um , continue the fight against these one percenters . Don’t you think we nature this humanity ? Yeah , I think we just need Thio Tell our friends and family battle because old I now is Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself . Well , that’s not the issue . The issue isn’t that he didn’t kill himself . The issue is who had him hit , Why he had what he was done in the line . And you know who does his did protect . It certainly doesn’t protect the survivors . And that’s who . This is all about the survivors now . I will not be making trumpet sounds . Next week are no birthdays only . So it’s anyone’s birthday . Often do a shout out , but I think it’s better than to all Depends if they know us noise . Pollution . I’m sorry . I can’t do that . You’ll okay ? Have a great week and we’ll speak to you soon . Bye . 

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