Inside Prince Andrew’s Mind

A lack of empathy, arrogance and elitism are behind Prince Andrew’s baffling behaviour, according to an analysis of the Duke of York’s personality. 
 This article from Knowing the Narcissist by HG Tudor (maybe a distant relative of the Queen) discusses the Prince’s actions, language and behaviour. 

It also provides insight into how Prince Andrew was so deluded he thought the BBC interview went well because he evidently has a personality disorder, narcissism.

It must be diuficult functioning as a normal person when your head is so far up your own arse.

For people wishing to understand Prince Andrew, this article is a must-read because it’s one of the best pieces we have read about the Duke of York.
Arrogance, magical thinking, lack of empathy and smugness are all behaviours he exhibits.
Which brings me to the images posted above by the royal family’s PR team on his 60th birthday.

I don’t need to see this, so stop forcing Prince Andrew on to us because we don’t care about his birthday. He’s so gross, stupid and disgusting.  

Thanks to Clare for passing this article on via Twitter.

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Want more? Listen here.

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