Epstein Predator Update: Ghislaine Speaks

Ghislaine Maxwell is at it again, speaking to the media through talking to her old pal Laura Goldman.

She is boasting she won’t respond to legal requests Maria Farmer’s lawyer sent via email. Like Prince Andrew, Ghislaine, aka Jizz Stain, says she hasn’t received the email.

According to The New York Post: 

Maxwell insists that just because the allegations against her are repeated “over and over again doesn’t make any of it any more true” — also claiming Epstein’s death by suicide should have closed the case anyway.

“What does it all matter now?” Maxwell reportedly told her. “What are they hoping to accomplish from all this? Jeffrey is dead.”

It does matter now, Ghislaine, it’s called justice, look it up in the dictionary.

If Laura Goldman knows where Ghislaine is, she needs to tell the authorities. It’s the right thing to do.

At least someone else who knew Ghislaine is doing something productive (see below).

Louisette Lanteigne 🌎✌️⚖️♥️ (@lulex) Tweeted: @VRSVirginia Virginia, THERE ARE VIDEOTAPES. Oxenburg stated Ghislane said to her, ‘Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape!’

Well done Ms Oxenberg, that’s a classy response.

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