Epstein News: Prince Andrew & Ghislaine Maxwell Stop Running Now!

Where are you, Ghislaine Maxwell?
The thing about being Australian is we have no nuclear weapons & zero representation on the United Nations Security Council but we can fry your with our mirth.
The Jeffrey Epstein, Prince & the Pervert podcasters, Lisa & Jen,  decided they needed to do something about this criminal conspiracy because law enforcement does not seem to be doing anything of significance.
How are we doing it? We are taking the piss out of Andrew and Ghislaine, aka #JizzStain. 
We’ve heard Epstein’s right hand woman, Maxwell, has a huge ego, so she may not like what we do. But we live in a world where we have free choice, unlike the young girls she recruited and abused. 

So thanks to the designs of a wonderful listener, we have a Threadless store. Yay! 

All proceeds go to charities supporting sex trafficking survivors and we’ve only made $6 so far, so please order away. Imagine all the hand sanitiser you could fit in the Prince Andrew tote bag!
All we can hope for in the Epstein case is to drive awareness. So please drop by for a sticker, a bag or even for a sweaty Prince Andrew beach towel.
Run, Andy, run! 
Call the FBI, you nonce! 
Anyone for Ghislaine Maxwell Pervert sticker? 

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