A Notorious Dictator, a Prince & the Epstein Conspiracy

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. He committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew off his illegal behaviour. So who were these enablers? And will the women who were violated as Children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast. The content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the prince and the pervert podcast. I’m Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran.Now, today’s a big news day again. And we’re going to be talking about optics and how they relate to the Epstein case. That means what everything looks like, exactly to the man on all the woman on the street. Plus, we’re going to give the Queen of England a history lesson and we’re going to ask why Prince Andrew took a mattress with him overseas.

Hey, what What’s this? What’s this mattress thing? Mattress. He used to take it on the plane with us. They could have massages, really? According to Fergie. But more about that later. Now, Jen has been working very hard to look into Andrew’s new lawyers. And they’re not a good look. Oh, the optics are bad, bad, bad. So she will tell you why he’s hired this team of heavy-hitters.

And meanwhile, there’s just been some news out of Manhattan. I’ll just take you through it and then we’ll go back to Jen.

Now this is just in from The New York Times. Prince Andrew is stonewalling the Epstein case. Shock. Horror. Sorry. So Andy Pandy has refused to help federal prosecutors who are investigating these sex trafficking case around Epstein. Really, I never would have guessed, you know, so that’s from the U. S. Attorney of the Southern District of New York. So in a public statement, the attorney said although Andrew had said he was willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agencies with the investigations, he’s not really.

Do you think that might have something to do with the new lawyers? Jen? Yes, I think it does.Now Berman has said twice that Andrew’s help has not yet been forthcoming. So that makes me infuriated. What do they think we are? When they put that press release out saying he was going to Well, maybe they were hoping he’d do the decent thing, but now mummies let him lawyer up so it’s quite unusual for them to be pointing Andrew out. But he did bring it on himself. And plus, don’t forget with one of the releases, he stood in front of Epstein’s front doors to say, Hey, come on, Andrew. The optics. So Prince Andrew has completely shut the door on. Now this is important voluntary cooperation. And that’s the key word, which is why he’s lawyered up.

Yes, so what can you tell us about he’s merry band of defenders? Well, first, it came out that the Duke has called upon the services of Clare Montgomery QC, which is Queen’s counsel. Now she’s part of the Matrix Chambers set up by Cherie Blair. Oh, she is their former prime minister’s wife. Yes, the British prime minister’s wife. Now Montgomery is shit hot. This woman is fantastic. She is great.

Trouble is, she’s best known for defending Pinochet. Oh, the Chilean dictator, the one that knocked off ordered the knockoff of thousands and thousands of ordinary people? You know, organisers,university lecturers. Medicos, your average Joe on the street. Anyone he thought looked sideways at him or questioned him, they disappeared. They lost a generation of minds there. Yes. And also I heard he used to push people out of helicopters. I wouldn’t put it past it, but anyway. He was had been kicked out of power. He was in Britain and supposed to get heart surgery or something. And he was arrested. So hey, got Montgomery to defend him to stop extradition for war crimes. Yes, she won. Well, I wouldn’t really bragged about that. Well, everybody deserves representation. That is the cornerstone of most legal system. Look, I know that and she is bloody good. And if I get in trouble, I’m calling her. She’s good. But the optics of this.

Listen to the Jeffrey Epstein podcast here.

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