Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew & the Show Goes On.

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. Epstein committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew of his illegal behaviour, so who were these enablersband will the women who were violated as children get justice?

Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert podcast.

We are coming to you from Jen’s laundry. We have blankets on the windows, so for the next couple of weeks we are doing the right thing to help flatten the curve in Australia. So there may be a little bit of noise in the background. We are going to try being isolated & we do have more time to do this than ever. Imagine if time was a problem!

Yes exactly. I will have to make sure I don’t recommend any reality TV shows. But I found you a good one. LA preacher and it’s your fault, Lisa! You keep sending me down rabbit holes. I love it!

I want to do a shout out to my best friend Janie. I recommended a few things for her, instant hotel on Netflix. Have you seen it? Don’t tell me anymore, you don’t wanna know. Have you seen You on Netflix? Not yet – series 1 series 2 & series 3 is coming. You’ve gotta watch it.

So speaking of Netflix, you mentioned something about Netflix. Do you have an announcement? A few days ago, they announced they are going to run an Epstein documentary. Now I’ve heard different versions, either a four part or a 12 part series on the Epstein conspiracy. A 12 part. Can you imagine? That would be wonderful.

I would like that because I think that it gets a different market. One of my friends had a podcast about Keli Lane. It was called problem child and it’s wonderful listen, by the way. Keli was an Australian woman who was secretly pregnant three times. She adopted two of the babies and now one is missing and she’s been convicted of her murder. My friend she actually said to me that Netflix, it’s a different audience and you access different people. We get a lot of our information from Twitter, so these others may sit outside that social media bubble. You’ll get those people.

So Netflix said it’s going to be called Jeffrey Epstein filthy rich. Which is after the book by James Patterson that we both read. That’s a fantastic read and he worked with the Miami Herald journalist on that one. That was a broadcast journalist from Palm Beach. Oh, down there. Incredible. Netflix’s resources incredible, digging in researching, talking to people, it is a brilliant. I recommend you get Filthy Rich and there’s actually a link on our Facebook page to the Amazon. Go for it if you’re stuck at home & start reading. The book’s been updated. Now I told you I had to a get it sent to me from the UK to Australia. They weren’t putting it on shelves over here?I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went to Mclean’s booksellers in Hamilton and they ordered it for me, brilliant. I suppose it’s a really niche, yes I did think that there weren’t many Epstein obsessives in our town.

Well there are in my family, now but they usually rolling their eyes. So you see in my family, my husband says by rolling in coverage of Corona virus.I would suspect this is gonna have the link to Virginia Roberts. She is actually part of this documentary and she said the Netflix team were wonderful to her and her husband. They are looking to tell the world the truth of what being on behind closed doors. Virginia said she hoped the message reached the voiceless and gives them a voice. “I hope the message is clear to anyone that thinks no sex trafficking.” I think it’s wonderful and it’s fantastic the Virginia and her husband are involved and from what I understand other survivors as well. So I can’t wait for that, there is not a date yet other than 2020.

I am absolutely outraged again & we need an outrage button. Before I became an Epstein obsessive, I used to work in crisis and issues management. How was that relevant to Prince Andrew? Well not only does he have that heavy hitting team of lawyers, he also has one of the U.K.’s most as we call it successful spinners and this guy is good.

If Lisa and I ever get in trouble we’re gonna hire the people Andrew has hired. Yes what is the spin doctor? Well it’s basically reputation management and relationships are everything and there at the core of every project. More here.

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