Prince Andrew’s New Bag of Epstein Tricks

Jeffrey Epstein obsessives, Lisa & Jen, are recording the Prince and the Pervert podcast from their bunker aka the laundry.

The two podcasters tell how the Jeffrey Epstein story is taking another turn with leaks to royal reporters, attacks on law enforcement & the appointment of spin doctors.

Plus what is all the Netflix excitement? Does it have anything to do with the Jeffrey Epstein case?

They also explain what’s a Crownavirus. Plus does everyone need a Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain magnet or a Prince Andrew tote?

There’s also more news on Epstein’s dodgy US Virgin Islands bank, where $12million went missing after his death. Who has the cash?

Plus a blast from the past…Imelda Marcos & her attempt at image rehabilitation. Does Andrew need a documentary? (Save us!)

Who is the dickhead of the week? Why are they wearing a hazard protection suit?

Plus we talk drunken, rampaging convicts.

And why do we have merchandise? Get your Find Ghislaine Maxwell charity sticker here.

Why was Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private plane? Where is Epstein’s pal Ghislaine? Was this a Mossad intelligence operation? Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? What went on the night Epstein died? Was Epstein murdered?

This story must not be ignored.The Epstein survivors matter and he ran his operation out in the open. It’s about justice. 

We are going to keep talking about Epstein and by listening to this podcast, you can share the details of this terrible true story with others. Be on the right side of history.

Listen to Bobby Capucci on The Jeffrey Epstein Show.

Watch Shaun Attwood on YouTube

We are pleased to record @Rock the Nation Studios (most of the time, except while in the laundry).

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