Jeffrey Epstein Twitter FRENZY

WHILE the world was watching the spread of Covid-19 some unknown underling of Ghislaine Maxwell, the ‘alleged’ co-conspirator of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was filing in the Virgin Islands so Ghislaine could get her grubby hands on some of Epstein’s estimated $636 Million estate.

Ghislaine, aka #JizzStain, filed her claim quietly, five days before Wednesday’s (March 18) deadline.

As news broke of her absolutely selfish, filthy, underhanded and vile claim the #epstein world of Twitter fired up.

Lisa and I were fit to burst. Absolutely gobsmacked at the audacity of that woman. You could say we were so angry our rage was almost at ‘Carrie at the prom’ level.

Basically #JizzStain claims that Epstein said he would look after her and pay any legal fees she encountered in the wake of Epstein’s July 2019 arrest in New York. That he even put it in writing.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

However in his will made two days prior to his ‘suicide’ there was no such provision. Oh what a shame!

And if your eyes aren’t rolling hard enough at that, she claims, via her lawyers, that she ‘has incurred significant legal fees, personal security costs and other expenses’ because of her work for Epstein from 1999 to 2006.

Of course she needs to pay lawyers as survivors, including Virginia Giuffre and Annie Farmer, have been hitting her with civil suits for her ‘alleged’ role in procuring them to give Epstein ahem ‘massages’ when they were teenagers.

As for ‘security’ costs referenced by #jizzstain that opened a huge worm hole – was this about other powerful people threatening her because she knew of their involvement, or was she trying to imply the survivors were the ones threatening her?

Or was she trying to stir up some sympathy for her plight, especially after the news that Netflix would be screening a series based on the James Paterson and John Connolly book Filthy Rich which will feature the survivors? If you haven’t read it, grab a copy and go deep diving into Epstein’s past.

So how did we react on Twitter? Outrage, eyerolls, yelling and a rather large serving of swears. Naturally Lisa and I responded as we normally do in times of extreme stress, with gallows humour and low level trolling. Our ability to troll in any situation remains intact.

Below are some of the highlights as the various time zones woke up to find out what this hideous woman has done.

It’s all about you isn’t it #JizzStain.

Miami Herald journalist Julie K Brown is one of the first people I look at when I fire up Twitter of a morning. She’s an award winning journo and her work on the Jeffrey Epstein case is phenomenal, as is her editorial mate Kevin Hall whose story she shared on Thursday.

Not sure that the rumour you’ve seen or heard is true, then go have a look at her twitter feed to find the truth. She deals in facts not fiction.

I’m not the only one who thinks Julie is doing brilliant work, actor Rosanna Arquette also goes in search of her tweets, retweeting them to her 110.4K followers. Arquette has been loud in her support of not just the Jeffrey Epstein survivors but also the survivors of #Weinstein and the whole #metoo movement.

It was no surprise that the news that #JizzStain was going after the estate’s money would upset many people, especially the survivors including Virginia Giuffre. Yes there were angry words but not defeat, as Virginia and her many supporters turned to memes. Virginia is an incredible human to withstand so much already only to have #JizzStain ‘take the piss’ as we like to say in Australia.

Of course when it comes to shaming someone there’s no one as skilled as our own Lisa, aided by our ‘secret artist’. Our secret artist is a listener who loves to send us inspirational memes – oh who am I kidding, she’s a legend for using her graphic design skills to help us troll the main players.

And so the trolling of #JizzStain started. You’d have to be naive to think she isn’t sitting there trawling through social media looking for any mentions of her name. So as usual we like to give her something to think about.

So Lisa started a poll. Yep you can see I went for Israel, but so did most people. Joanna (another great Epstein twitter person to follow) thinks she may be her mate’s chalet. The mate being Prince Andrew.

Of course I had to have a go too. It’s only fair really. But I was also curious about her allegations of having to pay for ‘personal security’. The implication being that she had been threatened. Oh play me your violin #JizzStain.

So who was she finger pointing at? The survivors or those, yet to be revealed names in sealed documents or the redacted black book?

So that’s the latest storm on Twitter about the Jeffrey Esptein, Ghislaine Maxwell and Prince Andrew going ons. Of course we’re yet to find out where she’s hiding but I’m hoping that the Virgin Islands can help nab her. Denise George the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands is also after a slice of the Epstein estate for survivors, so maybe she can do what the FBI and New York judges haven’t been able to do.

So head over to twitter to find the latest each day as we inch closer to seeing some justice for the survivors.

You can find me, Jen, at @ohreallytruly and Lisa at @lisaltait. We’re always up for a chat on Twitter or you can email us at princeandtheperve @ gmail.

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Stay safe, stay physically isolated and remember wash your hands to the tune of I Will Survive!

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