Bombshell Jeffrey Epstein Book Hits Stores

Hello and welcome to the Prince & the Pervert Podcast. I am Lisa Tait. I’m Jen Tarran.

Where is this Epstein Associate?

Now this week there have been some major bombshells in the Epstein case. The first is Ghislaine Maxwell, the festering brains behind this despicable sex trafficking operation, who wants to get her filthy claws on the Epstein estate. Jen will take you through that bizarre development. Clearly, these people are not normal. 

Ghislaine also sends a message to the world. Again.

We are also this week speaking about Epstein with podcasters Bobby Cappucci & Rachael O’Brien. 

Plus confirmation that the CIA was an Epstein backer, US AG Bill Barr was described as Trump’s “boy” & a lawyer’s creepy meeting with Epstein.

Plus a new book & more.

But first. We have a hater on Instagram! 

Now this is the second time Jen and I’ve had to record the first 12 minutes of the podcast because we forgot to plug in the microphone properly.

That’s me,  it’s on me upside down but me too & we’re just not coping well with our partners at home. Our children at home doing school, yes. So I’m actually annoyed about the close some contact I’m having with certain people in my household.

So when that happened, Jen, I had a little bit of a meltdown. I didn’t cry but I needed oxygen. I needed sugar. I had to go and sit in my car with the air conditioning on and watch Madonna in a milk bath. Now I feel superior and happy. Madonna is singing about fried fish, we are all going crazy.

The world is a different place yeah exactly and I’ll tell you what Jen knows her chocolate. Yes it’s important this time we need to look after our mental health as well as a physical distancing.

Jen and I now chocolated-up so we might be better, more entertaining, energetic. Exactly maybe we can put on as good as show Madonna? I will get some wine. Oh my god! Could you imagine a live broadcast?

I will be sipping on wine. Do people do that? I think we should. I know. I listen to a podcast called Watch What Crappens and they do live shows. Ronnie got in trouble because he drank a couple of drinks. It just made him a bit vague and not focus.

That would happen to me, I think. I get sleepy after half an hour. I think that’s me normally but if I was drinking I might swear even more. You think? So, yeah, it’s me.

I’m sure people can cope with it but anyway let’s get back to the saga of Jeffrey Epstein.

Now they’re been some major bombshells in the case this week the first is Ghislaine Maxwell a.k.a. JizzStain, the festering brains behind this despicable sex trafficking organisation.

She wants to get her filthy claws all over the Epstein estate, so Jen is going to take you all through that bizarre development. Clearly these people are not normal. Jen, they’re not normal, they live in a different fractured reality to the rest of us.

Good everyone is human. I want to see the focus on Bill Barr because so far all he’s done is institute criminal proceedings against the Epstein guards.

Plus there’s details of the lawyers creepy meeting with Epstein – but Jen is there any other sort of meeting that you have with Epstein other than creepy? It’s not as if you go to church or play cards with him.

Wasn’t Epstein a vegan or something?
But now back to Jen.

Bradley Edwards was Virginia Roberts’ lawyer. He has written a book on Epstein, Relentless Pursuit, which has been serialised in The Daily Mail. Edwards tells of a creepy meeting with Epstein.

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Edwards, the lawyer of 20 Epstein survivors, has penned the book, which is certain to be a major game changer. So much so that Ghislaine Maxwell has been communicating via her minion (again).

Why will it be a game-changer? There is new information about Epstein being a spy, plus a creepy meeting with the dead pedophile.

Plus Ghislaine is trying to get money out of the Epstein estate. We also decide they want a Ghislaine Maxwell piñata.

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