Our Secret Artist Nails Jeffrey Epstein

Isn’t this incredible? Our secret artist offers are normally funny but this artistic representation of Jeffrey Epstein is absolutely haunting.

The thing is he never wanted to change. Epstein wanted to get out of his legal problems. That’s it.

We suspect he was abusing children right up until he was arrested.

Once a monster; always a monster. There was no hope for rehabilitation for Jeffrey Epstein.

It’s sad his survivors never saw him face true justice but part of me is comfortable with the fact he’s dead. He can’t harm any more children.

This story must not be ignored. The Epstein survivors matter and he ran his operation out in the open. It’s about justice. We are going to keep talking about Epstein and by listening to this podcast, you can share the details of this terrible true story with others. Be on the right side of history.

Why was Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private plane? Where is Epstein’s pal Ghislaine? Was this a Mossad intelligence operation? Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? What went on the night Epstein died? Was Epstein murdered?

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