Epstein News in the Time of Caronavirus

We recorded our podcast today again from Jen’s laundry because Rock the Nation studios is closed.

Jen is soundproofing the laundry with blankets to stop noise coming in to our space.

And so we chatted with Bobby Capucci from The Jeffrey Epstein Show (link below). Cupucci is one of the first journalists in the world to have been at the site of Epstein’s so-called Baby Ranch in New Mexico.

Bobby tells us how the ranch is in the middle of nowhere. It sounds absolutely terrifying.

He is a wealth of knowledge about Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew and their associates. He spends 14-hours-a-day on his podcast, seven days a week.

We work seven-days-a-week on ours too. Podcasts are a lot of work but we are all obsessed by the Epstein case. In our case, it’s a labour of love.

You can listen to Bobby’s high-rating The Jeffrey Epstein podcast here: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/4grt8-a1a30/The-Jeffrey-Epstein-show-Podcast

Our interview with Bobby will be out later today and we will also pop a transcript up on her as well.

Why was Bill Clinton on Epstein’s private plane? Where is Epstein’s pal Ghislaine? Was this a Mossad intelligence operation? Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? What went on the night Epstein died? Was Epstein murdered?

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