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Our chat with Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein Show


Bombshell Jeffrey Epstein Book Hits Bookstores

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died in August last year under suspicious circumstances. He committed his crimes out in the open. Many people knew off his illegal behavior. So who were these enablers? And will the women who were violated his Children get justice? Just a reminder about this podcast. The content can be disturbing.

Hello, and welcome to the prince in the pervert podcast. My name is Lisa Tait, and I’m Jen Tarran. Now, this is the second time Jen and I’ve had to recall the 1st 12 minutes off the podcast because we forgot to plug in the microphone properly.

We are just not coping well with our partners at home and our Children at home during school. Yes. So I’m actually annoyed about the close some contact I’m having with certain people in my household. So when that happened again & I had a little bit of a meltdown. I didn’t cry, but I need a rest. I need efsugar. And I had to go and sit in my car with the air conditioning on and watch Madonna in the milk bath, and now I feel superior and happy, and it’s boosted my energy. But what about Madonna singing about fried fish? We’re all going crazy. We’re all not really there. The world is a different place yet exactly.

And I’ll tell you what. Jen knows her chocolate. You keep it in the refrigerator and we have massive blocks of chocolate. None of this small one person, one Cadbury. It’s called a family block. No, it’s bigger than the famous Australian Cadbury family blocks. They doubled the size, and it’s important in this time we need to look after our mental health as well as our physical distancing. As well as that Jen and I are psyched up, so it might be better, more entertaining, energetic. Shall I get someone wine?

I think we should investigate it. I know I listen to a podcast called Watch What Crappens and they do live shows. And Ronnie got in trouble because he drank a couple of drinks and it just made it a bit vague and not focus. I think I get sleepy after half an hour. I think that’s made normally. But if I was drinking, I might swear even more. You think so? Yes maybe I’m sure people can cope with it.

But anyway, let’s get back to the cider off Jeffrey Epstein. Now they’ve been some major bombshells in the case this week. The first is Ghislaine Maxwell, aka JizzStain, the festering brains behind this despicable six trafficking organization. She wants to get her filthy claws all over the Epstein Estate. So Jen is going to take you all through that bizarre development. Clearly, these people are not normal, Jen. They’re not normal than not nice. They live in a different fractured reality to the rest of us. Hashtag deluded.

So Ghislaine also sends a message to the world again via her friend Laura Goldman.

More on that later were also excited to say we are this way. Talking to Bobby Cappuci from The Jeffrey Epstein show. Hey, we love Bobby and Rachel O’Brien, and she has a podcast as well, she’s done two episodes on Epstein. I recommend you listen to them because she has the perspective of a woman who’s lived in London. And she kind of has some great insights on the UK royal family. And then, of course, we’ve already been a Rachel show before talking about Epstein, and Rachel and I, like share on instagram articles.

And I’m very envious of her lock down because not only does she have great food, like she can cook really well, it’s just her and her boyfriend and their house is immaculate.

Okay, plus confirmation that the CIA was an Epstein backer. Really, really? The U. S attorney general was described as Trump’s boy by Epstein.

Wow and finally, someone is tying trump to this. So someone from the Republican Party, because we all know sexual abuse, crosses political lines, race lines, culture, socioeconomic but at the moment just seems to be focused on one side. Everyone is human.

I would like to say I welcome the focus on Bill Barr because so far all he’s done is institute criminal proceedings against the Epstein Guards.

There’s details of a lawyer’s creepy meeting with Epstein, but Jen is there any other meeting of the sort that you have with Epstein, other than creepy? It’s not as if you go to church with them. Or play cards with him or dominoes.

Oh, eighties chocolate. No, no, he wouldn’t have great trouble it like I’ve got. Well, he didn’t like people to eat. And wasn’t he vague and or something? He was a complete germaphobe because I know he had dental chairs. Didn’t he have a girlfriend who’s a dentist now in the U. S. Virgin Islands? That’s right. Yes. So he couldn’t go to the dentist. The dentist had to come to him. I suppose if you thought you were that frightened of germs. You set up your own dental practice at home. If I was that frightened of germs, I would not share the shower for 10 people. That’s not social distancing.

Now there’s a new book out by the lawyer of more than 20 victims in the Epstein case, so I cannot wait for that one. I would like to announce the wonderful news that we have a hater on Instagram didn’t do the other day. My friend Mrs Wu Ge from the hot flush podcast, said it was like in 2013 all over again. She had a hater on her block. C I missed all that. I’ll have to catch up later with that gossip. Oh, was the thing for a while, someone told me to go kill myself on my old block was like, Okay, random person on the Internet. But first, I want to get into these details of our harass up Now they said to May that some days Mrs Woods some time travel back to 2013 that way, Arjun. And they did. I don’t want to judge, but they used the room. You’re really that straightaway points out that they’re not on our level. Huh? Was yes. Well, this isn’t That’s interesting. In light of this, you really are a Nazi. Hrh esa lave. He’s roll harness alone. If you have any class, we have plenty of class. I think class is used to. Actually, it’s a short hand for who’s in the gang and who’s not social construct. I think it’s a social construct that reinforces the top 1%. There’s rules yet in Australia L Society, where there are some people who have classes, but most of it’s just cool. Those people wankers, you know, jockeys know jockeys Yup. I said back to them, I have zero class, so I will continue doing so until he’s arrested. So if you’re gonna throw stones at someone you know, saying you’ve got no class, you’re bad. You should go kill yourself. Whatever. Spell it correctly, then take us down the path off the Epstein cider with Elaine and the Virgin Islands. And he’s estate while a bro class Wednesday. Well, she actually turned up all some underling went to court in the Virgin Islands last Wednesday. So the day after our podcast. Not that anyone knows what she is technically allegedly. So she was five days left to file and she managed to get some underling to fall her claim against the Epstein estate. As far as we know, the only person who will benefit from it the way he wrote it, is his brother Mark. But just a kn now wants money because apparently allegedly, even though he never put it in writing, he assured her he would continue to play or her legal phase after his arrest because she would be dragged into it as she should be. So she’s saying that he was saying that he was going to pay all her legal face. But now, of course, she needs money for her personal security because she’s getting threats. Yeah, right. So bugger off. No one knows where you are. So how you getting these threats? Are they coded? I don’t know. It may be someone bought stickers and center to, uh Well, I’ve got an announcement to make on our thread list store. About two weeks ago, we sent off to stickers Thio, Prince Andrew’s ex wife 30. And yesterday I got an email saying that they’ve been posted and they’re on their way to London. Bloody brilliant, because there was a delay. Everything’s delayed at the moment. Jelena off up to me for he that relates to what you’re saying. It’s teamwide her $100,000 before he died. And Sarah Killen, who was her lieutenant, got 250,000. Hang on a minute. She got more than the boss. Just a yes, all that it peter off. So she’s claiming that he said he’d help her out two days before he allegedly suicide. He rewrote his will, not a mention of juice, Elaine, Not a mention of legal phase. Nothing so she’s carrying on that Shane Ages loss of it. Sorry, the victims should have massive slices of it. So far, they’ve accounted 300 on out 636.1 million. That’s a huge amount, and we all know there’s more because he was a financial genius will give him that. And you imagine how many jawline pinatas that you would be out of by with a slice of that estate is so much fun working the hell out of those, wouldn’t it? And we could get a dish of its one with its undies on the Y fronts as we’re strains. Cool, old man, nobody’s and the Prince Andrew all of that to be a good one. We need to do that one. I’m going to look into that if we can get a company to make house pinatas that looked like you can do personalized ones. Oh, it is on tweet us if you got an idea who we should do and who we should send these pinatas to shout out secret artist. So she’s carrying on and she wants it. But quite frankly, I think this isn’t just about the money. She knows the Netflix series is coming out and Virginia is going to be on that Siri’s. She’s been working with producers. We know other survivors are involved. I think this is also about delaying, Trying to get some sympathy changed the monologue about her, that all she was a victim, too. She was. And she stated in this thing that she had no involvement in your knowledge of Epstein’s alleged misconduct bullshit. So she’s seeking reimbursement for security costs, saying she receives regular threats to her life and safety. Crimea River Play that little violin. You shouldn’t have hands on it now. When the news he twitter it exploded. So I went through and through up some of the really good stuff that turned up on Twitter onto our block spot, which is Jeffrey Epstein podcast dot com. I told you I was gonna get a decent You are. Eventually she’s on fire. This girl Lisa, is on fire, so I highlighted some of them true them up. But one of the best tweets in regards to it came from Virginia, one of the survivors, and this is what she wrote a memo to GM. How dare you play the victim card when you victimize me and countless others, You are a vile, evil, sadistic creature not even worthy of calling a human being. I hope the judge ruling over this last you out of court and into jail. Now, my reaction to this was great. Okay, let afar forget the judge in the Virgin Islands to make a turn up in person to court. That way he can arrest up extra dotage of the U. S. And the FBI conquest. Gin up charger. Whatever. This is one way of finding the woman. Isn’t she saying now? July. And that is via Laura Goodman, her minion, that she was a victim of abstain, too. Oh, come on. Why would just ain Who to give a credit. She’s a smart woman. Why would she be using Laura as her books? Person? Exactly. Who would you use as your spokesperson of what he had to go in hiding? Oh, I’d use Bobby. Yeah, Bobby, you’re it. So we’ve already got a legal team in our PR team. Just gonna still prince injuries because they really, really good here. And, Bobby, you could be our spokesperson, because can you trust anything that comes out of Laura. I believe that Laura is inserting herself into this guy. She knows nothing, but it’s a bit of all I want for the woman. And there are a few people that are inserting themselves into this drama. So where would you go on Hae jin if we had to go on the run? You can’t get out of the state. And we can’t leave the country that they’ve closed the borders about of the States. And here in Australia, we can’t leave the country. I don’t know. Well, we’ve got plenty of camping equipment, but it have to be glamping. No camping. Well, there was that. Remember that murderer who heat out in the woods for a while up need Gloucester. Well, that was great. He was No, it wasn’t great that he was a murderer or that he was scaring people. But he break into a ll the holiday cottages up there and steal the food and drink their beer. Ah, we need to find someone that had a decent one. So uh oh, my God. I’m just craving for being. Now you’ll be Well, Have you got B? Yes, we’ve got be up. We have to do a live string with beer. I get that. So getting back to what you were saying, Jelena is full of it and wants to get her dirty hands on this estate. And it’s also a bit I think, off trying to change the narrative about her actions. During this time. She’s trying to claim she was a victim. She was just a worker. It’s all bullshit. We see through it and she’s trying to communicate in spite talkers. Well, so maybe some of it’s going over her head. True, there might be coded messages to people who are people who are used to having spies talk to them. Maybe they can understand what’s going on. Do you know someone? No. I think most people who claim to see spies will have interaction with spies, the absolute fruitcakes. So that’s what’s going on. But basically there’s a greater strain song by the bed, a C. D. C. And it sums up what I feel about. She’s lying, going for the money in the course, the band since something. And then the audience hits back with this. No way. Get out, Doc. All feet. No way. Get yeah, it would if words what’s before. So that’s our message to you, Joe line, Because I know you’re sitting there in Windsor Castle down in a drafty basement, listening to us 24 7 on bitches. She can’t get enough of us. Oh, she’s listening to us all the time while we no other paper law, there is that rumor that the royal family is hiding her at the moment. Why did we hear that? That was came from a decent source, though. Who? Wasit? Where did that come from? Can’t remote said. We get sent so much information on Twitter. A lot of DMC people sliding into our dams. Some of it is correct Pop Med, but often with this smoke this fire. So we’re checking everything. But that was one that stood out that it’s a possibility. Hi, Queenie may not know. I want some thinking music because I know where that came from, and I think it is very important to get the context out. But it was someone who was a message to the US, wasn’t it that she’s being looked after by the royal family because she has so much dirt on Andrew? It’s not that they want to look after our they have to look after. We will track this down. Yes, we have to get to the UK. As soon as they left, the borders were out. Yes, we should. We need a whole day to Jenny. Is that what the latest is in relation to the estate? And we still haven’t heard anything about the 12 million that disappeared from those accounts in the Virgin Islands. Whether or not it’s gone quiet because covert uses overtaking and I think a lot of information might be sort of leaked out there quietly, it’s, um, like throwing it out with the trash because everyone’s focusing on the plate at the moment. Yes, exactly. So what’s amiss? Downed in use. And it’s about a book that’s coming out next week by Bradley Edwards, who is a lawyer for about 20 off the victims in this case, and his book is called Relentless Pursuit, and I’ve got a copy of it, and it’s been serialized in The Daily Mail. Now I’d like to take you through the first. It’s that he’s spoken about, and it’s off his creeping meeting with Epstein. But, Jen, do you think you have a meeting with abstain. That’s not creepy. Anyone know it From what I’ve read about the photos, I’ve seen the images and you know, the short videos. No, I don’t think it is not a guy you take to church or play cards. All darling. No, sweet. There’s like hope saying, You know, no, that’s why I needed diesel because he was socially nicked as well. Well, that’s what Virginia Roberts said, that he was socially or quit. That’s why he needed just ain’t she made herself completely useful to him in so many ways. Indispensable. That’s why he kept paying her. And he was saying that she was being victimized because of a vendetta against him. Thes PayPal. You know what? It reminds me off when I can talk about this. All went to school with a girl who is spending 10 years in jail as a result of a fraud right. It was nearly $3 million over seven years from her employer. She still doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, but she took the money well, according to what the court said, Yes, and basically she would just get people to direct deposit into her account so that so easily traceable. From what I know, growing up in the town, there had also been other employers that she may or may not have stolen from. She still believes she did nothing wrong. This is criminality for you on all of them psychopath behavior exposing away. I’m not comparing you car lane to Epstein and July, and that’s a whole different level. It’s the attitude of not accepting responsibility for criminal election. Back to the creepy mating. I headed it Starbucks and in walks, Epstein ingrate sweatpants. He’s blue suede slippers with the collar turned up on his monogrammed polo shirt. He loved Monogram stuffed in E. R. We did cause he was important. Do you think that meant he forgot it? Forgot his own name? He’d have to check his cuffs. Well, how did you cope in jail? Or do they? Oh, he’d have a number instead of a monogram, wouldn’t it? Yeah, that would be okay. That’d be fine. It’s no who wants. There is no doubt they spoke for about an hour, about therefore philosophical differences and factual and legal disagreements now came down to its stone. Basically thought that if you called, have the ability to full pregnant. You should be ableto have six. I can’t stand this. This is what pitfalls uses an excuse and pitiful sympathizers use that. Okay, You have Children and their months. The girls get their period. Therefore they are technically physically a woman. So you’re gonna have sex with them. They don’t take into account the emotional, emotional maturity or the intellect. And you don’t gain that until you gain a bit of experience in life. So saying just because she’s got a period she’s wrought for it, that is so Rome cannot tell you a story. Go ahead. It relates to it. But it’s actually historical fact. The mother off the Tudor dynasty. That’s the mother off Henry the seventh. He was born to her when she was 13. Absolutely traumatized. Apparently she nearly died. So from that point onwards and 13 she never, ever, ever had six again that stayed with her for the rest of her life. She was a child. Just conk it. This is what our main She was married off at 12. And this is why he’s a theory. Is bull sheet. It’s an apologist way of letting pitiful. Lt’s kick doing what they’re doing. He wanted to get rid of these legal problems, but he didn’t want to change his behavior. And he loved to make jokes that were inappropriate for this situation. Something along the lines off bread. Let’s put our heads together and figure out how we can message the narrative to make it more fair to May before staring at Mayim. Pausing. Then he added, My kind of massage. Of course, he’s a 12 year old boy. A dirty, dirty one. If you can run my household hosing as long as it’s not water restrictions. Yeah, we’re also under water restrictions is well, was locked out that we were recently attacked by far. Now this is 2020 for Australia. Thumbs up. He’d make statements that were childish and they were absolutely irresistible to him. He’d sneak her afterwards, expecting a reciprocal love. Awkward, But I do that a bit, but at least mine aren’t sexual. Oh, look, I say stupid things all the time, but I’m not a confirmed pedophile who’s in jail. Um, I know and then kind of said about JJ Elaine that she’s not my type. Don’t you know that already? Bread with a giggle at the end. So that just proves, too May that he was still offending virtually up until the time he waas arrested. And you never lie blamed for that. I blame a day saying Use because they had that story three years before blood is on your hands. So what was a go with that? Did her upper management put the kibosh on that being it? Look, there’s not as much detail as there is with the Weinstein in the NBC situation, so I’m not sure. But yesterday I was in another bad mood from being locked in the house. I decided to irrationally latch out at George Stephanopolous, and he is an anchor at ABC, a major anchor, and he was Bill Clinton’s press secretary back in the day. Oh, everything links up, and there’s some interesting footage of him yelling at a journalist and threatening them. The most interesting thing is, but we all knew it that this has been a cover up. Our government’s hasn’t it for years. Intelligence Service’s they’re involved. The book says that it’s Dana Peter have links with the C I. A. According to his bodyguard, former bodyguard, the minder said he was sent to the spy agency’s headquarters in Virginia to attend classes for awake when he was introduced as a special operative. They let a city in with Seo. God knows what they doing there. It’s could be bullshit, But you never know. There’s a lot of far around intelligence agencies in this case. Well, jeez, als dead was a spy, I reckon. Jeez, Lima was. Who else? Even if you are a socialite with lots of money? Has his submarine pilots lost since a helicopter licences? She probably is it crack marksman as well, for he’s got a helicopter license. Okay, that wipes everything out. Okay, so there were 44 classmates, and they all had some government unit with top secret clearance. And when these bodyguard, a Russian mixed martial arts arts Fatah, he was told to deliver a book with a personalized note to Jeffrey. It’s also, as we know, they’ve been whispered since theeighties that if Staines being linked with various intelligence agencies just like Robert Maxwell, Julian’s father, true most F B i c I. So the body God told Bradley Edwards that he was hired because Epstein feed some girl’s dead, would try and kill him but the real life tough guy. I’m also made out that he was frightened by abstain. Really, while they do like to throw threats around, don’t they like to kill people? And it’s like the girls. They’re walking into a place where there was so much money. These people would intimidate you, even if you were a grown man who was martial arts because you know the bottomless pit of money, what men combined. Edward said that Epstein had his first underage victim in 1994 and she was 13. She’s lain Waas involved in that they were dubbed Bonnie and Clyde by his victims. I haven’t come across that before. Wow, Esso 94. So that would have been just scared years, months after they met. So at the height of he’s offending, he was abusing three. This is the weed, but anyone he would like. Psychology, background. One minute minute witness reported how his desire to have sex with underage girls was so overwhelming that he’d physically shake like a toddler who’s denied chocolate at the checkout. Or like our teenagers, if you take their phones off them, he’s emotionally stunted. That’s the understatement of the world So this is why Justine was so important. Was like because she would stop that carving down, move him on or make those approaches for him because he react inappropriately pretty well known that she would pull onto the side of the road and approach girls for him, or should be in a park in sheet approach girls for him, high schools. Yet so she was fading that desire. She probably made him worse. But then, by making him was and cultivating this reaction in him, she was going more control. Oh, yes. So then she could use him for her own means. So maybe, you know, she’s intelligence as well. She needed to get certain people into situations that she could blackmail them. The honey trap, the honey pot, whatever they call it. That’s what they call it. Yet I found that fascinating. They definitely are Bonnie and Clyde out. They and it went back further than what we thought. So they must have hooked up pretty quickly after mating and deciding that you’re gonna be my arm. We man, that’s appalling. So that may it makes me believe that just ain’t also had similar. We bent a little bent, although she claims she’s a victim. Oh, she was just in employee and had no idea. And there’s some further detail about Prince Andrew, now Virginia ex boyfriend’s still backing her up and saying that hey was called by her from London. Sign that July Ing had fixed her up with Prince, Andrew explained over the phone how she didn’t want to have sex with him. So there’s another firsthand account. See everything Virginia comes out with gets backed up by the independent witness. Yeah, it all tracks. Absolutely. And we all know Andrew’s been lying his ass off. I have no recollection of ever meeting these lady, None whatsoever. And here’s a photo with Andrew with his arm around her undocked ID as well. He has a really valid point to Mikey because he represents 20 witnesses and it goes back to the early two thousands. He’s got some really good dirt. Edward said that Maxwell ordered staff at Epstein’s Palm Bait meant mansion to treat the billionaire like royalty and never look him in the eye. I know when you’ve got a feral cat, you’re not supposed to look them in the eyes that see Milla well remember I told you that story about Pak Izzy icebreaker James Packer, Australian billionaire. He’s your that he had star foreign allowed to make contact with the guests. That’s weed. Yeah, well, maybe if they don’t make eye contact with me, they can’t see me. So my sexual perversion ex alleged sexual perversion, Ex king continue because no one’s looking at me. Yes, well, in the case of Jeffrey, abstain not change. Pecker on OPEC is all right. We like you. You’re okay. You’re okay. So hell reads that. There must mean it must be in Strange because you’ve read the stories that all the girls came in via the kitchen. Sarah Killen, as fishing as ever. Got their details. If they were hungry, that get a snack and then she takes them upstairs. You know the drill lay at the massage tables until them Jeffrey will be in. How did you do that without being crate down? Dawg? First, Seiken. I don’t care if you got Stockholm syndrome, Sarah, or what happened after a while. You gotta hit your limit to get out of there. And you should have talked. Well, She was seeing Epstein in 2012. and Epstein was giving her money. And then there’s a case of she had a special visa in 2014 for an employee related to her interior design company. What is that? See, there’s a lot of weed money floating around, and at the end of the day, a lot of these says I’ve said earlier, is about money laundering. So I cannot wait to get into this book next wake. So a full book report? Can I ask you questions yet? If you might, you might have gathered on the one who loves going down the video Rabbit holes. Well, Lester is the reader. Bradley Edwards. He is the lawyer for 20 of the victim’s. Maxwell kept the names of the girls who were being abused by abstain on her computer. Basically, as part of their grooming process, they used her to approach girls. So Maxwell allegedly recruited Epstein’s earliest victim in 1994 1994 a 13 year old talented singer who Edwards calls Cat. So what they do is they talk about six frequently around you to normalize it. So by the time she was 14 Epstein was regularly molesting her, and Maxwell was continuing to remind her of all Epstein was doing for her Korea. Oh, that’s appalling. Then there’s Maria Farmer, as we know who blew the whistle initially and she reports, and I think I might mention this before. But when July and sore ago dumped the car and lower the goal to Jeffrey, that’s just totally wrong That had a system and that bait in a park. So even pox when you know about Haas school yet. And, of course, Trump’s Marla go there. That’s where they got Virginia from. That is all fascinating, but next week well, I’ve ordered Bradley Edwards his book. It’s for sale on Amazon Book Topia. It’s ready to go. I’ll be giving you more information on that. You’re gonna read and I can fire questions. Yes, just changing it a little bit. Now I’m gonna go on to more of the financial support July and got from Maxwell, and he spent thousands of dollars funding her before he died recently. This is, according to the sun, the disgrace financier rub shoulders as we know, with a whole lot off a list celebrities. But he kept on paying her legal bills, claiming she was a victim of the vendetta against him. Ah, poor July. And he was doing this up until he died. As I said earlier, he transferred $100,000 to Jelena and 250,000. So she’s gonna use this top of info in her claim against the estate yet? Oh, no doubt. Absolutely no doubt at all. What about that $12 million? It’s disappeared out of it. Stings Bank in the U. S. Virgin Islands. Who has that? Well, they were looking into it. I mentioned that last pound podcast, but so far nothing has come forward whether or not they found it. And they’re not releasing who took it. But come on, it has to be just a. I also want to say this is about a six trafficking organization. It’s also about money laundering. Let’s look at the people who were involved in the charities, because that’s a great front, not only for moving money around, that giving people a sense of they’re good people. They’re involved in this charity and that organization and that foundation. I believe it would be interesting to consider Epstein Wexner, who used to own L brands the Victoria’s Secret Sky and Glenn Jube in. Now he was the billionaire hedge fund owner that was best friends with Epstein because I know a lot of universities have thrown money back at these people because of their involvement in the abstain and other issues. And also, I believe that something weird happened with Prince Andrew’s marital home he couldn’t sell. It was on the market for 12 mil, and then someone’s politician’s son bought it for 15 mil. What? It was on the market for 12. Noah Malloy it, and suddenly someone went off. Oh, boy. But I’ll pay you more. Did you see last night? Andrew’s in trouble with the Charities Commission. All that he’s charity. It hadn’t been doing the attacks or anything for whatever. Yet where’s the oversight? Where is the financial oversight? Exactly, But it’s all coming out now. Andy Pandy, though he’d be stoked. He can’t leave the country. Demand with board is closing everywhere. Yeah, exactly. But your time will come, sir, as Virginia says, You need to follow the money in this case, so it’s not just child trafficking, it’s money, laundry. So that is where I am today on engine. So we’ll of course, Keep an eagle eye on this for you. And next week, we’re gonna get through Bradley Edwards. Jen is gonna ask me some questions about it for the book report, and we’ll be back tomorrow. Maybe upload the day after that discussion with Bobby from the Jeffrey Epstein Show and then Rachel. So we’re going into Continental Bobby’s in Vegas yet in Lock Down at the moment as well. Rachel is in Los Angeles, and her, um, podcast is here for a while. Now, if you want to have a listen, thank you all for listening. You guys rock and we are a bit What’s the word? Discomfort? Something or rather where disjointed today. Discombobulated? That’s the word. There’s some big words I know I can write them that I just can’t say them. So they were all out of sorts at the moment, trying to learn how to work from home when partners in our working from home and the home schooling thing with teenagers. But we’ll get better. Oh, I forgot one thing. Gillian has responded to Virginia’s climbs that Maxwell and Abstain wanted to character to carry their baby. I heard about the somewhat, but I didn’t know that she responded. So Laura Goodman vie the son. You, Laura, Laura, Laura, God give me strength, right? Here’s the crux of his statement. I’m not going to give Jill Eins point of view that much hearing so Jelena Mexico denies former six late Virginia Roberts claims that they both asked her to be a baby’s surrogate. Now this is hilarious because she wasn’t sure the billionaire pedophile was good father material. But hang on. This is also come via Laura, who, quite frankly are just Lane is a disgusting human being, but she’s smart. There’s no way she’d used Laura as a spokesperson. But if you guys want more info on that, please go to the sun because it’s just the rantings of someone who has a very different brain. Very different. I thought I was insane until we started Dick Dick diving on this month. We’re not nuts. No, so thank you all for listening Place review. It’s on our chins. If you have a bit of spare time, of course, come along to our website Jeffrey. Abstain podcast dot com, and we also on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and YouTube. And don’t forget you can support victims of sex trafficking by buying a merchandise from our store at abstain dot thread list dot com all proceeds because no one should be making money out of survivors. Experiences goes to Virginia’s foundation. Yes, victims refuse silence. Okay, Have a great few days will hopefully be back tomorrow, so you buy. 



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