The Snake Pit: Epstein’s Pilot Sex Slave

Nadia in the cockpit in 2018Listen to the episode here: The Snake Pit: Epstein’s Pilot Sex Slave

This is as awkward AF and cringey as hell – Epstein’s sex slave turned international pilot dons a teen nerd costume in the name of amusement.

Nadia Marcinko aka Gulfstream Girl turned Global Girl can be seen here on video pretending to know nothing about flying.

But she’s really a pilot and was a international fashion model (apparently).

Ha ha! That’s the joke –she’s dressed like a teen with pig tails carrying a teddy bear….but can fly a plane. Hilarious. Not.

She’s a smart sexy pilot but there’s nothing funny about Nadia and Jeffrey Epstein.

Words fail us and words are our business. WTF Nadia! Surprisingly, she can actually fly. Where is she today?

According to, she was known as Gulfstream Girl on social media. She was Nadia Marcinko and before that Nadia Marcinkova.

“In The Miami Herald last year, Julie Brown reported that Marcinko was “brought” to the US from (the former) Yugoslavia to live with an abusive man more than 30 years her senior when she was 15. It’s not hard to imagine she’s adept at survival.”

Epstein had purchased her from her family in Yugoslavia,” and that “Epstein bragged he brought her into the United States to be his Yugoslavian sex slave.”

She now says she came to the US to be a model in 2000.

Wired added: “Nadia Marcinkova, by that name, first appeared in court documents, in Florida, about a decade ago. She was 22 then and had been in the US since 2000. She is one of the most prominent immigrants in the circle of Epstein, the accused child rapist and registered sex offender.”

Nadia was named as a participant in the sexual assaults Epstein committed and she may have been involved in soliciting victims for him. She was not prosecuted when Epstein was originally charged in 2008 because she had been underage and because it was beyond clear that she was a victim of Epstein herself.

But how far is too far if you’re a victim?  Or you become a participant to the abuse. Was there a situation where she was given no choice?  That she had to start learning the business side of it? 

It’s not just being the victim but was there was blackmail involved? Was it a case of she no longer had any roots in the world, except for the small circle?  Nadia may not have had any where else to turn to.

But the thing is – are these Epstein Women associates or were they victims? Or is there Stockholm syndrome?

Along with Blackmail, photos, they film you, or you are suddenly trained up as a pilot or secretary role and you’re flying around the world.

What’s the true story here?

Listen here: The Snake Pit: Epstein’s Pilot Sex Slave
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Epstein Sex Slave Dresses as Teen to Prank Pilot

This is as awkward AF and cringey as hell – Epstein’s sex slave turned international pilot dons a teen nerd costume and pig tails in the name of amusement.

Nadia Marcinko aka Gulfstream Girl turned Global Girl can be seen pretending here to know nothing about flying.

But she’s a pilot and was a international fashion model (apparently).

Ha ha! That’s the joke – she’s a smart sexy pilot but there’s nothing funny about Nadia and Jeffrey Epstein.

Words fail us and words are our business. WTF Nadia!

Surprisingly, she can actually fly. Where is she today?

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Executor of Epstein’s estate removed bag from pedophile’s mansion the day after he “killed himself“

B41F841A-9B28-43C4-A72B-04511BCB6637How very Robert Kardashian (above pictured) of him! Epstein’s accountant walked out of the dead pedophile’s lair just like Kardashian, OJ’s lawyer, did with the footballer’s suit bag.

(Finally watching hours of OJ murder trial documentaries has paid off.)

What’s in the shopping bag? It looks like a Tiffany blue bag.

We don’t think Epstein’s longtime “accountant”, however, was picking up jewels for Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain.

Suspicious as hell.

Co-executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate Richard Kahn was seen at Epstein’s home just one day after the convicted pedophile’s suicide, in pictures exclusively obtained by
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Never a Dull Moment in the Epstein Estate as Lawyers Go Hard at Prince Andrew

Epstein news abounds this week as we launch our new series, The Snake Pit.

Plus we have some information to share from Maria Farmer, the first person to complain about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. In 1996, so don’t  believe the garbage that no one in power knew about the sex trafficking bribery operation because everyone in the one-percent knew what they were up to for years.

We talk about:

1. The legal fun and games with Epstein’s estate in the US Virgin Islands.

2. Did Andy Stewart, Epstein’s former chef and the victims’ “holy grail”, die in his sleep?

3. Lawyers go in hard on Prince Andrew, demanding videos, pictures, call logs and messages from the Duke’s phone/s. They are also asking if he had sex in any of Epstein’s properties. Puke.

4. Plus who did we send a protest sticker to today? Do you want one? Order one here. Support the Epstein survivors and send a message to the people who can help the case but won’t whether due to fear, complicity or the lack of a conscience.

The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast also presents The Snake Pit, a guide to the associates in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation. First off, we have flatmates and BFFs, Sarah Kellen Bonk Kensington Vickers, NASCAR arm candy and Jehovah’s Witness Runaway, and Story Cowles, a blue-blooded socialite .Episode two is about Epstein’s creepy-arsed island and there’s a third about Eileen Guggenheim, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who has a terrible memory.

Just a note: Kellen & Cowles spent more time with Epstein when he was in jail than almost anyone else. So what did they talk about with Epstein? What do they know? Listen here.

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Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims demand Prince Andrew’s phone records – Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: One of Prince Andrew’s friends has branded the move for calls between the Duke and Epstein a “cynical attempt by US law firms to keep their case in the public eye”

— Read on

The newspaper says United States lawyers want Prince Andrew’s  “telephone data ­information” and “text or email usage” between the paedophile, who hanged himself in August, and the Duke of York.

Now we know why Prince Andrew has such a hotshot team of lawyers. The American attorneys, headed by Brad Edwards from Florida, are not mucking around when it comes to anyone associated with Jeffrey Epstein. The potential for extradition requests are a big concern for the duke.

According to The Mirror, “There are fears the ­information could incriminate the Prince.”

Duh. Duh.

The request was made by the legal team representing a woman known to the court as Priscilla Doe. We predict this Jane Doe is going to blow this whole thing out of the water.


But The Mirror quoted a friend of Andrew, 60, (probably Fergie or his crisis comms person) who branded the move a “cynical attempt by US law firms to keep their case in the public eye”.

In court papers, victims are seeking documents detailing “all texts or emails” and “calls in and calls out” between the Duke of York and Jeffrey Epstein.

It added that from 2000, Epstein had attended parties with Andrew at Windsor Castle and Sandringham.

The papers also demand to know if the Prince “engaged in any sexual act while at any of Jeffrey Epstein’s property”.

Prediction: the English will refuse this request on the account of national security because that’s Governments do when they are engaged in a coverup.

We still like to see Prince Andrew being held to account for the first time in his entitled life.



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The Snake Pit Episode 3 – Epstein & Eileen Guggenheim

Listen here:

bcce7145-669a-43d6-b14f-5f5b1acbeb05-4Introducing Eileen Guggenheim, an art administrator with a memory problem, when it comes to Jeffrey Epstein.

Did she visit Zorro Ranch? How did she meet survivor Maria Farmer? What does she know, if anything?

This is Lisa with The Snake Pit, chapter 3.

Maria Farmer was in 1996 Epstein’s first accuser. She still fears for her life today.

How did she meet Epstein and his chronies?

Farmer first met Epstein at her graduate thesis show when Eileen Guggenheim, the academy’s dean, introduced her and encouraged her to sell the dead sex offender a painting at half price. 

Guggenheim told The New York Times that she does not remember this interaction.

According to Artnet News: “The summer of 1995 was poised to be a dream come true for one group of recent graduates from the New York Academy of Art. They were the select few who’d been chosen from their class to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Mexico to study under the prestigious painter Eric Fischl, to attend the debut of the newly launched Site Santa Fe biennial, and to meet with a wealthy benefactor who wanted to buy emerging artists’ work.

The “patron” was said to be building a vast mansion on his ranch in New Mexico and, at the end of the trip, would commission one of the students to paint a mural at the completed house.”

Yep Zorro Ranch.

Art net News continued: “The alumnae say they were brought to the ranch by Eileen Guggenheim, then dean of students at the New York Academy of Art and now chair of its board, who was friendly with Epstein because he had been an academy trustee for the past seven years.”

When Artnet News first reported Maria Farmer’s account of how Guggenheim encouraged her relationship with Epstein, in part by a world bringing her to the ranch, Guggenheim responded that the story was “a serious mischaracterization. I have never been at Mr. Epstein’s home in Santa Fe.”

But she had been to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch.

“A Second alumna contacted Artnet News to corroborate Farmer’s story—saying that she, too, had been at the ranch that day and confirming that the meeting with Epstein, Guggenheim, and the students did indeed happen. “Guggenheim’s misrepresentation appears to aim at dismissing Farmer’s concerns—but kind of raises new ones,” she wrote.

A third former student confirmed that the trip with New York Academy of Art students to Epstein’s home occurred, and that Guggenheim was present, but remembered few further details.”

“There may be some confusion about my visit 25 years ago to Mr. Epstein’s property,” Guggenheim told Artnet News when asked about the additional accounts. “What I remember is visiting an old-fashioned Western town that Mr. Epstein had apparently purchased and was under construction. To the best of my recollection, I did not visit any home there or have a meal there.”

According to Maria Farmer, before the visit, the art administrator was calling her at home.

She said there was a famous artist in the UK – go there and be his concubine. His name was Cy Twombly. The administrator said she was going to be his lover and his life partner. “They do this for money.” 

Farmer added Guggenheim was “as tight as ticks” with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein had also stolen art from many student artists. One was mentally ill.  Maria’s lawyers had to file to get her art back. 

She called what Epstein did as  “Stealing from destitute artists”.

Farmer added Guggenheim would use students as hired help. 

“They always called me a nobody. Who is the nobody now?” 

They were paid $10 an hour. “Because the academy.”

Guggenheim maintained she knew nothing of Epstein’s crimes.

“Had any student expressed to me their personal discomfort over actions by Mr. Epstein,” she told Artnet News in an email, “I would have immediately addressed the situation and offered my support. At that time, however, neither I nor anyone at the New York Academy of Art had any knowledge of Mr. Epstein’s predatory behavior.” (Epstein was first jailed for sex crimes in 2008.)

But Maria said she had taken her concerns about Epstein to Ms Guggenheim. She said she called Guggenheim in fear that an Epstein associate was going to kill and rape her.

“I was sobbing and said Epstein and Maxwell are sick people and I think I could have been raped,” Farmer said. In response, Guggenheim “blamed me and mocked me,” she claims. Guggenheim said she does not recall this call.

Sounds like the old duck needs some fish oil to improve her memory.

To help support Maria in her battle against cancer:

Man Identified as Epstein Chef Dies in His Sleep

Updated: A man identified as Jeffrey Epstein’s former personal chef has died in his sleep just as he was to be subpoenaed in a legal case.

What a coincidence!

The news of Andy Stewart’s death has been met with speculation and incredulity. The man, aged 62, was believed to be the father of twins and passed away in his sleep.

The story is being blocked in the USA but I have the receipts. It says the restriction is due to legal reasons.

Error messages

According to Epstein survivor Maria Farmer, who identified the dead man in the photos as Stewart, a chef was facing a subpoena in a case she was involved. Her lawyers had chased him down as a part of her case.

She said Andy Stewart was the “holy grail” of her case & he “knew everything”.

Maria had previously begged him to come forward but her blamed her for allowing her sister to be trafficked. Maria then slapped him across the face (because she’s awesome & bad ass).

In this online biography, it states Andy Stewart worked as a chef but there is no mention of Epstein. He had lived in New York City in an apartment in Brooklyn.

Did he die with a heavy heart or did he go the way of Epstein’s personal photographer? Apparently Peter Beard wandered off, was lost for a month and last week found dead. Or is this another Andy Stewart?

Stewart “sudden death”

What a coincidence! I always say they can’t kill everyone! (Australian for – plainly obvious)

Source; Relentless Pursuit Bradley Edwards

I’m sorry for his family but people need to know what kind of men worked for Epstein. I’ve contacted the newspaper where the obituary was published to see if they have any details. No reply has been received to date.

Source; Relentless Pursuit Bradley Edwards

What do you think happened to Andy Stewart?

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