Does Fergie Really Believe Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson, is one of the few people who speaks, publicly, in a positive manner about the royal.

This Woman Says She’s Prince Andrew’s Best Ex-Wife Ever

She waxes lyrical about Prince Andrew and it triggers our bullshit meters.

He’s the greatest man she’s ever met. Andrew has done so much for England, she says. Yeah, right.

Below is a December 2019 interview with Sarah, which came just after the Duke of York’s car crash interview on the BBC.

The interviewer asks Fergie about Prince Andrew’s Epstein allegations. Sarah’s language is so strong. Watch this short segment.

So I asked my friend Bee, who is a criminologist and has studied patterns of deception through the FBI, whether she thought Sarah Ferguson was being truthful.

“She shows deception. She doesn’t answer the question, which was ‘what was your feeling’,” she said.

“Fergie just goes straight into a rehearsed speech about how great he is, so great she divorced him.”

Bee said she was 100 percent certain Fergie had rehearsed her lines because she’s so robotic.

“She’s got a lot to lose in this situation.

“If this thing was going to blow up, all her financial stufft with Epstein will come out.”

Source: Vanity Fair

In our opinion, Sarah looks like a cult victim because she seems to disassociate while she answers. So is this high stakes for Fergie too? Is she desperate to stay with Prince Andrew to ensure her own lifestyle?

Source The Daily Mail

This may also be one of the fights of the Duchess of York’s life. No wonder she is digging in when it is a matter of survival.

What does she know about Epstein & Prince Andrew?

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? Ghislaine Maxwell where is she now? 

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