Royal Cupcakes Won’t Make Us Forget About the Sex Slaves

Don’t mention the underage girls!

Sarah Ferguson, Prince Andrew’s ex, infuriates us for her brazen, tone-deaf defence of the alleged sex offender.

Just today she was pictured all over the UK tabloids packing cupcakes with him for distribution to health care workers.

Nice thought but there was no need to have your staff member blast it all instagram.

We’d respect the effort more if you did it under the radar like the other volunteers across the world.

There’s a time and a place for family platitudes. This is a tad awkward.

We see you, Fergie. We see you.

Also get some gloves!

Why use the coronavirus situation to advertise that your family is a “wonderful and steadfast unit?” Because they are shameless!

We’ve heard her use “steadfast” before, so we know that’s Sarah’s wording in the Instagram post.

Here’s a picture (below ) of Prince Andrew finally being useful for the first time in 60 years. Blink and you will miss it!

Pay attention to this photo because you may not see Prince Andrew being gainfully employed again.

So Sarah’s brazen promotion of Prince Andrew reminds us of the time we poked the bear ie Fergie.

Her over-the-top defence of the Duke of York triggers our inner trouble makers.

So she needs to contain herself or she will get another few of these stickers (below) from our Threadless store.

Sarah Ferguson, again, has been deadset shameless. Stop trying to force Prince Andrew on to all of us. There’s no comeback tour for him ever!

Fergie was sent (above) this by us – we were just asking a question…there was no need to run off to The Sun about it (but we secretly loved it). Well not so secretly, because we blasted it throughout the podcast.

Shhh..don’t mention the underage girls again, you dirty commoners!

Do you think Epstein killed himself? Was Epstein murdered? What about Epstein’s Clinton painting? Why was Epstein taken off suicide watch? Can Prince Andrew sweat? Did Prince Andrew step down? Ghislaine Maxwell where is she now? 

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