Updated: US Government and Epstein Team Worked to Erode Victim’s Rights

Updated:listen to Courtney Wild and her lawyer Brad Edwards talk about her Epstein case.


Ghislaine Maxwell will be toasting herself with methylated spirits & Sarah Kellen Vickers will be polishing her husband’s trophies with extra vigour today after a 90-year-old judge and his male colleague delivered another injustice to Epstein survivors.

The US Court of Appeal handed down a 2-1 verdict that Epstein’s defence team was within its rights to collude with the Florida state to exploit a legal loophole to protect Maxwell, Kellen & co from prosecution.

It was the ultimate “let them eat cake” legal moment. The American justice system is very sick.

So this is what happened today, according to The New York Post:

A Jeffrey Epstein accuser’s attempts to unmask his alleged accomplices was scuttled Tuesday following an appeals court decision.

Courtney Wild, 32 — who claims the financier sexually abused her starting when she was just 14 — was trying to resurrect her 2008 lawsuit seeking to throw out a controversial non-prosecution agreement protecting Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators from criminal charges.

But the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals reluctantly rejected Wild’s bid on legal grounds in a split decision, acknowledging the decision leaves Epstein’s victims “emptyhanded.”

But if they think Courtney’s lawyer Brad Edwards is going to let this lie, they have a shock coming.

He’s going to appeal today’s decision, which we believe was taken by the judges to prop up intelligence agencies and the political elite.

More from The New York Post: “While the prevailing side agreed Wild was deprived of the opportunity to speak with government prosecutors at the time of Epstein’s criminal case, the panel found the US attorney didn’t violate any laws set out in the Crimes Victims Right Act.

“Despite our sympathy for Ms. Wild and others like her, who suffered unspeakable horror at Epstein’s hands, only to be left in the dark—and, so it seems, affirmatively misled—by government lawyers, we find ourselves constrained to deny her petition,” the majority opinion read.

Seriously, fuck these guys. What a stinking pile of word salad! What do these weasel words even mean?

These judges need to be careful and execute their roles in a nothing less than scrupulous manner. As a student of history, I know what happens to elites who go too far.

Does the name Nicolas Romanov ring a bell? Do you recall Imelda Marcos? The guillotines of the French revolution? Be careful Mossad & the CIA et al. You can go too far and you can’t kill us all!

Courtney Wild was a child who was abused. The system is failing her again as an adult and us plebs, we see it.

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