How to Betray the Epstein Survivors (again) HBO Succession-style.

We’re lost for words that justice has again failed another Epstein victim. There’s obviously something fishy going on in the US justice system, so we asked the characters of HBO’s Succession “what’s up?” Why? Because they are one-percenters.

Kendal, number one son and aspiring helicopter pilot. Met Nadia aka Global Girl at flight school. Loves gangsta rap.
Roman, youngest child, truth teller.
Cousin Gregory. Knows where all the secrets are hidden. Sarah Kellen is his godmother and he’s covered by the Florida plea deal.
Patriarch Logan Roy went to college with Bill Barr and is friends with the Dubins.
I forgot this guy’s name but he’s mates with Prince Andrew, Duke of York, the Queen’s Great Disappointment.
He dined with Alan Dershowitz. Volleyball ensued. Eww.
Shhh no one tell the Epstein victims. Grab the hard drives!
Watching the Prince Andrew interview.
Tom, son-in-law, sees yesterday’s Courtney Wild ruling by the appeal court.
To be continued…

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