The Prince and the Pervert Podcast Live Show This Weekend

Live show link

Strap yourselves in! Lisa & Jen are having a live podcast show this weekend otherwise known as the Epstein Wine Time.

Best news is it is free!

Lets do it!

We’ve timed it so it coincides with US Pacific Evening Time, this Saturday at 8pm. We will be there for about 45 mins because we are recording later with Bobby from The Jeffrey Epstein Show at 9pm.

Lets do it!!
Find out on our live link here.

We will discuss:

  1. Why Lisa is obsessed with Lesley Groff and her colourful parents. (Lesley is an Epstein recruiter who worked with him for 20 years) Plus what did the Secret Artist find out about them? 😬
  2. What does Jen, our law grad, think Ghislaine is up to with the Epstein estate?
  3. What has Fergie done this week? Brace yourselves. 😬😬😬

We will be coming to you from Jen’s salubrious laundry. So pull up a chair and make a nice drink in your best glass.

The court of appeal decision in the Courtney Wild case means we have a lot to vent about on the weekend.

Lets get this show on the road. Click here!



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