Jeffrey Epstein Survivors Seek Justice Their Way

Transcript: Jeffrey Epstein was a serial child sex offender. He died under suspicious circumstances in August last year . He committed his crimes out in the open, many people knew of his illegal behaviour. So who were these enablers and will the women who were violated as children get justice?  Just a reminder about this podcast the content can be disturbing.

Hello and welcome to the Prince and the Pervert Podcast. I am Lisa Tait and I’m Jen Tarran and what a week it has been. It has it’s been an insane week for us, so this is our third podcast appearance in eight days, so we thank you all for staying with us. We hope we are not flooding you with content. Or maybe you want more? Maybe we need an intern? Maybe we do. Anyone want to come and work for us? My cat might but she is very lazy though.

 I suppose this week has been taken up a bit by the Whitney Webb jaw dropping interview with Epstein survivor Maria Farmer.  That’s just totally had my head spinning. My head is still spinning, we knew all the names that what Maria said but she put them in a slightly different order. You know what it’s believable completely and it is all making sense.

Now things are slowly dropping into place we only know about 1% so far and Whitney’s got more coming out this week. I can’t wait.

The mainstream media has really let the survivors down, there’s a lack of trust there. We need to make this mainstream because they wanted to sound bizarre and unbelievable to the average Joe on the street. But we all know when we talk to our friends about Epstein and don’t get the feeling that they kind of rolling their eyes at you? Well it used happening my family until I stated again this person, that person, second, third, fourth sources showing evidence. Then: “Wow this is real” So I’m like: “yes it is.”

You can track back survivor stories, you can back them up with photos & videos in some cases. There is evidence everywhere, well I was listening again for the fourth time to Whitney’s interview with Maria. Do you know Maria is has two billionaires who are going to back her up about what she’s been saying? She needs as much support as possible and it’s good that it’s coming from what people described as Epstein circle. Now she’s on Twitter at artisticwhistleblower, so I hope you all go over there and say hi to her. 

I also have a spectacular rumour about the Epstein island that is so bizarre I cannot in good conscience not talk about it And we are not above a bit of amusing speculation.

We do believe in facts but we also want to talk about the chatter that Ghislaine is in the family castle in France. It may be true but we’ve also heard she was in Boston and we’ve also heard that the Rothchilds are hiding her. Or she was in the back of the Land Rover with Prince Andrew! That’s right I’ve looked at that photo really hard. 

Another survivor is causing problems for the Epstein estate or should we say the Epstein estate is causing problems for another survivor? Let’s turn it around. So The New York Daily news has a piece today on 22 April about Priscilla Doe, a survivor who is asking to get inside the Epstein NYChouse and the island as well. She wants to film the areas where she said she was abused and show a jury  video footage that you can’t easily escape from him in either of those places. n taken on by the government.

Plus the US virgin islands now, if anything, is going to tip this case on its side. It will be that, don’t you think? Definitely their version of Rico, they could cause a lot of problems for the estate down there.

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