Maria Farmer Slams Pervert Protection Squads

Episode one: Maria Farmer on The Jeffrey Epstein Show. It’s her story in her words. More to come. These are Lisa’s notes taken during the interview.

Jeffrey Epstein survivor Maria Farmer says she was allegedly “harassed” by journalist Vicky Ward. She had to send cease and desist to Ward. “Schooled” MF on Instagram said MF was rude. “It’s all just a game to her.” Reprimands MF on Instagram for refusing to be interviewed. Wanted a statement from her family.

“I had to run from one hillbilly town to another while Ward lived in luxury. “

Took up renovating houses to get income. Did not paint art for 20 years.

Her FBI agent is in hiding. She fought “like bloody hell for us” in 1996. Wonder if she’s in Witness Protection?

Gloria Alred & daughter rejected Maria as a client. “Showmanship is out of control.” “They do not represent victims.”

MF Told GA she was very unwell. Put on speaker phone by the secretary and heard them say they did not believe her. She believed Alred has known about this (Epstein) for years. “It was indicated I needed to watch my mouth because GM could sue me for defamation.”

“I was pushed into poverty and obscurity because Mossad was chasing me. I was pushed into obscurity.” Had to move house.

Geoffrey Berman has known about this for 24 years because MF reported it. 1996.

“We were raped and victimised and we are actual victims.”

An art administrator called her at home. She said there was a famous artist in the UK – go there and be his concubine. His name was Cy Twombly. The administrator said she was going to be his lover and his life partner. “They do this for money.” She was “as tight as ticks” with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein stole art from many student artists. One was mentally ill. Her lawyers had to file to get her art back. Stealing from destitute artists. The art administrator would use students as hired help. “They always called me a nobody. Who is the nobody now?” Paid $10 an hour. “Because the academy.”

“These people have no souls.”

These people are supremacists.

“I’m still in hiding because they won’t arrest Ghislaine Maxwell.”

GM said she would murder me. The FBI has done nothing to save victims. Everyone in the black book all knew. Two presidents who knew – WJC & DJT.

We have been suffocated by mainstream media. They are the enemy of the people and they divert attention.

This is an elite problem.

To help support Maria in her battle against cancer:

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