Introducing the Snake Pit: Epstein Assistants Sarah Kellen & Story Cowles

Here we have flatmates and BFFs, Sarah Kellen Bonk Kensington Vickers, NASCAR arm candy and Jehovah’s Witness Runaway, and Story Cowles, a blue-blooded socialite .

These two spent more time with Epstein when he was in jail than almost anyone else. So what did they talk about with Epstein? What do they know? Sarah reinvented herself after leaving Epstein as an interior designer but nothing has been updated on her website or her Facebook or her Instagram accounts for that business for a very long time.

Kellen was photographed with Epstein in 2012, so after he spent time in jail. He was said to have given her US$250,000 just before he died. The question is – why?

Plus Sarah is also covered by that dodgy immunity deal from Florida. Police were close to arresting Kellen in 2006 for two charges relating to sexual battery of minors.

According to police reports, she was Epstein’s chief Palm Beach organiser.

Cowles visited Epstein nearly 130 times.
At times, Cowles signed in as a paralegal. His online profile says that he is currently an investment banker at Tobin & Co. His name was mentioned on Florida court documents from the days of the immunity deal.”Here are more details from The Daily Mail:

“One source told that Epstein was using his assistant Story Cowles to serve as his emissary at this time, and prison records obtained by do show that the young man visited Epstein almost every single day prior to his being granted work release. 
Cowles would arrive in the morning on most days, stay for a few hours and then leave around lunch time.
He would then return a second time and leave again around 7pm, generally logging six or seven hours in jail each day as a result, despite he himself having committed no crime.”That’s six or seven hours a day with Jeffrey Epstein.
Cowles has a long and wealthy list of associates, according to this tweet thread,which is excellent reading.
He also lived in a home with Kellen in New York City, which was owned by an Epstein relative. My guess is the brother Mark.

Listen here: Source: Introducing the Snake Pit: Epstein Assistants Sarah Kellen & Story Cowles

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