Man Identified as Epstein Chef Dies in His Sleep

Updated: A man identified as Jeffrey Epstein’s former personal chef has died in his sleep just as he was to be subpoenaed in a legal case.

What a coincidence!

The news of Andy Stewart’s death has been met with speculation and incredulity. The man, aged 62, was believed to be the father of twins and passed away in his sleep.

The story is being blocked in the USA but I have the receipts. It says the restriction is due to legal reasons.

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According to Epstein survivor Maria Farmer, who identified the dead man in the photos as Stewart, a chef was facing a subpoena in a case she was involved. Her lawyers had chased him down as a part of her case.

She said Andy Stewart was the “holy grail” of her case & he “knew everything”.

Maria had previously begged him to come forward but her blamed her for allowing her sister to be trafficked. Maria then slapped him across the face (because she’s awesome & bad ass).

In this online biography, it states Andy Stewart worked as a chef but there is no mention of Epstein. He had lived in New York City in an apartment in Brooklyn.

Did he die with a heavy heart or did he go the way of Epstein’s personal photographer? Apparently Peter Beard wandered off, was lost for a month and last week found dead. Or is this another Andy Stewart?

Stewart “sudden death”

What a coincidence! I always say they can’t kill everyone! (Australian for – plainly obvious)

Source; Relentless Pursuit Bradley Edwards

I’m sorry for his family but people need to know what kind of men worked for Epstein. I’ve contacted the newspaper where the obituary was published to see if they have any details. No reply has been received to date.

Source; Relentless Pursuit Bradley Edwards

What do you think happened to Andy Stewart?

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  1. I just found your podcast after you were both on Bobbie’s podcast and I am listening to them from the beginning! I love them! Before following this subject, I was recently driven to start my own research to find the truth because I kept noticing patterns (I have always been able to see patterns others did not). My much younger dreams were to become a journalist, I have been published and had my own column, until I found out it was not about the truth, nor much money. Despite being gifted at research and writing, I chose the route of paralegal and worked on a lot of public cases (American Airlines, Kodak, Xerox), but found myself as a Proj/Program manager and senior leadership at nearly all of the banks, companies that could not fail (AIG, Chase, BofA, Fiserv, US Treasury, TurboTax), and others that did fail (Countrywide, Bear Sterns, EDS). I have a lot of real life experience that is lending itself to eye-opening realizations. Listening to yours and other podcasts, I am finding I am not alone and I am on track. I am diligent in research and documentation to validate the dots I am connecting. I stumbled upon Andy Stewart’s death as a new resident of Kalamazoo and less than 20 minutes from Holland, MI. I believe that there is a connection with Chefs, rich people eat. As a paralegal, I would always follow the money. But these are wealthy people who hire people to hide their money and lawyers to hide paper trails. Being a foodie and recognizing the close-knit group, I started following Chefs and found Andy Stewart, Gray Kunz (“chef-farm” mentor) died in March 2020, Nora Pouillon (top chef in DC who hosts dinners with Podesta for Clintons, Obama), Chef Walter Scheib (Whitehouse chef hired by Hillary) who recently drowned while hiking in a puddle, Anthony Bourdain, and I am finding others. One thing I notice is Gray Kunz – he is very interesting and his NYC restaurant, Lespinasse, in the 1990’s was attracting the “Concorde Crowd” but I cannot find pictures or names. I noticed the chefs that worked with him are many of the famous who are seriously successful, or worked as personal chefs for Epstein, Oprah, Ellen, Clintons, and Hanks, and are now dead. I call it ground zero for the “chef farm” (their words not mine). I also noticed that Kunz had fresh northern pike flown in every day fresh via Fedex from Lake Superior specifically from Native Americans in Michigan. It is very expensive for a type of fish very few would know about to eat. I live in Michigan and they eat Wallaye very similar but Pike have teeth. I feel like if I can find who likes northern pike, we may be able to find who is the ring leader. Andy Zimmern did an episode about Northern Pike in Michigan at a place called Petersons who happen to ship Northern Pike via Fedex anywhere and claim to be Native Americans who started their business – 1991. Across the street is a copper mine…Andy is from Michigan…I am still looking and will keep you updated on my search. Please let me know if you find anything – love you gals! Just wanted to share with someone for a sanity check…I want to start a podcast, but I am more of a producer/researcher/content creator and techie than the talent. I have been told I have a great voice…but truly my current job is managing enterprise technology transformations…so yeah I manage techies…I don’t often know what they are saying but we get the job done!

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