The Snake Pit – Little St James Island links

While looking into the history and the rumours about Little St James Islands I came across so many beautiful images. full island

Despite the horror that some ‘guests’ or let’s face it, Epstein’s and Ghislaine’s slaves, faced on this island, it is scenic. There’s cliffs, beaches, highly manicured gardens and lawns and no doubt the views are beautiful. And yes, it does look like a bird flying, with the beak to the left in this photo.

What really grabbed me were the  weird things. And not just the buildings.


Like the cows and the parrots. I’m pointing the finger at Ghislaine for many of the bad deco choices, although Epstein loved to shuffle around in monogrammed slippers and sweaters thinking it made him look posh.



Yep, that’s a holstein friesian cow, your typical dairy cow. I still don’t know why they thought it would add to the island. Unless they’d get liquored up and run around the island playing cow tipping at night?


Yep parrots. Again, why?

For a real bird’s eye view, or a drone view, check out that FBI raid footage.

There’s loads more footage of drone raids on the Island if you click through to Rusty’s channel.

But my favourite find while digging was the Daily Mail interview with the housekeepers made in 2011. Yes, we all know my accents aren’t the best, but I tried.

One of the funniest things was a quick reference to Prince Andrew staying at the island and how he was laughing about ‘pissing’ on someone.


Hmmmm, nice, and of of course she was in her 30s and a brain surgeon.

To read the full account of the housekeepers’ time on the island head to the daily mail. 

Thanks for listening to The Snake Pit chapter on Little Saint James. If you have any ideas of what or who we should take a look at contact us on twitter, I’m Jen and I’m on @Ohreallytruly and you can find Lisa at @LisaLTait

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