The Snake Pit Part Two: Saint James Island

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What really went on at the place Jeffrey Epstein called St Jeff’s Island? Why was there an ambulance on site? What was that domed structure?

Jen Tarran gives you a bird’s eye view of the island. She tells you who went there, what was witnessed and what remains a mystery.

Welcome to The Snakepit, a series of shorter pieces to provide background on the people and the place is linked in the horrific Epstein child sex trafficking abuse case.

 Just a reminder about this podcast, the content can be disturbing.

 Welcome to the snakepit and this is Jen Tarran. This week we are off to little St James, also known as OG Island, although Epstein preferred everyone to call it little Saint Jeff’s.

 Welcome to Epstein’s main residence as listed in his final will. The Island is in the US governed virgin islands in the Caribbean. It’s about 70-odd acres and bird shaped ,no not egg shaped like his p***s, bird shaped. 


It was bought by Epstein in 1998, yes think about that 22 years ago he’s got 20 to 21 years of history of being linked to child sex abuse.

Originally it was on the market for about 10 1/2 million but an Epstein own company bought it for 7.95, basically 8 million. Its value is now listed at more than $60 million and it originally had a main house with a couple of guest cottages, a staff house a private desalination unit for freshwater along with the doc and a helicopter pad. You know perfect for a first homebuyer.

Fast forward a few years and the island also had a library, Japanese bathhouse cinema, lagoon stocked with flamingos (no less) and other structures most of my opinion really bloody ugly. One of these which is raised a hell of a lot of eyebrows and has been the seed of many a conspiracy theory is a blue and white striped building. Some have dubbed it a temple. It had a gold roof dome on the top of it but that blew off during one of the 2017 hurricanes that battered the island. Originaly the structure was to be a music pavilion, according to development applications lodged in 2010. 

The construction instruction doesn’t match those plans at all. The issue is the door seems to have a lock on it to lock people inside the building. It’s rather strange that so far pouring of through images and looking to drone footage, no one can get a clear idea what is going on with the doors. What the building was useful of course the fact it was listed as the music room and Epstein was a train pianist. It may just be the music room.

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