Lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein’s victims demand Prince Andrew’s phone records – Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: One of Prince Andrew’s friends has branded the move for calls between the Duke and Epstein a “cynical attempt by US law firms to keep their case in the public eye”

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The newspaper says United States lawyers want Prince Andrew’s  “telephone data ­information” and “text or email usage” between the paedophile, who hanged himself in August, and the Duke of York.

Now we know why Prince Andrew has such a hotshot team of lawyers. The American attorneys, headed by Brad Edwards from Florida, are not mucking around when it comes to anyone associated with Jeffrey Epstein. The potential for extradition requests are a big concern for the duke.

According to The Mirror, “There are fears the ­information could incriminate the Prince.”

Duh. Duh.

The request was made by the legal team representing a woman known to the court as Priscilla Doe. We predict this Jane Doe is going to blow this whole thing out of the water.


But The Mirror quoted a friend of Andrew, 60, (probably Fergie or his crisis comms person) who branded the move a “cynical attempt by US law firms to keep their case in the public eye”.

In court papers, victims are seeking documents detailing “all texts or emails” and “calls in and calls out” between the Duke of York and Jeffrey Epstein.

It added that from 2000, Epstein had attended parties with Andrew at Windsor Castle and Sandringham.

The papers also demand to know if the Prince “engaged in any sexual act while at any of Jeffrey Epstein’s property”.

Prediction: the English will refuse this request on the account of national security because that’s Governments do when they are engaged in a coverup.

We still like to see Prince Andrew being held to account for the first time in his entitled life.



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