Never a Dull Moment in the Epstein Estate as Lawyers Go Hard at Prince Andrew

Epstein news abounds this week as we launch our new series, The Snake Pit.

Plus we have some information to share from Maria Farmer, the first person to complain about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. In 1996, so don’t  believe the garbage that no one in power knew about the sex trafficking bribery operation because everyone in the one-percent knew what they were up to for years.

We talk about:

1. The legal fun and games with Epstein’s estate in the US Virgin Islands.

2. Did Andy Stewart, Epstein’s former chef and the victims’ “holy grail”, die in his sleep?

3. Lawyers go in hard on Prince Andrew, demanding videos, pictures, call logs and messages from the Duke’s phone/s. They are also asking if he had sex in any of Epstein’s properties. Puke.

4. Plus who did we send a protest sticker to today? Do you want one? Order one here. Support the Epstein survivors and send a message to the people who can help the case but won’t whether due to fear, complicity or the lack of a conscience.

The Jeffrey Epstein, the Prince and the Pervert Podcast also presents The Snake Pit, a guide to the associates in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking operation. First off, we have flatmates and BFFs, Sarah Kellen Bonk Kensington Vickers, NASCAR arm candy and Jehovah’s Witness Runaway, and Story Cowles, a blue-blooded socialite .Episode two is about Epstein’s creepy-arsed island and there’s a third about Eileen Guggenheim, a friend of Ghislaine Maxwell, who has a terrible memory.

Just a note: Kellen & Cowles spent more time with Epstein when he was in jail than almost anyone else. So what did they talk about with Epstein? What do they know? Listen here.

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