Executor of Epstein’s estate removed bag from pedophile’s mansion the day after he “killed himself“

B41F841A-9B28-43C4-A72B-04511BCB6637How very Robert Kardashian (above pictured) of him! Epstein’s accountant walked out of the dead pedophile’s lair just like Kardashian, OJ’s lawyer, did with the footballer’s suit bag.

(Finally watching hours of OJ murder trial documentaries has paid off.)

What’s in the shopping bag? It looks like a Tiffany blue bag.

We don’t think Epstein’s longtime “accountant”, however, was picking up jewels for Ghislaine Maxwell #JizzStain.

Suspicious as hell.

Co-executor of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate Richard Kahn was seen at Epstein’s home just one day after the convicted pedophile’s suicide, in pictures exclusively obtained by DailyMail.com.
— Read on www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7498903/amp/Executor-Epsteins-estate-removed-bag-pedophiles-mansion-day-killed-himself.html
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