Just in – Judge Accelerates Release of Jeffrey Epstein Documents | Law & Crime

In a move many thought would never happen, a federal judge in New York on Friday amended the protocol the court will follow in releasing a trove of documents concerning deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. According to Law and Crime, “This will allow for documents that include the names of non-party individuals to be released on a rolling basis. The documents in question are part of a defamation dispute involving Epstein’s alleged coconspirator Ghislaine Maxwell and alleged victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre.”

Ms Roberts said today on Twitter:

Law and Crime added “though Giuffre’s defamation case against Maxwell ended in 2015, Giuffre’s attorneys have fought a protracted legal battle seeking to unseal documents initially filed under seal that may contain allegations against other public figures from Epstein’s infamous elite social circle.”

The non-parties include:

“(a) persons who produced or answered discovery based upon the representation or understanding that the discovery would be subject to the Protective Order previously issued in this action; (b) persons who are identified as having allegedly engaged in sexual acts with Plaintiff, or other alleged victims, or allegedly facilitated such acts; (c) persons whose intimate, sexual, or private conduct is described in the Sealed Materials; and (d) persons who are alleged to have been victimized”
The court will review the material in groups determined by the non-party individuals named in the documents, beginning with all documents mentioning “Doe #1” and “Doe #2.”
— Read on lawandcrime.com/high-profile/judge-accelerates-process-for-unsealing-jeffrey-epstein-docs-naming-names-on-rolling-basis/amp/

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